Master black magician give me your serious advice

I think at the point that they are summoned, then that’s where it is different for everybody.

The summoners goals, request, personality, etc… In my experience will be very different from how they will interact with you since my goals are going to be different from yours & your perception of which the entity is showing you.

I like to do thing like work out and study. So they talk to me in a very serious tone but with kindness, because they see that I am a serious person who also like to have fun.

Ah, cool.

Yeah it’s very awesome, And don’t forget it! :star2:

You know the other day I was chill in listening to a song, and then satan’s sigil appeared on the most craziest part of the song, and some how I must have evoked him. I think he actually came to me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It was a beautiful 5 hours that I was spending with him, I felt so liberated.

Totally jealous!

I know, I know :smirk: but hey I was actually doing more research on Satan & Lucifer there is some post that say Lucifer is a different aspect of Satan. What do you think about that? I like both of them.

For me, my encounters with Lucifer have not been like that. I have felt his presence before and had some conversations. For hearing long messages from him I have gone to practitioners who have those kinds of experiences. I only had one physical manifestation of a demon that was totally full blown, and that was with a demonic ex-lover. The relationship didn’t last long, but it actually wasn’t my fault lol. I didn’t like them enough and they took it way too seriously way too soon, also they were really jealous in a way that I didn’t want with a spirit. It was a flop. Anyway, I saw your post about the difference between Lucifer and Satan. I’ve known Lucifer to be my god… But that’s basically all I know. Some say Satan is a different being from Lucifer, some say he is the same being. I’m going to be completely honest with you and say that this is something that I still have to explore! For most of my time pursuing him and his legion, I have gravitated towards the belief that Satan is just another name for Lucifer. But I never tried calling him Satan after summoning him. I always refered to him as just Lucifer, thinking that is the more respectful way to address him.

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Tell me more about your experiences with him, so I can understand the difference between Satan and Lucifer.

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Dude that is so bad ass!!! We’re basically like… related. :smile:

So okay, I felt this massive abnormal feeling in my heart. It was a beautiful vibrant golden fluffy cloud, and it felt amazing! But it kept on getting stronger and stronger. I was trying to lay down and all I could feel is this pressure with a lot of mass in my chest. I was hearing wise words, but more importantly it was a lot of healing, there wasn’t alot of talking, but rather I was getting a bunch of spontaneous physical urges of fear & they just kept on demanifesting.

It’s like he was going through a bunch of files within my body and springing up a bunch of scenarios that would trigger my the fear and then I would just sit there feeling more and more happy. :face_holding_back_tears:


You are stating religious dogma as if it were fact. It’s not. It is simply your personal point of view, based on your very narrow level of experience. What you claim is no different than the people who say angels are aloof and remote, and you have to purify yourself and be worthy before they will help. It’s simple opinion, refuted by years of evocation.

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@John_John woww… Beautiful. Do me a favor and tell Lucifer that I want that :slight_smile: …I so need it. My life has been difficult.

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@DarkestKnight just read John’s post about Lucifer’s love encounter with him. That is not at all like you described things should be. Religious dogma? How about John’s experiences and mine? You are ignoring those as if I’m just going by blind faith. You’re not right that deep down they are dangerous beasts that don’t actually deserve respect and *have to be commanded. Have actually tried to deal with them as a friend before?
I’m just advocating here… Take it or leave it.

Woah woah! heyyy… I don’t know enough yet… but, what I do know from reading Satans description is that, I do believe I made contact with him. But hey satan & Lucifer sounds like a real nice reality.

Oh man, well… hey, its nice too meet you too. However I DarkestKnight is actually a very nice person, he had helped me with a manifestation I had with to get an awesome job as a moderator for myself through magic.

You know what! I think we all need the psychic self defense handbook. :smirk:

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my post question is The not the “best honest loser”, but the “best winner”.

Hay, huge tip here:

Do Not focus on a primary chakra too much… For example, about 10 years ago when I first started stimulating energy, I made an honest mistake in focusing on my heart chakra too much & started to became a sort of feeding ground for negative entitys. I soon started to have a lot more problems with my step father, a lot of chaos, and suicidal thoughts. And All I had to do was evenly work on different energy centers in a balanced time limit way, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

However I should note that my heart chakra is very much developed & I did have amazing experiences, even though it was hell.

I highly recommend to split an even amount of proportioned time working on each primary energy center.I have a good workout that I can suggest,I also noted my experience in notepads.

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