Mastering Evocation: Sections #4 and 5

: autogenic training + skry vak a smooth stone or metal object

notes: i’m going to skip this one and come back to it later. can’t find a large enough stone or metal object to practice with

tonight i will work on a water bowl and tomorrow i’m going to use one of sorceress cagliastro’s water skrying methods.

: autogenic training + skry vak in a water bowl (koetting)

notes: my mind is kind of foggy right now. last night i had a radionic trend running all night and it was a long night, so i am pretty sure that my broadcast was doing deep work albeit with resistance

anyway, for the skrying session i used a dark translucent water bowl to do my work, and i put phenex’s sigil in front of the bowl. i had planned to do all six sigils i did last week but i decided to just work with one this time. phenex helps to transform you and i figured why not start there, with the aim of transforming my life experience using magick?

first i went into my autogenic training. during my at i felt a block in my mind, it felt like an umbrella or something was over the centre of my mind, like there was something covering my limbic system. i just continued on and repeated the at protocol. when you do the space exercise before the at commands but not after, it keeps you concentrated so i didn’t do them after, only before. i did a repetition of 30 suggestions that i was going into tgs. i didn`t look for signs of tgs, i just trusted that it was going to happen anyway and continued ‘as if.’

at first i pulled my vision back from the phenex sigil, sort of cross-eyed but when i tried to hold that it wasn’t working too well. i had been using a mechanical pencil lead’s tip to focus my vision and this was my first time not using it. it didn’t go to well. so i changed my focus and instead of looking in front of the sigil, i looked at the white space BEHIND it, using dr.paul scheele’s photofocus technique. i looked at the white of the paper as if it was in 3D, and was behind the sigil. it took about a minute but i got the flash and the static rain started to come in slightly.

then i switched my view to the water and gazed. i used my technique of questioning the water to ask what i see. at first all i saw was things floating on top of the water, and i remember getting a feeling that this wasn’t going to work. but i just went ahead with it anyway. first i looked for cloudiness in the water, and to my surprise i SAW it! then i kept gazing in a very passive, general way, almost like a rorschach test. in a minute i saw a moon face looking left. then i saw other objects, one after the other. they started out blobby and unclear but they got a bit clearer. it was JUST like when i saw the objects in darkness a few nights ago. after seeing about a dozen images one after the other, i snapped out of tgs suddenly.

the last few days i’ve been feeling really wierd. like i hit a gray area.

i have been doing radionic work for a friend. last night i ended a 5-day radionic working i did for someone to send positive energy to them. it has muddied up the water considerably. i feel out of sorts right now to be perfectly honest.

i have also been doing different skrying on sigils for spirits from the 6th and 7th books of moses. i’ve been getting different dreams at night as a result of this.

during a divination session i did on the weekend, mepsitahl made it pretty clear she wants me to call on her. i haven’t been doing that. i haven’t called on any of the spirits ea laid out in his course, tbh. i was of the opinion that i was to pick my own spirits and i’ve been wondering which goetic or inugan spirits i would begin with.

is it that i wasn’t doing enough magick, or that i was doing too much? or maybe there is something in the way. i can’t really tell right now. it just feels like a stuck state.

i’ve also been dealing with a LOT of people suddenly making demands on my time, as well as aggressively forcing themselves into my life in order to waste my f*cking time -__-

there’s just a lot of things up in the air. i need clarity right now, and to move in a definite direction.

: autogenic training + skry vak and look for sprites/leefaya in rainwater

notes: it doesn’t look like this will happen anytime soon so i’ll have to come back to it later.

when i rekindle my motivation, i will do madame cagliastro’s skrying methods from the blood sorcery bible.

