Mass Evocation Experiment

Evocation skills have dramatically increased since working in this current path. Not just that. I’m better at magic and I understand myself better. The question is why? Am I intuitively more drawn to one current over the others? Is it the methods I’m employing? Need to narrow down the variables.


Old grimiore of my study of Chaos magik. Written when I was a newbie in 2015-2016. It lists all the deities, creatures, and basic practices from several different religions and and magik systems. I currently only objectively know demons exist. Lets double back and see what we missed.

The idea is to use the sigil method the first time with each one. Then adjust to add the practices from each culture they originate from. Use skills learned and apply everything to each other.

Evocations I have planned so far are either Deities I admire based on characteristics and lore surrounding them, or were vital occurring to people familiar with them.

Demons: Entire goetia plus Gatekeepers
Angels: Big 4- Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel
Vedic: Shiva, Kali
Buddhism: Guan Yin, Yama
Hellenistic: Hecate
Voodoo: Papa legba, Baron Smedi
Celtic: Morrigan
Norse: Loki
Egypt: Anubis, Ra,
Shinto: Amatarasu, susanoo, Raijin
Tao: 4 celestial beasts, 8 immortals

I’m going through the list randomly as inspiration suits me. Azazael will be my guide regardless of what else I’m doing just because he’s awesome.

After each encounter I’ll document which methods worked best in evoking them and what they taught me.


Demon Report

The Demons that I’ve clearly seen, heard, and sensed energy from are Lucifer and Azazel. Standard set up is effective for either one. Lucifer- Yellow or white candle with Frankincense. Azazel- Red candle with Dragon’s blood.

Dantalion, Agares, and Vine can be heard and vaguely sensed.

Marbas can only be sensed and requires a pendulum to communicate with.

King Paimon only screws with incense and candles, but otherwise can’t be detected.

Phenex can be sensed, but when I try to talk to him there’s only a pressure on my forehead and ears which kind of feel like singing.

Bune is a weird half feeling. I’ll mark it as inconclusive.

I suspected Belial was around when I summoned him so I asked for a sign. My body became heavy like after smoking a blunt. No other indicators. I’m not sure what the point was.

With Bael, I didn’t even really evoke him. I just charged the sigil and went about doing the spell I was doing while assuming he’d be there. The room filled with energy automatically. That’s an impressive feat even if it’s not visually stimulating.

Aim and Naberius were just complete failures.


I wanna see where this goes, I literally just evoked Lucifer for the first time and felt his energy immediately.


Angel Report

Lucifer introduced me to Archangel Michael. The full report can be found in a separate category.

Michael has an energy similar to Azazel. By that I simply mean they both have a fiery quality to them, and they arrive quickly. Azazel gives you internal heat, such as passion or sexual energy. Michael gives off external heat as if the room caught fire.

Chaos Report

Both Angels and Demons have so far only needed a minimalist approach. Angels are the easier of the 2. I only need a dagger, his sigil, and vibrate his name. The dagger and sigil weren’t even needed.

The demons are more fickle. I can just sit there and meditate on a sigil for some. Others absolutely need the enn chanted.

Another thing to keep in mind is astrology. I’m a fire sign and excel at controlling the fire and air elements. I have the most difficulty or compete failure when evoking a spirit relating to wealth, earth, or astral projection. Energy control, art, or learning information is quick and painless.


(These first couple of entries are spaced out over the course of the past 2 months in case I didn’t make it obvious already)

Vodun Report

Certain other magical experiments lead to me having to visit a graveyard. Papa Legba’s name was in the back of my mind since then. Methods for summoning Demons and Angels are well known in my magical circles. Vodun feels foreign and obscure to me by comparison.

It’s suggested you draw the veve’s of spirits out by hand. As I said, stick with what you know before anything else and switch it up as needed. So I just had the veve printed out on some paper like a sigil and meditated to some funky ass African drums.

I didn’t “evoke” Legba traditionally. It felt more like I went to him, or I picked up a phone to wherever the loa were and he put me on speaker phone. There were several voices around me speaking in an unknown language(possibly creole). They sounded excited like I walked in on a party.

The most prominant figures that I could make out were a fellow in a purple tophat and a stern looking guy with a skull painted on his face. The guy with the tophat was the only one who spoke english and translated for the other guy. He seemed really friendly.

Summery below-

Legba: Greetings son. How can I help you?
Me: This is gonna sound crazy, but I just wanted to stop by to say hi and make sure we were cool.
Legba: ^chuckles* Of course we’re cool. The loa have your back whenever you’re ready to dive in.
Skull face guy: *unintelligible^
Legba: No no Baron. He needs to finish with Lao tzu before he commits to this fully. This one has a short attention span and doesn’t need distractions. *Addresses me^ You head on back now my boy. And have some of that Crown Royal for me when we meet up again.

So that was weird. The way the full conversation played out implied he knew I was coming. And he knows I have ADD? Plus he mentioned someone who’s not even on the list yet. So he’s looked into my projects and saw at least several months into the future? Weird.

Either way, the Loa section is wrapped up. For now…


Norse Report

This may be strange to some, but I see Loki as a role model. I like to fuck with people’s heads for fun and games, but I can also use this trait as a tool to help change people’s perspective, which develops their character. He embodies enlightenment in a certain sense.

For this one, I actually already had some runes on hand. So instead of a sigil, I put Kenaz, Hagalaz, and Dagaz next to each other in that order. If you don’t have physical runes, write them on a piece of paper or draw them in the air with your energy. Why these runes?

