Let's all add our favorite self programming

So I thought it would be cool if we all added together a vast amount of things we do when self programming the exact sentences that worked so good for you. Would also love just hearing simple concepts that you implanted and worked well that wernt oviouse things to think of.
A non simple thing I just got activated is I asked Darkness itself to automatically absorb and nulify negative energy when it enters my aura, I’ve noticed it working allready and after asking darkness to help me I feel like it’s like instant when I just picture the darkness all over my body the negativity goes away.


For all programming of one’s self you can end the sentence with programmed
Another fun one to mention is entuneing to beings like the moon
I’ve found that once you entune yourself with your higherself entune your aura to your higher self
My potential radiates within me activating itself.
I call upon myself to always be Love and I gladly answer this calling with respect.
Simply touch your heart and project love from within then say everywhere and watch the energy form can also offer respect to accompany it.
I am a Muse my true desire for this activates my potential and creates the effect
For it is our shared goal to achieve these goals my higher self amplifies the effects of my programming.
My higher self will commune with others near me and if they subconsciously agree they will me there energy surplus for my task.
At all times my aura pulls in all forms of the elements.
I entune myself to darkness within me you live
I trust therefore I will allow darkness to act within me fullfilking my dreams and desires
There is power in my words when I speak they make reality change for that is my power
I no longer doubt for I forget what it’s about
.these are some I’m thinking up right now as I’m doing them I suggest other do the same I plan on being able to learn from others too please join in on the fun.
I transfer this energy into my potential " the more energy transfer you do with potential the better.
Just as dirt washes away so do my scars
My will is strong and my desires real so is there effects
I am the master of my self there for all parts of me great and small obey my commands
I am always a muse and always creating my own reality
It is my desire to loose my flaws I don’t think of them and now they are gone
I trust my higher self it’s will becomes my will it’s desires becomes my reality
My reality is my clay my potential allows me to live in the finished product
My potential answers the calls of my spirit
My luck is the key to manafestation
As I seek to be I am
The power of my pure intent makes easy the task
I believe I can there for I will
With every breath I allighn my path with my desired future
Joy is what all those around me feel for it is contagious the joy of bringing into others make this always happen
The wind breaths new life into me
I program myself to activate my programs now
My reality and all those within it are subject to my will as command they do
I was lazy but now I am programmed
My eyes see all that there is always all things shall be seen that are hidden
Every thing follows laws I make these laws
My aura absorbs the grace of the earth
I will always know true wisdom when I hear it
When I hear wisdom I will retain it
Wisdom flows through me and reflects upon all that come near me
My beliefe is greater then my doubt so I will only believe and not doubt


I accept all blessing with gratitude my soul projects my gratitude upon receiving your blessing
I feel all of my blessing and the love they carry may those that blessed me feel this bliss too. " This isn’t about feeling the blessings is really awesome besides feeling great it confirms that your blessed and with
What I have done in the past that bettered me on the count of three it returns to me 1,2,3
Swiftly I remember that which is needed
Just believe in the power of of pure intentions
The more joy I share the greater I shall fare
My faith brings me love for that is what I send
I have no need to rehearse my words are elegent with every verse
The greater a reality you share the greater your ability change it.
Grace is found and sent outbound
My effects on reality reflect back upon me reality bends to the will of those that I effect
At all times i am becoming greater
Love is always felt by me when sent o me
I realize my presence valued
Karma effects me justly for my deeds
My programming becomes stronger as I sleep
I realize there is beliefe in me it empowers me
I take a moment to project my gratitude to all that help me at once
My path is becoming clearer my target getting nearer
I ask here and now to be blessed so that I may be a blessing to others thank you
I remind myself to make an imprint when experiencing abnormal levels of energy
I give myself a reason to have pride in myself
I no longer forget lyrics my memory is returning to me in abundance
I will remember to make time for love
I believe in myself and know I will become greater
I remember what gamma brain waves feel like it just like this… That one worked pretty good
Wisdom I ask to liveith within me thank you
Every program I just set never shall I forget
Those I envy I shall learn from
I am wiser then my age and will reflect that
I take the time to enjoy the bliss being returned to me
My reflections of my actions are powerful
My ability to recognize the true is improving
I will always know how to control myself
I automatically set myself up to succeed
If I trip I shall not fall
I feel the balance within my and automatically absorb more of what I’m lacking
My reality is made so I lose weight

Please tell me what ones you imparticulary enjoyed and hopefully someone else takes the challenge to just think of positive ways to program your self and to unleash your power into the world to make your ideal new reality