: autogenic training + skry vak in a pool of water
: autogenic training + skry vak in a dark mirror

after that i will begin structuring.

got COMPLETELY off track in the last few days.

it’s been almost a week since i’ve done the skrying exercises. i was just distracted and not focused and didn’t know why. there were a lot of really wierd things going on in my life, different people demanding my attention, different things taking me completely away from what i need to be doing.

i HAVE been doing magick, though. just not sticking to the script.

in the last week i did three different radionic broadcasts, two of them multi-day. the feeling i got while doing these other radionic workings was that i was being blocked. on a couple of days i felt something in my legs and one day my eyesight just went all blurry on me. so on the weekend i did one radionic broadcast to banish and clear myself and the next day i felt much better. better than i have felt in about two weeks.

sunday night i did my first really serious skrying work in almost a week. i used water. i called the watchtowers and then sat down to skry. i used the sigil of azeziz from the grimoire conjuring demons by dezadar (

i gazed the sigil and made my request for azeziz to teach me how to skry and structure on any surface at any time, because i was tired of looking for the right surfaces to work with and i want to be able to do skrying and structuring at any time in any place. then i pulled my vision back, gazed at the pencil lead, and i turned on a steady breathing audio i created to help me get into tgs faster.

my eyesight was still all wonky from the week so it took me a good while to get my flash but eventually i got it. that is why i use the lead and breathing audio. they stop me from letting my eyes wander or my breathing get shallow. great training wheels for when i lose balance which happens sometimes.

as i got the flash i noticed the air moving around me. i felt a LOT of tension around my eyes and i began to close them and squeeze them. i could feel tension being squeezed out of different muscles in my cranium, around my nose cheeks and temples. it was a lot deeper than usual, and it helped my eyes. i kept breathing and the flash got heavier, the room got darker, and my tgs got deeper. i also felt the air moving cool around my legs, and began feeling different muscles in my legs tighten up, especially my front thighs and shins/ankles. i got a feeling that the blocks were being forced open a bit. blocks that i didn’t even realize were there. after about 15 minutes of this, i finally cut through the block that had been on me for nearly a week.

when i got through the struggle to keep my body in state, i went into a VERY deep trance. in that trance i asked azeziz to teach me how to skry at all times in any surface. at that point i remembered an exercise i came up with when i used to use tarot cards. it is a simple exercise where i’d ask ‘what do i see?’ and then i describe from general to specific exactly what i see. i see a card. i see a card with x. i see a card with x and a. i see a card with x and a and b. i see a card with x and a and b and c. and i would add detail upon detail each pass.

so i began doing that as my structuring in the water. what do i see? i see a glass bowl. what do i see? i see water in a glass bowl. what do isee? i see water in a glass bowl with darkness forming a c shape. what do i see? etc.

i never actually saw any fog or shapes in the water this time but after 10 minutes of that i went deeper and deeper into trance. i fell close to sleeping i was in so deep. at that point i went to lie down. strangely enough the deep trance went away immediately.

i fell asleep and had a bunch of very strange dreams. i don’t remember most of them but i did get some kind of instruction in them. the last part of the dream i was in a room with the lights off, it kind of looked like the room ea filmed the evocation course in but the walls and windows were different, they were higher off the ground. i saw somebody walking through the hallways trying the doors. anyway, he looked in the room i was in and i locked eyes with him. at that point he turned away but then he tried the door i was in and it opened. he tried to ambush me but there was some kind of stand, it was built like a music stand. and i shoved the sharp part of it at him into his throat.

i woke up before it hit him. i haven’t had a dream like that in a long time. that felt like i was there. it was a very lucid dream.

i think i made contact with azeziz, but it was a off not a direct hit. yesterday and today i’ve been in a bit of a haze. the weather was wonky as fuck yesterday, it got COLD and dropped as low as 9C (48F) overnight. only 24 hours later it’s 30C (86F). i have noticed that many times when i conjure, the weather will either rise or drop by 10 degrees celsius (18 degrees fahrenheit). there was also a lot of dampness in the air and now i have a cold. that also happens a lot when i conjure and get contact. often i get a ton of dampness or it rains cats and dogs (enough to cause basement flooding and sinkholes at times), sometimes sharp thunder, or other times the sun will shine very brightly and there’s not a cloud in the sky but that’s rarer. all of that comes along with the temperature drops/raises.

