Mastering Evocation: Sections #4 and 5

i had to really take the time to go over both videos because i really want to get this part down pat. i think i had a misunderstanding about the theta-gamma sync and the exercises and i want to be sure i really get the concept before i begin.

this is the most important step in the whole course. if i do it properly i’ll be able to evoke spirits. if i don’t then i’ll have trouble later on.

a link to my very first post here as a reminder to work every day and not get caught in philosophy or socializing, or succumb to idleness and procrastination:

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cool dude,

I appreciated you 13 Days to Power. I too opted for the 13. Looking forward to your experiences.

here is my thread for working through sections 4 and 5, which cover

i. transformation of consciousness (from beta to theta-gamma sync)
ii. skrying the elements to receive information
iii. structuring the elements to send information

the drills i plan to do are below:

i. transformation of conscousness exercises
: autogenic training alone (3 times per sitting, done twice a day)
: autogenic training + gazing practice with a breathing audio and a pin
: autogenic training + ceiling/wall exercise
: autogenic training + open sigils

ii. skrying to receive information
: autogenic training + skry vak in flames
: autogenic training + skry vak in the air or in the darkness
: autogenic training + skry vak a smooth stone or metal object
: autogenic training + skry vak in a water bowl (koetting) or pool (cagliastro), or look for sprites/leefaya in rainwater
: autogenic training + skry vak in a dark mirror

iii. structuring to send information
: autogenic training + structure vak in flames
: autogenic training + structure vak in air/darkness
: autogenic training + structure vak on a smooth stone or metal object
: autogenic training + structure vak in a bowl of water or a pool.
: autogenic training + structure vak in a dark mirror

this whole thing is me thoroughly drilling the theta-gamma sync process to get it down pat.

whenever i feel like i haven’t gotten the hang of a drill i’ll repeat until i got it.

if i get to the point where i can get into theta-gamma sync at will, i will move on from these sections and not drag this step out.

i begin tomorrow.


^With this kind of mentality, there’s no way you CAN’T succeed…at anything really, but even more so with magick.

sadly, you underestimate my procrastination. which is why i put my first post as a reminder to myself :c\

Lol. Don’t worry. Misery obviously loves company. I have major procrastination issues, too. What’s even worse is that I will procrastinate from my practice…by coming on HERE. Lol. The thing bringing me up is tearing me down. Haha…That reminds me, I should get back to work. HA

: autogenic training alone (3 times per sitting, done twice a day)

notes: the first time i did the training alone i did it once. that was last week. i repeated the mantras until my state shifted. then it got hard to peak. then my mouth started to say different things than what i intended. then i began to nod out at certain times i had to stop myself from falling down from sitting position, i was nearly unconscious was so far into trance. kept going anyway. at the end of my first at session i just kind of held the state i had for a few moments and then i cancelled. it was my re-intro to at.

this morning i did the at three times in a row, cancelling between each. the first time through i did it slowly and carefully. i guess i was watching to see what state i would be in but i didn’t feel anything until the end when i added a statement of my own. i used the statement ‘i know i am going into theta-gamma sync’ and i repeated that thirty times. i didn’t feel any state change but the static rain appeared on the third repetition and stayed the whole time. i cancelled and checked the time it took me to go through, it was 30 minutes.

the second time i went through the at i sped it up to three statements on every out-breath instead of just one. this time as i went through i felt a pulling together on the space exercises and i think i realized what they are for: when you imagine a space between the left and right sides of your body, that creates a vacuum and you pull the energies within your body to your centre line.

i grew calmer and more alert as i increased the speed on the exercise the second time. when i got to my statement of going into t-g sync, i saw the static but smaller this time. when i checked the time i got it down from 30 minutes to 20.

did the run-through one more time and did it the same as the second run-through and was through in another 20 minutes.

all in all was at it for 70 minutes.

the key for me was that i would say the at statements out loud, and then repeat every line as loud as i can in my mind, almost like my mind is shouting. i would breathe out the same whether i was saying the statement internally or verbally. when i did that the autogenic state came on a lot quickler.

i’m going to make an audio of the protocol for my own personal use, it’s easier to use an audio of at than to read it on paper which is a bit distracting.

i’ll repeat this drill again tonight.