Come on some one play with me lol
I’m probably gonna contribute on this everyday hopefully after doing scans then energy work just pulling in from Infinity and then ending it with this is awesome I honestly feel so fucking great but I am noticing other people’s energy as being not as pleasent lol compaired to normally not feeling shit from people unless they project emotion exc. Haven’t felt this great for hella days, also I had a single card reveiling and asked what do I have to do to achieve becoming a muse and got a card that said I can continue doing just meditation or can do spells either way should end in success I’m allready loving the spiritual attention to my intent and all the different energy I’m sending out. So the fuse of the muse and my potential is doing great and I get joy knowing I bring joy to others so if I think about how many I’m being joy to I get a surge of joy :grin: definitely gonna do more work on this. Also I forgot probably what should of been one of the most important programmings

My will is clearly defined and the power of my will and desire infuses with the emotions focusing my intent into manafestation and exerting it’s power on the world changing my reality.

I’m really surprised no one has commented on this page yet such a good concept and gives everyone a chance to show there brilliance.

It would be cool if someone who knew the planets and chakras did a section connecting them and amplifing the the chakras power

Another thing that is a list to be done if someone feels up to it is connecting what influences together to awaken each specific Clair ability.

And anyone who is depressed would be nice to have the list for altering reality to intune into the good energy in creation and to no longer have negative thoughts

And anyone who knows alot about who’s good for what a asking them but demanding of yourself to intune to the spirit and the effects being installed within you would be a real long section just cause multiple or one entity and then wow there so many spirits

Another section would be programming to be able to have the intuition to know what is an imposter and what is the energy of the true being you seeked. Also a method for disarming a parasite and focusing your ability to effect the entity itself
Another useful idea is a programming to make thought forms invisible to you and to block yourself from being Hurd by them

Another section that I’m sure someone allready has alot of practice in alteration of reality to transform your body’s size speed of hair growth to automatically start healing any pain that occured and detailed I structions how your healing preexisting injuries

And this one is like huge for power but I honestly have like almost no knowledge of who have to search them power words from the elder languages

Of course a programming for ability to create someone’s else’s reality with sexual magic

And a working to manafest ability in basically any of the trees of magic example divination and voodoo

And of course I need to or will gladly learn from someone wiser about all the reality changes needed to bless everyone within you presence and energy “for me try to just stretch the power everywhere like I do when projecting love and respect”

Also need to make a list of intuning oneself to the purest entities those with out form just energy and presence like silence and darkness and many more I think this one would be helpful if who ever wrote it was adapt at the more advanced way of preception of being so the link the make when they write the word can be accessed easier when doing the programming.

And yes there should be so many more concepts that others share if I can get some people interested in this page and contributing

Wow lol I asked for a view of how many spirits I’m allready effecting with my muse effect and seen thousands of them and the image was still trying to zoom out for more to be added


The day after I wrote the programmings I felt so so happy just wonderful for quite a while so oviously if you contribute you’ll do wonders for yourself and others I know I’ll read one by one in head to learn then out loud to manafest the programming of self and reality.