last night i tried to skry again but it just wasn’t working. and i’ve been trying to figure out what i learned in the dream because i don’t remember any of the instructions i got in it. i have to work on remembering my dreams better. so close and yet so far. things that are working but don’t connect.

i get the feeling i’m close to actual evocations now and am wondering what to do next tbh. a bit disoriented. i’ll get back on track soon enough.

at least i know i wasn’t just drifting. something was in the way that needed to be moved.

last night i took time to really think about this whole exercise. while pondering the whole point of skrying and structuring vak i came up with these insights and they helped me understand why i am doing this exercise. this dances close to philosophy but because it is practical i am putting it down here.

i wondered whether i was doing the exercise right because i skipped using certain skrying devices. and it came to me: what you look at doesn’t matter because it isn’t the object you are looking at. the object you look at only holds artefacts and evidences of the activity. your real focal point is a null point in midair either in front of an object, or behind it. you hold that vision point in midair until you see the flashing against the object you skry. that flashing is the spark of the blue flame. when you see that, you are in tgs. other tgs phenomena will also happen as you hold the state.

then i thought about structuring and asked myself exactly what structuring is. there was a bit of confusion in my mind about it and i don’t know where it came from, but i sorted it out enough for a useful belief. structuring is basically building a mental hologram. structuring is building an image in midair with vak by describing it, seeing it, hearing it, and feeling it. from general to specific you build the object up: the simple exercise i mentioned in the post above, where you ask ‘what do i see?’ and then i describe from general to specific exactly what i see.
i see a card.
i see a card with x.
i see a card with x and a.
i see a card with x and a and b.
i see a card with x and a and b and c.
and i would add detail upon detail each pass., and build the image up gradually.

i asked what is the importance of these things? as i read the manual ea wrote along with the evocation course. as i read carefully through his notes on evoking the different spirits, i realized that skrying and structuring are the basic communication between humanity and the spirit world. skrying is listening to the spirit world to gain impressions. structuring is speaking to the spirit world by putting forward mental projections to relay information and ideas. i do believe that structuring is uniting the mind, solar plexus, and sacral plexus energies to push forward life force in a unified way but have no way to verify that for now so i let it rest.

then i asked what about the state changes? and as i read carefully over the evocations, i realized that the state changes do something to the psi. i think they extend human perception into a place where spiritual communication can be broadcast and received. kind of turn us into spiritual walkie-talkies in a way. i can’t make any more sense of it than that.

when i realized all of the above, i realized i will need more information. i remembered how mepsitahl insisted on sending a message to me last sunday that i need to contact her. so i drew a sigil for mepsitahl and another spirit in the manual, and i skryed that sigil for a while. it began moving almost immediately. then i did something a little bit different. i structured it not by describing it verbally, but by drawing her out. (i’ll take a picture of it and upload it later). i then continued skrying the sigil until lights out, and a funny thing happened when the lights were off - the sigil was glowing in the dark.

i don’t remember getting any dreams but last night was a long night so something was happening. what i don’t know. but something. and when i woke up this morning i was fully alert. something went on on a subverbal level. it was hot all day today. it’s also supposed to rain tonight and apparently the weatherpeople said the end of this week will cool down again considerably, so i guess i connected again - getting all the damp and cold yet again, how predictable.

one way or another i am goign to cut through this fog of confusion and get evoking soon. i know i’m getting closer, just hit some turbulence.