: autogenic training + gazing practice with a breathing audio and a pin

notes: i actually did two trial runs of this one for two nights as well as doing it officially on saturday morning. each time i saw the same thing, and it was pretty remarkable how similar it was. here’s how i did it:

i did the autogenic training protocol one time. then i took a mechanical pencil and pushed one of the leads out until it stuck out 2 inches. then i pointed it at the middle of a blank piece of paper (on the first night) and in the middle of a sigil of dantalion (second night and this morning). i put the lead about 5 inches in front of the page. i stared at the very tip of the pencil lead and saw the sigil peripherally, it was blurry. then i focused on looking at the tip of the lead and not moving my eyesight from there while i did deep breathing to an audio i created.

the reason i do this is to get myself practicing staring into the void, and putting my eyesight on a place in midair BETWEEN objects. i have a feeling that is a very important part of doing evocation and i wanted to give myself a way of practicing that act by using the pinpoint as a kind of training wheel.

the first night i did it on a lark to test it out beforehand. after about 3 minutes i got the sigil flashing in blue with a purple tinge. then the whole paper flashed. then everything i looked at was flashing, very psychedelic. then i got the static rain but it looked more like a nebula, especially across the bottom of my vision. then my eyes started jumping and they started to close. i closed them and i saw a nebula clear as day but i was still alert. i stopped there.

: autogenic training + open sigils

notes: last night. instead of a blank page i used dantalion’s sigil. everything that happened above happened again but this time a couple of other things happened. almost immediately i felt what in the new avatar power manual is known as the tickling of the ant, it was really strong over both my ears and especially behind the bridge of my nose and in my forehead, it felt like something was brushing my skull from the inside out. at one point my head started vibrating. i paid it no mind until all of a sudden i felt like i fell back into myself from my right ear! that’s when i realized. i was beginning to astral project while i was wide awake. after that i tranced so deep that i started to fall asleep. i didn’t fight it i just closed my eyes and rested for a while. i got up about 20 minutes later and skryed a bit more and asked why did i just fall asleep? dantalion said ‘hacedic.’ i was like, what is hacedic? in the middle of the night i woke up and remembered the old fashioned vice of acedia ( sure enough, once again the goetic spirits were right. i just don’t fuckin care about anything at all.

woke up this morning and said fuck that, i’m doing the whole thing now. so i went to a food court, set up at a table, and quickly ran through my autogenic training. maybe too quickly, it didn’t relax me at all. anyway, while i was skrying the sigil two women walked by saw what i was doing and began laughing derisively and gossipping. in my mind i was like who gave those shits permission to interrupt me? and then i laid into dantalion and started to give him a good piece of my mind. when that happened the sigil started flashing like crazy. matter of fact, EVERYTHING around me was flashing. and i kept going. i kept speaking into the sigil and i got it moving around so much i thought it was going to slide off the table. things in my vision were tweaking. everything got darker. i felt like i was looking down a tunnel. saw the nebula. the whole nine yards. NONE of that impressed me. when i make up my mind i’m not falling for parlor tricks. i just kept breathing and was like i don’t care what time it is, i’m seeing this through to the end and dan better stop being a lazy dick and show up and DO something. 42 minutes later and it was all done.

lesson i learned: don’t rush through the autogenic training, do it properly and in its time. where you direct your vision is very important.

