Master black magician give me your serious advice

1.) Manifesation and healing course
2.) Psychic self defense course.

If I skip the above two courses and start with these two books first, is it okay?

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They are the same thing. The books are basically the video courses.

In my honest opinion… from buying the full courses and having the books aswell…

The books is all you really need, But! you need to make sure to focus. Reading books can be a bit boring in my opinion, but I do love them once I’m settled in by the first 2 chapters, it could different 4 u.

I recommend setting a timer for study and practice sessions.

But, if you prefer taking it a step further by buying the video courses, then you will actually progress faster by having a live demonstration of the techniques he goes over.

If you got the money, I would get both, but like I said, The books is all you reallyyyy need.

As a matter of fact, there is actually a handful of techniques that are in the books that are not on the video courses & Vice Versa.

Something’s will need explaining over video, but the books cover about 90% of what is in the video courses.

Pros & cons, It just has to be that way, not for making if extra money, but rather for full understanding… Maybe a combination of both haha

I should say though, that the video courses covers a wide range of emotions and experiences he’s had that will help you understand, but if you have great imagination and senses then try the books, it’ll be good.

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Thanks bro for explaining the difference,

I had little bit questions in my mind about these two video courses and these two books
:slightly_smiling_face: But with your reply I got the answers in my subconscious mind.

• 1.) Manifesation and healing course
• 2.) Psychic self defense course.

I don’t have the above two courses but I have both the books so I will start with the book.

Yes but I have both the courses mentioned below

• Astral Projection Mastery Course
• Raising Kundalini Course

According to mullberry so using these two courses I will start after getting to the second round

So first I will build the foundation according to you and then I will move on to astral and kundalini.

Bro My subconscious mind has understood how to use this book as per video course level understanding

There is an additional book by Robert Bruce that I have that covers all of this in it and after looking through his chapters I will combine this book into my studies as well.

See this book Content :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:

Chapter 1: The Evolution Of Spirituality
Chapter 2: Manifestation
Chapter 3: Healing
Chapter 4: Astral Projection
Chapter 5: The Energy Body: Kundalini And Chakras
Chapter 6: Exorcism: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Chapter 7: Clairvoyance: Opening Your Third Eye
Chapter 8: Magick: Controlling Reality
Chapter 9: Love: The Energy Of Intimacy
Chapter 10: Advancing Your Evolution

So now I have no question in my mind, now I am worry free brother :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have a tutorial E.A. provided for this here: :slight_smile: :+1:

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I have already seen it in the evocation program and the divination program. John told me that the (sigil black magic), so I felt that this sigil black magic would be different from just sigil magic, so I felt a little different. :slightly_smiling_face:

But adding blood to the black magic sigil also made me realize the difference between a black magic sigil and a gaze sigil only. A black magic sigil is easy.And I started looking for a book on black magic sigil in it. I had to laugh at myself when I asked to find a book about black magick sigil :slightly_smiling_face::joy::joy:

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Yeah same thing: there’s no difference.

I don’t call any sigils “black magick” sigils… a sigil is a sigil, and what you do with it is not going to change that.

Like, a phone number is a phone number, it doesn’t matter if you text it or call it, it’s still a phone number, right?

I happen add blood to nearly all mine, I just like it that way: a lot of people de. No need overcomplicate things :slight_smile:


I am always very happy with your reply :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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Lol did I say that? Haha, well whatever, sigil smigills… Sigils for sure is what I’m talking about & I recommend. Black magic sigils sound kinda cool though :metal:


Yes Black magick Sigil word look good but first time word confused me :grinning:

Above advice is great, but I usually tell people to start with meditations and yoga it’s a very great start.

Though most people criticize it, but I will suggest you try joy of Satan meditations they have arranged the meditations from beginner stage, intermediate to advanced stage. Start at the beginner stage though is tiring and boring but it’s worth it.

While doing the meditations don’t rush them so you can finish early but for the aim of mastering each meditation that was given.

Yoga also helps in a very great way, what you will find possibly within three months working the meditations will open up your psychic senses but also will help you to be calm during your rituals and divination that you will do and yoga will strengthen your ethereal body and psychic senses altogether.

You will see the changes visibly. So possibly within three months/less on yoga and meditation depending on what you will see you can start slowly on divination and evocation.

But that’s only my opinion,
Be blessed

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Lol hey,. it’s okay, what you need to do is Always use the search bar… Okay… & Always be willing ask questions… The Search bar is going to be your best friend, just like google.

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I know about search bro :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, but when I need to know something, I will ask you, because you are well experienced

Yeah! go ahead, if you want you can pm me.

The first 2 books, Energy work & psychic self defense I am experienced in.

Sigils & blood magick I am very good in as well.

I’m pretty versatile, but those are the main ones I know I can help out with.

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Hey just to clarify.

Meditation = Energy Work Book

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Hi there. I first want to let you know that if you’re trying to summon any of Lucifer’s demons, you will not be successful in commanding them. They are friends to humanity; they’re good teachers and powerful. They actually look like attractive humans, not monsters. They are offended by you if you make commands of them and expecting them to need permission from you for anything. What they desire is friendship. They’ll do things for you and out of your (yeah, I’ll drop the L word) love for them, you will do things for them in return.
Now, in terms of HOW they manifest, that *can depend on two factors. 1. They’re choice. 2. How spiritually gifted you are.
I’m sure you want to be more spiritually gifted so you will even have a full blown physical manifestation. So therefore, one of your best options *can be (this is what I have done in the past) is depend on others who are experienced with these spirits to open you up to Lucifer’s realm and to contact the demons on your behalf. For instance, you can post on a forum filled with Luciferians and say “I’d like to experience the gods of Hell.” Would you be interested in your own spirit lover to encounter you regularly or have succubi visit you? Let them know what you want. Demons will even come to you on their own accord, without you summoning them. I’ll leave it at that. Good luck.

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Hey I should probably tell you something

Look, I have a feeling that you may be getting your energy drained or attacked or something.

One thing I noticed is that, whenever I started reading the psychic self defense handbook, I started to feel empty inside and energy drained and feeling weird.

I’ve come to realize that it was negative entity’s trying to stop me from reading the book, and it might be the same situation for you too. These things will have your energy redirected all over the place.

If your ever in any doubt, then you should refer to the defense book.

The main thing I experienced was that, I would get my energy drained whenever I am being nice person.

Being nice & friendly is a very hard thing to do since entitys like to feed off your life force.

Especially People… Negative entity’s like to work through humans in order to cause chaos.

When people see you have heart, then they like to feast and drain the energy. It’s not there fault though, the people just have read the self defence book. So don’t fall victim!

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Experience shows this to be absolute poppycock. A magician that knows what they are doing can command any spirit. There is nothing special about Lucifer or his legions.


I love that word, “poppycock! :rofl: :joy:

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@darkestknight I love my gods, that’s where we differ. They are relational beings. Now, is it possible that they entertain magicians who don’t understand their hearts? Maybe. I just never thought that it was true.

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I like your thinking. I also love showing my friends love, however… if they or a new entity I meet doesn’t do as I ask then, I may have to relax and become more seriouss with them, at least at first, but in my experience it becomes all love in the end. I haven’t had a bad experience with any of the entity’s so far. It’s like meeting people.