Master/Guide Needed

Hello Everyone, I am Eric and new to Magick, i want to learn how to invoke and work with Angels, Currently want to know how to work with Archangel Sachiel and move on.
NB: I am a Beginner.
Thank You.


Damon brand. Ben woodcroft with amazon kindle cheap…

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Hi @AgyingoDeGreat welcome to the forum most people are really helpful here just make sure you use the search bar to see if the question is allready asked before you make a thread


Hear this will help gaze upon this and channel energy into it while thinking of him once it starts to disapear then reapear or the whole image looks like it’s floating you’ve charged it. I just made a page that I spent a nice chunk of time that is all about self programming and creating your own reality with your will and desire it’s short things you say out loud and let the words take effect it’s really helpful stuff if you interested ill message you the link info.


Thank you and sure, am interested.

No problem so it’s helps to do some energy manipulation befor trying the programming but still works either way I’m hopeing the page gets more people contributing it’s just me so far but time of day is hard. So here’s the link