sunday i was supposed to do the ceiling/wall exercise but it wasn’t happening so i repeated this drill. did my autogenic training and got into a good relaxed state but was still alert. then did the skrying sigil while looking at the pencil lead. saw the usual, sigil flashed, paper flashed, then everything flashed, it looked like i was taking a bunch of pictures so many flashes were going off. my mind was wandering all over the place and i didn’t even try to get it back i was just breathing and kept my eyes on the pin. i was so alert the whole time that i thought i wasn’t in trance. it wasn’t until i ended and tried to move after that i realized i was in a heavy magical trance the whole time. it took me almost half an hour to shake off the grogginess. now i know why ea says make a sandwich afterward.

one thought came to me on sunday. i don’t want to be a spiritual trekkie. i am here to find magick that cuts through and gets results, this is not a pastime for me. i’m wary of magickal ineffectiveness and broken promises. having said that, i feel good about the possibility of making spiritual contact on a higher level.

after skrying the sigil, i re-read some magickal accounts at the world’s biggest bookstore to see how what i’m doing with mastering evocation will fit into the evocations i plan to do soon. i finally saw how this missing link works in some of the accounts jason black, lon milo duquette, crowley, and others. aaron leitch’s solomonic preparations to me are just to create over the course of days or weeks the same altered states of consciousness that tgs/rapture create in a matter of minutes. it’s beginning to make sense to me now. now i get it and this information is going to be very useful when i apply it.

when i finally get to doing my evocations with these new skills, i’m going to push the whole thing to the limit until it comes through or breaks down, one or the other. can’t wait to get started.

but first, i have to finish doing these drills and really get my tgs down pat. then i go on to learn the rapture state and that’s when the rubber hits the road

: autogenic training + ceiling/wall exercise

notes: whenever i go to do this exercise it’s not happening. either i’m avoiding something here or my intuition is telling me that this exercise is not for me.

ok, i did the rite on monday night and found out why it has been so hard. because it is going to take a LOT out of me to really work on this one.

i did this one lying down. i didn’t do any autogenic training beforehand, it was on a lark. focused my eyes upward at the wall/ceiling joint and put the pencil lead between to look at the point of the pencil. turned on my breathing audio. and that’s when all hell broke loose.

first my eyes wouldn’t focus. then i got the point locked in and was breathing fine, but trance started to set in when my eyes were fighting the strain of holding my vision upward. i fought through and everything started shaking. i got no flashes or static rain, just a whole hell of a lot of shaking from trying to see, and blurry vision. but what happened was very revealing…

i began breathing deeper to give me strength to get through this thing. and i felt energy moving through my body. there were parts of me where it was stuck. i couldn’t breathe out hard enough, it always felt like there was bad air stuck in my lungs, and i also felt like i was breathing air not from my lungs, but from other parts of my body, my thighs, my feet, my hands, my stomach, and my pelvis. even my head.

my breathing audio is 42 minutes but i only made it through 16 minutes of that. i was TIRED.

the strange thing is, i was up most of the night last night. i felt like my body was talking and i was getting a bunch of messages sublingually. i usually have to do a spell or set a trend on my machine to get that effect. this time i got it just from breathing deeply. incredible

i now understand how important breathing is to magick. when you breathe you move energy around and empower what you intend. physical blocks impede that flow of ether. you have to clear the rocks out of the hose to get the water flowing properly.

i have a lot of work to do…this one is going to be a lot tougher than i thought it would

will do this exercise again today to see if i can get through the full 42 minutes of it. if i can get through the whole thing then i can move on to the next part, which should be a lot more fun.

i only got through 20 minutes of the preceding exercise last night but again i got the same effect. it is a lot deeper of an exercise than i ever thought it would be so i will be doing it whenever i have free time in order to help me deanchor bad energy from different parts of my body and i will hopefully build up to doing 40 minutes of it over time.

i’m moving on to the next exercise tonight which is to open sigils. also, it is supposed to rain tonight so tomorrow morning i will also do the skrying for sprites in rainwater. two different exercises back to back.

