Master black magician give me your serious advice

I know this forum has too many posts to know where to start

But my problem is slightly different I have all the magic books and also the course. So since I have too much library I am confused where to start my first step

My first goal is to be able to see and communicate with the demon, and hear: so I have to acquire such skills first so that I don’t fail the evocation.

so now i have all these courses plz tell me should i start from book or course.i have all these courses

• Mastering Divination - E. A koetting video course
• Mastering Evocation - E. A koetting video course
• Astarl projection mastery - Robert Bruce video course

  • All of magick book i have and all of author books also i have

Please let me know where I should start. It would be better to start with a book or a video course. Remember my goal is to interact with the demon face to face and see them and command them

So tell me which foundation should I strengthen first?
What power must be developed in my mind to make me see the demon and hear his voice and see his presence - Tell me about it all

• For example - No previous experience
Also What should be done first before I archive the 3 god-like powers so that I can solidify the foundation of black magic first.
And if I practice these 3 godlike powers it will be very easy for me

For example
3 God like power
1 Mastering Divination
2 Mastering evocation
3 Mastering Soul travel

So what should I master before these 3 stage so that the practice of these 3 stage becomes easy for me and I pass through these 3 stages effortlessly.

So that I become a deadly master evoacater.

So if you are reading this now, please let me know where I should start. Tell me about a specific book (Video course) that can definitely help me in my mission.

My Goal :

First Mastering Foundation of the black magick

And then I am escalate to in mastering divination stage

And then I am escalate in to mastering evacation stage

Note : because of i need success in my mission

I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to get confused. I’m just serious in my mission and in my practice so I move forward step by step. Now give me your serious reply I will appreciate your reply

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In EA’s system, the beginning consists of the Godlike Powers and the first of them is Divination (Regardie was of the same idea: the magician may start with divination) which so to speak includes the astral senses and, having improved them at the end of “Mastering Divination”, you can proceed to Evocation.


Do this one first:
• Astarl projection mastery - Robert Bruce video course

Then do Robert Bruce’s Kundalini course.

THEN do E.A. Koetting’s courses, they’ll make perfect sense and you’ll get more out of them with the energy work done first.

Energy work is the same thing as developing your senses, it’s foundational and will set you up for life for any current in magick you can imagine.

Energy working/astral senses development also connects you with your subconscious aka higher self, and then you will have inner guidance and it becomes harder to get confused: you will start to just know what’s right for you.


Wow you are really great I got all my burning questions answered in your single reply

This book : ( Robert Bruce’s evolution how to succeed with spirituality - astral dynamics) i found in the video course - astarl projection mastery

So I think that covers it all. Let me know what you think. This book come with this video course - astral projection mastery

So should I start with this video course and this book? And this book also contains the method of chakra activating

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Yes that’s a very good start, it’s plenty to be getting on with and you shouldn’t get bored, but if you do then there’s no harm in starting the divination course by E.A. when you feel like you want a change or pace or a break. It won’t mess you up and could get you a nice comparison of your skill as you progress through the astral course and your divination also improves. :slight_smile:


I appreciate all your replies :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:

Howdy, now tht right derr what Mulberry said is smart.

I have personally went down this route and I’m about to get into the astral projection course.

Dude… what you really need to know, that you should look into Robert Bruce’s first

1.) Manifesation and healing course
2.) Psychic self defense course.

Combine 1&2

Then go into astral projection and Kundalini.

I seriously recommend this. I got screwed in the ass trying to obtain the god like abilities first without learning the fundamentals of defense… but don’t worry it ain’t no thang

I really recommended 1&2 first… I cannot stress it enough, I’m literally trying to save you from years of torment. cx

But we also black magic… trust me bro… you do his courses first, you’ll find doing pathworkings ain’t no thang (; it’s the secret sauce & I hope nobody else sees this post :eyes: :face_with_peeking_eye:

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You and Mulberry understood my burning question, so I have now made the final decision to start on the golden way shown by you and Mulberry - Both of you are saved me from confusion and lot of years of trial and error

This is a very excellent golden reply from both of you for me

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Please tell me the name of the author of which book bro

For this one, Sigil Magic - You don’t need a book. It’s actually very simple. Using Sigil magic is very much the same thing the way how you will manifest from what you learn in Manifestation course. The only thing that you will add is giving blood to a sigil of your chosen entity. If you choose to do so.

When you understand how to manifest and hold intentions without loosing focus then you’ll be ready for Sigil Magic, but you must understand how to manifest and control your mind.

But do not forget to learn the defensive techniques. Alot of people who evoke demons usually get fucked over because they were didn’t understand how to diagnose a situation. Such as, talking to a fake entity. There are entity’s known and unknown that will try and take your vitality by manipulating your manifestations. You need defense to learn how to banish… And even reverse.

Once you do that, then Sigil black magic is easy. You will evoke a chosen entity, then you will manifest your intentions and outcomes and then you give blood at the same time. You don’t need a whole book for certain things… You’ll fin that they will come very easy once you learn the fundamentals of manifestation.

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I also have these two books by Robert Bruce, would this be good, please let me know?

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You are great. I understand why some people don’t succeed even after evoke demon, because there is what you say is a lack of self defence skill and I also understand that newbies go straight to their dreams. Therefore, they call the spirit directly, but the result may or may not come and the spirit can directly harm them. I liked your talk about self defense. First of all, protection is necessary.

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Yes this true bro. Forum is great your comment proven that this forum true

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Yes! Absolutely! Personally… I would be way more ahead in my spiritual development, but I went straight up for the big abilities first and got screwed up.

There is a difference in entity’s, there’s good and bad with there own styles are very powerful and they will do there best. For bad or for good.

The demons we utilize are the good one’s. It’s like having a gang of powerful warriors who do nothing but workout all day. If you know what I’m saying.

But sooner or later you will be on your own way.

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These are the 2 books, you got it!

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Self defense is very important. Because if we don’t have this ability, then what is the use of learning magic. This very first golden principle came to me on a silver plate by you. Love your comment brother

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Both these books are in my library :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:

Already have

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Yes, absolutely! I feel like you’re a very smart person, very intuitive… You know how to listen, however, Be careful brother…

There are attacks that can happen so fast that you wont have time to prepare, So you must be good at defending and reversing, but no worrys because if it get crazy, you can attack by doing black magic techniques and they will work very fast, even a lot of the times… instanously.

Always make your own choices, but know when to listen and when too not listen. Even if it’s me.


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