AS USUAL i was making things harder than they actually are.

i. transformation of consciousness (from beta to theta-gamma sync)
the autogenic training courses helped me get into a relaxation state for the transformation. photofocusing practice let me go into magickal trance fairly quickly. as long as i photofocus, breathe, and wait for the flash rather than trying to force it, i get the flash within 5 minutes. when i hook a sigil up to my radionic machine i sometimes get a flash and moving sigil in 30 seconds or less. the key is to WAIT. and i have to reiterate: the point to focus on is either IN FRONT OF or BEHIND the object, NOT ON IT. lock into that point, breathe, and wait for the flash. that is the key to tgs.

ii. skrying the elements to receive information
the elements i used (flames, air/darkness, smooth stone/metal, water bowl/pool, dark mirror) are less important than the point in midair. to a degree depending on the element being called they have an importance but the main importance is to hold the midair point as described above and to look, listen, and feel for spirit communication.

iii. structuring the elements to send information
this confused me but really it’s all about modalizing (seeing, hearing, and feeling) holograms of objects in/around the midair point and then submodalizing them to add details to them and experience them stronger.

that’s all there is to it, really. as usual i overcomplicated the whole deal.

reading over my journal, i can see now what happened. there was a bit of confusion from me on how to really do the exercises and i got sidetracked in doing goetic rites using what i knew. somehow in the middle of it i got in mind to ask azeziz the right question and i got the proper answer to how to skry and structure. after that my spirit contacts shut down on me. that’s all i really needed to know to get this entire exercise down pat. upon asking the spirits for more information, i was given the answers plain as day.

i now realize that i missed the lesson because in my effort to finally get my skrying and structuring down, i got sidetracked in doing a lot of goetic evocations.

: on august 22 i conjured alloces to clear me of confusion and on august 24 i conjured dantalion. it seems that both of them removed heavy physical tension from my muscles. i will have to do autogenic training offloading exercises with their help in order to offload even more of that tension from myself but at least i know now what was going on there. they were making a hidden problem obvious to me.

: on the weekend of august 25 i did a convocation to phenex along with forneus, beleth, gaap, and dantalion and followed up later th next day with another evocation to phenex as well as a radionics work involving gaap and a bible. between those two simple skrying/radionics evocations i caused a huge change in a friend’s reality that had a pretty big impact worldwide and i’m still seeing the fallout of that working to this day.

: on august 31 i finally got my skrying on a simple level where i skryed to phenex and saw simple images. there were physical blocks preventing me from doing even this simple thing but they were removed by my previous evocations which were actual full evocations but i only thought they were simple skrying exercises. in other words, i just realized that I’VE ALREADY BEGUN EVOKING WITH THIS COURSE AND GETTING RESULTS FROM IT AND I’M NOT EVEN 1/4 OF THE WAY THROUGH IT YET.

: after all of that, on september 10 i skryed azeziz’ sigil and finally got my answer on how to skry and structure properly the next day. it was roundabout and had a bunch of things get in the way, but i finally got my answer. i sure stirred the pot to get a simple answer but i guess i’m just that fucking clumsy that i have to go to all that trouble just to do somethign as simple as skrying and structuring.

since then i’ve been wondering what the hell happened while ignoring my own words:

now that i realize i actually got skrying and structuring down to a great degree, and that my subconscious mind has basically shut down on me to prevent me from kicking this dead dog up and down the street by regurgitating exercises i don’t need to do, i can and will MOVE ON.

will now go watch more evocation videos and return to continue my training.

next up: the rapture

having taken the time to really think about what i learned in this section, i realized i missed something important: I DIDN’T WATCH SECTION #7.

section #7 explains structuring properly. after i watched it yesterday, i realized that i was missing half of what i was trying to learn.

i also realized that skrying and structuring form a biofeedback loop. learning the tgs isn’t necessary to skrying and structuring. tgs is an important state that makes skrying and structuring really stand out so it is put ahead of skrying and structuring in the course, but tgs is a part of the transformation of consciousness, which is something i am going to get into next. subconsciously, i recognized that and went ahead and substituted autogenic training protocol before my skrying and structuring effort, which saved me a lot of time and also seemed to help a lot of people get over their hump in learning to get the tgs.

so now that i have gone through this part, i have to reorganize this section in a completely different way:

  1. autogenic training as a substitute for tgs
    : scanning + the autogenic training protocol