Can you please define “autogenic”? Thanks.

autogenic training is a meditation method developed by johannes schultz in the 1930s. it’s a modern update on yoga and it is very effective in putting you into magical trance and deep relaxation states. when i bought the evocation course my intuition told me to go back and revisit autogenic training manual i first bought in 2000 upon dr.paul scheele’s recommendation in the photoreading whole mind system course i bought back then. i used to do autogenic training every day but i had lapsed. i started doing it again and it came back to me right away, i could still get deep trance states. so i have decided to add it to my training for firmness in getting into state. it has helped quite a bit - getting into tgs is a lot easier than i thought it would be thanks to the at protocol

: autogenic training + open sigils

notes: i opened a sigil of alloces last night. i had to do it twice because i began by creating it in the WRONG colour. i had the bright idea to use orange instead of black beacuse alloces helps to focus and orange is a colour that represents increased mental speed. i drew the sigil, gazed, pulled back my vision to the pencil lead i use, and used my breathing audio. did that for 30 minutes and got NO trance, just nothing. i was like fuck that. so i took another sigil of alloces i had made a while ago that was in BLACK, and swapped it. i also used a lead to connect the sigil to my radionic machine for extra power. within minutes it flashed, started moving, and i got static around the sigil but not a whole lot of static rain. i left it running and that thing was talking to me all night but at a subverbal level. to be honest i really should have taken my machine with me and let it continue to run all day because that thing was really going to make my day completely different but i didn’t do that. tomorrow i will and we’ll see what a difference it makes when i let it continue to broadcast radionically.

my breathing was just like in the previous exercise. i was moving energy through my legs and abdomen the whole time. there is definitely something going on there

was supposed to do the skrying for sprites but when i woke up and went outside it was dry. technically it is supposed to rain again tonight so i’ll look again tomorrow if it does. for tonight i’ll redo this exercise.

did not do any magickal work today. have been operating under the influence of the trend i put down for alloces the other day.

i realized something this morning. i ca get the static rain pretty fast now, like within a few breaths. up until now i thought that sr was due to nearsightedness. now i realize that if you trance out a lot then it is easier to go into tgs.

it hit me today that getting into state doesn’t have to be a struggle. as a matter of fact, it happens so subtly that a lot of times i go into trance without realizing i was even IN trance.

having the training of watching yourself go into tgs has been extremely helpful. in the past i just never knew i was in a trance. now i can tell and i know what to do to know if it is real.

hope to begin skrying elementals this weekend. the last couple of days have been extremely confusing as i realize that now i am on the verge of getting whatever i want in life, and i also realize that i don’t know what i want anymore. or maybe i just gave up. you kind of let life beat your ambitions out of you if you are not careful, and you begin to settle for whatever life gives you, and then you begin to forget your own discipline and just drift.

hopefully i can get back on track and begin to remember who i am so i can redefine my life MY way so my evocations take me in MY direction and not in anyone else’s.

: autogenic training + skry vak in flames

notes: i used a sigil of dantalion. gus mavroudis has a project for channelling dantalion’s grimoire and i decided to make that my first official sigil to open. i wll probably be opening this sigil again in other ways.

gazed the sigil, pulled back with the pencil lead as usual. got blur, flash quickly, in about 2 minutes. no static rain. asked dantalion to show presence. felt cool immediately.

lit candle. gazed sigil again to get back the state. asked dantalion for another sign and got the sigil moving. another confirmation.

skryed candle flame. saw static rain/big molecules. felt very warm from head to toe, with different muscles popping and releasing tension bands i think.

spoke to flame, made my request. dantalion, channel your grimoire to me for gus’ group. got sleepy. closed eyes. saw a few visions. then was suddenly jerked out of vision as my arm pushed very hard involuntarily. this has happened before and i don’t know exactly what it is but i have had that exact thing happen to me many different times in the past when i was in deep sleep.

skryed candle again. more static rain/big molecules. made my request again. closed eyes again. saw more visions. began speaking to self, telling self a story. i’m still not sure what that was about.