When ever I yawn I automatically pull that energy back in.
All parts of my mind act as one when I do my deeds upon reality.
I embrace emotion itself each one of you are valued please act within me when I feel you
Everyday that passes I get wiser, I ask wisdom itself in all form of existence to ensure this. Ty
When I think of a being I truelly connect directly to them and I become aware of there presence my senses awaken for they are worthy of being witnessed
When I channel another I let go of me and we act
My song is effected by my desire to be beautiful and to give joy to others with this I learn how to sing so what is heard is my beauty not my voice
My every though reflects my true self. Programmed
My seed only carries only positive desires intent for them they are greater then I and will allways know love
My blessing carry on in my offspring.
My ability to love reflects my desire to be loved!
My blessing I become aware of when I need them there power allowing me to be what is needed.
My value and potential make me impossible to curse I will not be diminished.
As a Muse I am pure, and my effects shall be great
My senses grow as I do
I grow as a person for my actions will reflect my pure desire to be “a Muse”
I never had a off day I allways stay focused.
My thoughts become as pure as my desire for them to be
I am always a Muse every part of me acts to be so
My thoughts are wise enough to allways be Hurd that is set in stone.
I learn my my mistakes and do not deliver them.
“Tried to write relive but seemed to be like a message”
Only things that are positive or benefitial can be programmed in me. Programmed
I always find what I search for.
I allways know the right thing to say at the right moment.
I know what to trust automatically I shall not be decieved
I am becomeing more aware of the energy of others and more able to feel my own aura.
My intentions guide me when I do so that I never know failure
The power of my true self is manafest in everything I do
I break all negative blockers of my spirit body and mind I am free!
When I do the same thing over again I always get better at I and find better ways to accomplish it.
Every way I ever found that prevents me from getting off the ground I lay to waist
Everything I try I accomplish
I never let unhurd negativity effect my actions.
The things I don’t hear that effect me are worthy to effect me never am I decieved
I always remember to project my effects and love
My enemies realize my value and release me no longer seeking me any i’ll will,
The compensation I’m deserving of I obtain.
When someone asks me a question and I do not hear it my subconscious mind answers it wisely.
My higher selfs Influence is in everything I do.
I no longer forget anything of value and I start to remember all the wise things I’ve ever Hurd.
My thoughts are always Hurd by the right beings
My energy automatically returns to me when ever someone tries to steal it. Programmed
I deserve to be loved there for I am.
The spirit world accepts me for who I want to be I accept there help becoming that which I seek.
My aura makes people be truthful.
I pass all test I am given my potential awakens to ensure this. Programmed
I know how to show compassion and allways know how to comfort someone in need.
My aura promotes others to be loyal
I always want to feel and start to feel all positive energy sent to me. Initialized
All animals trust me they know the trueth if I am going to hurt them or not.
I am worth of great things so great things start happening to me from here on out.
I always know who I can trust for every matter.
I always know what would make the best gift.
My Intuition grows for I seek that, it grows for I have found it.
I will live up to my potential and impress those who took notice of my journey.
My luck increases substantialy I’ve earned it. Ty
“Had image of my self being crowned when I asked to be blessed that way from God”
I’m starting to automatically know who someone is from there energy. It becomes clearer and clearer very fast as time goes by.
I live up to the name I was given I am becomeing more beloved more praiseworth and loyaler.
“That’s actually the meaning of my name first middle then last.”
My aura attracts the right people into my life.
Everyone is being effected by me in a greater fashion aware of it or not.
Those that have some controle over my life do what is best for me for that is what’s best for all.
Everytime I hear a positive word I feel it.
Anyone holding a grudge against me forgets it and forgives me for my trespassing. Thank you
I realize there’s spirits helping me achieve these goals and desires and I’m thankful for them and there Influences.
I realize I’m watched by so many and laugh at the concept of there spirits watching me if the person had I’ll will for the spirit sees me inner beauty and value.
Everytime I eat I make a copy of that foods essence for all spirits that want it, so mote it be.
I get what I deserve Karma I ask to insure this.
My losses are weighed vs my gains of the physical.
The power of my beliefe in myself grows all doubts are forgotten and never reapear.
My desired state of mind is what I experience.
Those that watch me and teach others based on my actions contimplate the value of there actions to me for they did not act while evil did.
The beliefe in me that others have for me to prosper gives me strength and direction. Ty
My ability to Muse is amplified by the power of belief in me.
I do not allow negative words to effect me when Hurd I deny there power.
My powers awaken further for I am becoming wiser.
“Seen myself kneeling as I did when I got crown I still had crown on now they put a cape on me.”
I start to understand the spirit world and how it interacts more abundantly as they enjoy my energies.
My muscle memory becomes greater more able to do what I my desired action may be.
I earn greater joy doing the things that benifit me and my ability to be a Muse.
I am becoming the me I dream of being I take the steps required to change.
I retain all benefits from the programming I have completed and say thank you to all spirits that helped me achieve success.
I start to know the trueth about who I am the me from the beginning. So mote it be 123. “The word beginning had alot of energy when I said this one out loud.”
My energy persuades people to do what’s pleaseing for me, I show gradatude.
I do not attemp to change reality I truelly changed it and continue to do so with all the blessing I’m receiving I give back to existence.
Anytime it’s in my favor to do so I become aware of what the spirit world is doing to and for me.
Without thought my desire being enough to manafest the effect I am a Muse.
I give thanks verbally to those who make this happen, when someone sends negativity to me it’s reflected back upon themselves.
I see the effects of my desires becoming manafest I reap what I have sown.
I make known to all there’s a pomegranate tree in my back yard feel free to take what you can it produces.
May all of my desires come true for they are mainly all good and create a better reality for me and all who share it. Please and ty.
My mind’s eye becomes greater allowing my true visions of the realms and it’s inhabitants.
My ability to hear the spirit realm starts to awaken within me my hearing selective to what is of need and to what brings wisdom.
I no longer am decieved by anything and become aware of how I was decieved prierly.
My potential activates in everything I do.
The power my desire has on reality is stregthened by how many want the reality we seek. " As I read this one the word many came out strong"
My Intuition shows me how to please the spirit realm.
I accept without knowing the help the spirit realm offers.
“Reminder letting spirits know what you want in interaction helps them to actually act for you”
My connection to Mother Earth is more apperent to me I’m able to feel her love greater.
I simply say thank you to darkness for being so great to me and ask for the blessing to continue.
I start to get a truer view a better perception of the essence that is light.