  2. sections #5: skrying
    skrying is using modal focus to receive magickal information through vak
    i. skrying your visual ability
    : photofocus a pinpoint (ahead of the point with props)
    : photofocus a point outside a window (behind the point with props)
    : photofocus a null point in midair (no props)
    ii. skrying your audient ability
    : focus on sound through earphones around you (3D sound)
    : focus on a point around you in midair (surround sounds)
    : listen for ambient sound around you (no props)
    iii. gaze a null point against elemental objects
    : skry vak in flames + photofocus before/behind them
    : skry vak in the air or in the darkness + photofocus before/behind it
    : skry vak a stone/metal object + photofocus before/behind it
    : skry vak water in a bowl (koetting) or pool (cagliastro) + photofocus
    : skry vak for sprites/leefaya in rainwater + photofocus
    : skry vak in a dark mirror (cagliastro) + photofocus before/behind it

  3. section #4, #7 and #9: structuring
    structuring is building mental/emotional holograms to send magickal information through vak. you focus on a null point to tgs. when you get static rain you look for an aura and then you build a vision or a hologram in the aura by filling in the details.
    i. structure your visual ability
    : structure a person hologram (star wars hologram)
    : structure a place hologram (scene hologram)
    : structure a thing/object hologram (simulate 3D printing)
    : structure an idea hologram (sound, feeling/impression)
    ii. structure your audient ability
    : write 5 questions out + open a sigil + listen for answers

  4. section #6: spirit communication
    you structure/submodalize to speak to spirits, and skry to listen.
    : simple evocation of paralda

so far,
i did autogenic training.
i skryed my vision with a pinpoint.
i got my photofocus down both before and behind objects
i gazed null points against some elemental objects but not others
i have done NUMEROUS simple evocations, with astonishing results.

i still have to work on skrying ambient sounds.
i need to structure 4 more objects
i need to write 5 questions and structure them to skry for the answers

i had a sneaking suspicion that all of this work wasn’t properly done. now i realize i have three things left to do before i get to move on. this thread isn’t quite closed.

next up: skrying ambient sounds.

: focus on a point around you in midair (surround sounds)
notes: this was EASY. whenever i am in a quiet room i ask the spirits to give me a sure sign that they are there. usually within 30 seconds i hear some loud sound, or feel cool air around my head, or i see something. with the tgs flash it’s easy to tell. when i did this exercise yesterday it only took about 3 seconds for me to get a LOUD pop coming through.

: focus on sound through earphones around you (3D sound)
notes: did this last night. for some reason i had trouble focusing on the sound, it kept disappearing. i think this is because spirit forces want you to direct your skrying at THEM not at a point YOU choose. i guess you have to be ready to move your focus to wherever THEY show up rather than where YOU want it to be.

: listen for ambient sound around you (no props)
notes: when i did this yesterday, i noticed something: concentrating very hard on a single spot in midair made me feel like something was pulling my whole head into that spot, it was strong like a vacuum pulling at my head. i also got a tingling in my head, what the miracle of new avatar power calls tickling of the ant. after about 5 minutes of this i went into a pretty deep trance and began to nod off. so i did get a pretty good trance from the act.

yup, my skrying is solid. i can skry visually or audiently and i have no problem doing either to tgs, although tgs with audio is a little bit different.

my skrying work is DONE.

next up, structure 4 more objects.

i went back and re-watched the videos from the beginning. i just finished watching section #4 and ea mentioned using memory as an aid to structuring.

i will take photos and objects, skry them for a while, and then structure the memory of them and see if i can kickstart my structuring from that.

this weekend i put an END to my pact with satan. i will formally end it soon. i’m not satisfied with the results of working with satan. i know i can do WAY better than this.

have been conjuring haagenti for the last 3 days with very promising results. haagenti rewired my mind for 2 days and it gave me a splitting headache but it was needed.

fuck it. i am going to continue evoking and studying the course as if i already know how to structure.

sometimes you have to get a little bit impatient and stop yourself from freezing up. and that is exactly what i’m going to do right NOW.

therefore this thread is CLOSED.