suddenly got up. the trance ended very abruptly.

it took me a while to shake off the trance state, i’m still kind of sluggish (i just did the whole thing, it took me about 30 minutes).

after i was done i couldn’t help but think, i have done evocations on this exact level many times before. just about everything that happened in this evocation has happened in evocations i have done in my life before, except for the extreme sleepy feeling and the abrupt jarring. the only real change is that my state has been much deeper, and i could tell when i was IN state. so i am obviously learning something i didn’t quite know before, or maybe i’m just realizing something that wasn’t apparent in my previous evocation work beforehand.

i will probably do this evocation method again tonight with another sigil to beleth for something else.

tomorrow i will do the evocation in the darkness to see faces, and in the day i’ll skry the sky using clouds.

: autogenic training + skry vak (in the air | in the darkness)

notes: i just did a quick rite using what i have learned. every once in a while i have a spirit contact me with a request to evoke it or i find a spirit taht sounds interesting that i’d like to evoke. i grabbed a few of the sigils i keep with me this morning.

this afternoon i laid out five of the sigils i have: beleth, gaap, dantalion (same as yesterdays), phenex, and forneus, who contacted me a while ago requesting to be called. instead of choosing one i decided to do a presence convocation of all five. i used no tools other than laying my sigils out in front of me on a table.

i pulled my vision back and read the invocations i pulled from one of s.connolly’s goetic books, inputting the enns of the spirits i called. then i closed my eyes and pulled my vision back as i waited for a sign that the spirits were there. i skryed all vak, meaning i listened for a sign, looked at the darkness in my eyes for a sign, and felt for a sign in my body or on my skin, or any changes in temperature, etc. i got the sign kinesthetically as i got warmer and the air simultaneously got cooler around my head. i also felt my arm drop a little, meaning i was going into trance.

i then alternated between my eyes closed and open, calling each sigil in turn and making requests to it. it was pretty simple. i didn’t ask any questions, i just sent my requests.

then i stayed in the state for a short while with my eyes closed. static rain like crazy.

my license to depart was simple and direct. and i was done.

funny how my state doing this simple rite was just as deep as it was yesterday from skrying a candle? i went right into state even though i didn’t do ANY of the autogenic training, breathing to audio, or calibrating tgs as much as i have been doing the last few weeks. i STILL got the state. and i believe i got contact. it felt exactly like the previous evocations i have done in other areas, except this one was entirely empty-hand

we will see what the real-world results are.

later today i will do the air skrying. woke up this morning with a bunch of realizations and wanted to follow up on them so i didn’t do the cloud skrying. i really regret it now because this morning there were clouds galore and right now it is overcast.

in a few i will skry clouds regardless and tonight i will skry the darkness, either in the sky or by closing my eyes and skrying behind closed eyes. i guess you could say i’ve already done it but i only consider this to be half cos i didn’t deliberately look for faces in the dark.

be back later

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: autogenic training + skry vak (in the air)

notes: last night after i typed up my report i went to a bridge and skryed the clouds. sat down on the bridge and gazed at phenex’ sigil until it flashed very slightly. then i looked up at the sunset (it was overcast) and conjured to phenex and asked for a sign. it took a while and i was going into trance but the wind picked up considerably. at one point i was like i hope i don’t go too deep into trance because my arm started to drop and the wind picked up so much that i thought the sigil was going to blow away. the clouds also began making plays with the sun. i asked for a transformation of myself into magick. the wind picked up even more. i then came out of trance pretty quickly and left.

in the night i also did a radionic evocation. last week somebody i know offered me a bible. in the past i’ve realized that the bible is a spiritual trojan horse. whenever anyone hands me a bible or starts singing hymns around me, that is the prelude to some kind of magickal attack. usually when anyone hands me bibles i burn them. but since yesterday i asked gaap to nullify power used against me, i decided to put gaap’s sigil on my machine in order to filter energy coming from the bible or any form of religion that is sent to me, sap its power, and use it to empower me and disempower others going at me. i set the trend and went into trance by gazing my machine. then i took dial rates and let it do its thing. that machine was working all night last night, it was really talking to me. i have a feeling phenex was in there as well getting a few words in. all in all it was a busy night.