My true self establishes the power of my desire and will.
All aspects of light shine upon me awakening my true self who’s safe in the darkness within me.
My ambitions are all valid I shall achieve them.
I recognize all true opertunities and complete them with honor.
I never dwell anymore, when I think of a short coming I realize ways to do better.
I realize and am greatful for my spirit friends inviting others to watch over me and guide me aswell. Thank you
I see all that I was blind to befor, my eyes being opened by all those that bless me.
I realize my life is to important to let go to waist there are to many others that I can bless with the grace of all those willing to enchant us.
I no longer remeber what depression feels like my beIN itself is now beyond that. So mote it be.
I am always able to see the inspiration in everything and I channel this force Into all others.
The things I couldn’t control in my life suddenly become clay to me to mold my future out of it.
I accept my place in the universe and am glad for my great opportunity to better it.
My shadow has become my friend controling my ego in a way where it’s used to better myself.
My thoughts are always the desired speed for myself and my task.
I always win all challenges by any legit meens possible. Thank you higher powers
My body is healed as my mind is healed.
I shall seek and find a connection to mercy so I’ll always know when and who to give it to. To all… Is my thought befor finding this connection but I’ve found out that showing mercy and forgiveness comes with rewards from God.
Because I never am spitful when I finally cast harm it’ll be extremely powerful for it was neglected for so long.
I get stronger at everything I do repetitiously.
I have found closure, I no longer need to grieve, it came from within. Nice long refreshing breath :grin:
My muse affect activates and goes to all Everytime anyone seeks it.

I recieve what I seek because my desires are worthy of manafesting and being granted.
My belief in myself is restored I know I can. I tried to use telekinesis after writting that no luck but it is like the hardest of the abilities.ive never done it
I forgive myself for all my failures I deserve peace and Grant it to myself knowing I’m allready forgiven from my higher powers. Hmm felt like tearing when I spoke failures.
I feel the emotions of sprits and sense there energies when interacting.
My voice fluxuates to show trueth and power.
When I channel a spirit I recognize there voice.
Seeing the others here near me no longer hurts my eyes I’ve adjusted.
My chakras become unblocked for I have overcome my emotions and seek power.
I feel the energy the spirit world sends me.
I take a moment to say i appreciate you to all those spirits that feel neglected may they feel my sincerity.
I accept the universe and all realms as friend may they know the love and respect I offer while I earn there’s.and then I hit them with muse effect :mushroom:
I am starting to remember everything of value and all parts of my dreams.
I let it be known it’s my desire to lucid dream and to interact with spirits in my slumber my pure intent and the joy it’ll bring makes it worthy of manafesting so it shall.
All abilities I’ve done before are still within me I re awaken them and once again ask may to everything to move through me so I can achieve my intent and desire to cast.

When you say may ask everything that can hear you to do everything they can do to make our request be completed. Thank you all that May answer and that hear me.
May I always show respect to all and respect those who earn it, while earning respect from all that May give it.
May all forces empower my muse effect for it’s worthy of being. Thank you
May all those who bless me be blessed. Please and thank you.
May all powers capable act on my behalf to get me compensation so my Vengence can be avoided for it is not my power that punish but it is within my power to grant forgiveness.
May my intuition become clear to me and guide me safety to the next phase of my existence.
May I please be blessed to be able to interact with spirits I’ll be able to better give thanks once granted and will know joy greater making my gratitude given greater, and will be able to inspire others greater and be a better Muse.
May I always know what to do in an emergency.
May I please be given your forgiveness for all my unpleasant actions I’ve made I truelly feel like I shakes myself for my actions while I was being tormented. Thank you and may you feel the peace that comes with forgiving someone.
May you always know I’m grateful for the blessing and gifts and just for your presence even when I forget to say thank you.
May all those who have blessed me feel the reflections of joy that they inspired in others for helping me. Please and ty.
May the desires I have for my muse effect upon creation be fullfilled by your pure intention of making a good thing happen and your want for others to know how great the desire is and will be with time.
May the elements know my want to understand them as entities and how it’s not just about being able to use there power it’s about being accepted by them and trusted by them to harness them, I want the understanding of them that comes with the connection with them.
May all that are willing help me achieve becomeing my true self again.
May the power obthe word May be amplified I know it’s stronger then I’ve currently seen the effects.
May all spirits that can enjoy my sensations and energies enjoy it without me knowing there there may they always have access to me besides when it’s adult sexy time.
May all those who watch my adult sexy time make me grateful they are over watching me by empowering my sexual magic and allowing me to feel all that if sent to me from my partner.
May all spirits get together and weigh the effect I would have on others if I received the material happiesness I was robbed of and am owed from the tormenters.
May Jahova Jesus and all the gods that watch over me compensate those who help me for I believe he is more willing to reward others for good deeds then to just bless me outright.
May I please hear the music of the spirit realm when I meditate and may I learn how to hear from channeling the music. Thank you for the music.
May my dreams be of love and reveal things to me about life.
May all the blessing I have be amplified by those that are able to strengthen the blessing without taking claim for the action just helping me and the one who blessed me.
May all those I love have your protection and healing that are of the physical, I’d love to see a miracle healing.
May I witness magic itself manafest and give me a glimpse of power and may it be for a positive deed.
May others challenge me and I never fail for you take joy in me trusting you all to accomplish the action.
May I learn how to trust with all my heart and never be broken if they let me down.
May someone else take I upon them selves to contribute to this page and realize how much extra the spirit realm is willing to reward those that bring me joy just because my joy is blissful to them and they Love me.

I am tying a success planning list I learned from Jason Stapleton. You make a list 3-6 things you want to get done today but phrase it like you already finished it, that way you trigger your brain to have a dopamine response while developing the list, and then you are starting the day on a small high.


That’s seems pretty effective, I always speak about what I want changed as allready being done basically unless it sonthing I’m just starting to get a glimpse at. I definitely have felt that dopamine response and the great feeling it brings. Wouldn’t it effect saratonin too or is it just dopamine because the brain is more in a sleep like state when activating the programming.

I’d probably add doing a candle spell of the things you want to do or change for Max effect burn up the paper o release the power of your intent to change reality exc exc.

What’s an example of the 6 things ouve chosen to accomplish wondering if it’s stuff that our spiritualy doing or just physically. A good one for you from the ones I wrote I think that would effect you nicely if you spoke casted it on yourself is " I was lazy now I’m programmed" especially since your doing a actually doing a practice similar to what I ment when I wrote it but your definitely doinbthe programming with the phraseing beIN that way. PS have you considered setting a alarm to physically do the action at that set time it’ll help you have the knowledge that it’s asically allready done your gonna do I at this time might help with the dopamine rush, if you’ve been getting it from the work your doing try reading over my work and finding which ones stand out as a need to have happen and read them outloud with a monotone attempt at speaking them if your voice fluxuates your speaking a spell from what I read along time ago. So yea the first nite I made this I started then next day off with a huge high that lasted like 10 hours or so of just feeling absolutely amazing reminded me of when I first woke up and discovered oneness with all of creation. O also try doing the one for fully appreciating completing a scedualed task. So yea you could try writting some programming that directly affect you just for accomplishing the physical tasks. Anyways thanx for commenting hope you share more about the concept maybe someone lses will get more Into it, heck I I had example of what the tasks are I might try it, would help me maintain the dopamine high and energy rush I get from doing programming.

My intuition is just as active I’f not more active in my subconscious always knowing how to fullfill the needs of all those who need a muse.
I accept the fire within both types burning away all trace of rejection, remorse, apathy and doubt.
I will retain all enlightenment I recieve, this is how I must percieve and believe.
Every breath in I planned before and every breath out opens that door.
My subconscious removes all things that limit my spiritual advancement. So mote itbe 123 it agrees
My subconscious initiates all knowledge while meditating that relates to funtion and gain.
The knowledge of how prana works is how it works within me I regain my simplicity.
The power that is my beliefe I desire to be magnified and my will achieves this feat.isnt that neat.
My hypothesis is correct at every step and my intuition guides me to my goal.regaining the essance of my soul.
The elements are alive within me my nature grows
My voice thunders with the power of my intent.
My tounge just knows how to vibrate everyword appropriately, so mote it be, we all shall see.
I always accept the power the writer placed within the words themselves it comes alive.
If I am not grieving I am not blocked and it’s all unlocked.
For I see through all illusions my visions are true and unblocked forever to remain unlocked.

I’m just writing some out of my bum:
I am powerful, knowing, and ever growing?
I reap abundance both materially and spiritually?
I activate the actualization of my highest potential