woke up this morning it was not only raining outside but it was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. that falls right in line with evocations i have done in the past. whenever i have gotten spirit presence, the temperature drops or rises by around 10 degrees. also, the people around me have been extra gossippy and bitchy and really hostile towards me. every time i do an evocation i get that happening. so i know something i have been doing this weekend is working. what? i don’t know. but something is definitely happening.

i realized this morning that i have done a total of six evocations in the last four days. and to think i thought i was being sluggish the last week! now that i have learned to skry the air i’m going to be doing a lot more of this kind of work a lot more often, and i am going to be doing these things everywhere i can whenever i have free time.

tonight i will skry darkness and tomorrow i’ll look for a metal surface to skry so i can keep on keepin’ on.

: autogenic training + skry vak (in the darkness)

notes: i feel wierded out by this skrying exercise

monday night i did skrying looking for faces in the static rain but i couldn’t stop the distraction! it was very frustrating having my mind go on runon sentences and not calm down at all. i was confused as to what to do. in the morning i realized that maybe my radionic ritual was interfering - someone handed me a bible last week thursday and due to a post here on balg forum, i took it in order to prepare to conjure ihvh sometime and it was a BIG MISTAKE. the day after i felt really wierd. said to myself, should i burn this book? then thought. no. this time i won’t burn the bible. on the weekend i conjured gaap to take energy from the bible and decrease that book’s influence on my life, and instead purify that energy and give it to me to make my magick stronger. i set he sigil on my machine and attached the bible to it and let it run for 2 days. during that time, all hell broke loose for a friend of mine but i was safe. it didn’t hit me what was going on until i went do do the skrying that my mind is being tampered with in a way that i can’t really comprehend. so i removed the sigil from my machine and i cleared it. my head felt a lot clearer and stronger after i did that. amazing how much CONFUSION xianity brings into your life. i will not be conjuring ihvh now or ever.

tuesday night (last night) i used my breathing audio to keep my breath steady. in the past i noticed that whenever i can’t concentrate my breath is wonky and when i steady it my concentration is a lot sturdier, especially if i keep my hands/thumbs, lips, and eyes perfectly still. i did that while gazing, but instead of pulling my vision back like i have been doing, this time i pushed my vision FORWARD, INTO the void. i was searching with my sight to make the visual field 3D and push through the static to the other side of it. after doing this and breathing for around 10 minutes i felt almost as if there was a cone coming out of my forehead, the energy was pushing through something i don’t know exactly what. i also felt my stomach was tense, the kind of tension you get when you are hungry and it is rumbling. i think the steady breathing pluse optical effort was taxing my nervous system a bit in an unusual way.

after about 15 minutes of doing this, i relaxed my vision because the aim is to have passive observance not to strain. i just wanted to take the black/static screen beyond a flat view to a 3D one, and when i got that i relaxed my eyes. from there the static rain kind of looked like a nebula but with moving static. so i began watching to see if i could spot shapes and faces. it took a while but i began to see those. i wanted to write a list of the ones that came and went, there were about six that were quite visible to me. i also got some kind of message but i don’t really remember what it was, it was subvocal. that has been happening to me since i began the course. subvocalized messages let me know something is happening but i dont’ quite know what it is. all i know is, i have been waking up early in the morning and going outside to look up in the sky the last few days.

right now i’m just kind of resting my mind. i feel as if i’m taking a bit of a rest from the course although it’s only for the day. i will do more skrying tonight, with a piece of shiny metal of some kind or other.

demotivated…gotta get it going again

You got this fool! (See what I did there?)

But really you got this. Reading your posts is inspiring me, so keep up the good work.