Kenaz is often translated as torch in the modern futhark. So think of this as the initiating event or spark. This is your will, which gets things moving in your favor. Hagalaz is the chaos and conflict that comes with change. It’s equivalent to the Tower Card and tarot. You need to destroy to clear the way for creation. Dagaz is the stabilization at the end when your reality is altered and you become a new person. These are just basic interpretations relevant to what I’m doing. I advise anyone of any path to study the runes in depth. They’re as important as the sephirot in terms of required reading.

At first I tried using the runes as letters and chanting words I formed with them. Then I tried using a regular poem that glorified Loki. Eventually, I dropped into a state where I starting freestyle rapping whole verses. I don’t really associate Loki with art, so this is a strange side affect. After I finish rapping I can fully sense Loki’s energy fill the room. It feels like your body is breaking apart and every direction and you have to struggle to keep it together.

Then that settles down and I get into a state of hyper focus. Mind is completely blank. I say the statement “Reality is at my command”, and it’s like I’m getting instructions beamed into my head. I throw a punch, and it’s like the air shatters in pieces. It’s similar to this image, where reality itself is fractured.

As the pieces fall, I move my arm around counter-clockwise as if stirring a cauldron. I stop. The cracks form into a spider’s web. I touch the center of it and feel the movement of the universe in all directions. I take the broken shards of reality and cut strands of the web. Then I move my arm around clockwise. The web is reshaped and merges back into reality.

“My Will be done”

Sit in meditation until you’re ready to give the license to depart.

Loki is a very empowering deity. I feel the need to explore him in depth. I’ll likely give him regular offerings at least.

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Side Lesson: Proper use of Blasphemy and Profanity

A lot of beginners are worried about offending deities by accident. What you have to remember is, these beings can sense intention. This is why, if you plan on binding them when they arrive, some of them will mess you up before you even get the incantation out(thats if they come to the obvious trap at all).

When speaking to or of spirits I know well, I sometimes refer to them as “Bitch” or “mother fucker”. This is a colloquial tick done out of habit and not disrespect. If you’re the kind of person that employs vulgar language in casual conversation, don’t try to force yourself to adapt a formal speech pattern. It’s unnecessary. The only time I notice it stop naturally is when I talk to Hecate.

When we blaspheme, such as when deprogramming religious indoctrination, we do so with the intent of reducing a deities power. It’s like a curse, in a dual sense.

Now, here’s how you blaspheme with a deity you’re actually trying to work with. Rapidly swearing at high volumes and getting yourself worked up into a rage builds energy. Pour that energy into the sigil. Lucifer is fine with this method because he knew my frustration was at my own failure and not him. This also works with Belial(or at least it provoked a non-violent reaction). But in that case, it goes along with his “screw the law” attitude. Personalities will differ, so on this last point, your results will very. After the first couple times, the spirit will give you a more efficient evocation method.


Greek Pantheon, and Left- Right Duality

Hecate is the first case I’ve had where a deity “changes”(or shows you a new side) if your alignment changes. When I was on the RHP, I only wanted to deal in white magic. If that’s as far as you go, she’s fine with that. She’s their to nurture and guide you, and sometimes tear into you when you mess up.

What I found strange was, she’s referenced pretty often by Satanists and demonolotors. Actually, this shouldn’t be strange, because she’s associated with the underworld and necromancy. But I mostly ignored those aspects. Anyway, she’s actually very good at teaching demon magik, but she’s not a demon in any traditional sense. I don’t know what to make of that yet.

Whenever I evoked her as a wiccan, she would always appear as a standard human. Pale skin. Dark hair. Black robes. Pretty none offensive. And evocations usually consisted of these long ass poems where the rhymes felt awkward and forced. I’m a song writer, I have to critic your shit by necessity. You get a D-. Maybe a B on a good day.

I have Hecate’s wheel tattoo on me, so I’m just meditating on this thing with the lavender incense burning in front of me. I erased the old image of her from my mind and said “No preconceptions. Lets go”. So what I got was slenderman in a dress. Google a picture of slenderman, image that with B cups and long flowing locks. I can read her aura, so its not a trick. I guess the symbolism was to express the fact that there are layers to her personality.



You might be able to tell from the second part of my name, I’m into Buddhism. Specifically, Tantra and esoteric sects(Where the phrase left hand path originates). The practices emphasizes use of the body, energy control, and chants to manifest change. You can ditch tools entirely if you work hard enough.


I was putting together a witch’s jar to serve as a ward for my house. When I was thinking of who to call on for the finishing touches. Kwan Yin came to mind. She’s the bodhisattva of compassion, depicted with 1000 arms in order to help as many people as possible.

The multiple arms can represent danger being blocked from all sources. She’s also able to help you open your heart chakra. She arrived simply by using mudra number 4 and meditating on her image.

I really like this approach because it broke me out of the ceremonial magic routine I was stuck in in the past. Easy to learn, easy to use, but still powerful. I’ve slowly been modifying hand signs to fit with every other tradition.

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And now things get interesting. I remember those hand signs from energy work.

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Seriously? Awesome. The kuji-in are really versatile. Do you use it for anything outside energy work?

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To be honest with you, no. lol. I usually use the As Above So Below hand signs when meditating / evoking.

I mainly used Power and Harmony in energy manipulation though. As well as Creation. Creation is welcoming the flood in terms of manipulation.

Have you done any tapping work?

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If that was directed at me, yes. But I didn’t know it was called EFT. That’s just unblocking obstructions in your energy waves. Like frustration, doubt, etc.

I would do it with my chakras. I need to get back into using it

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It definitely works. I usually use binaural beats tbh with you. It takes longer but it’s much more efficient.

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Demon Report Update

I experimented with the hand signs just now. Paimon can now be both heard and sensed. All I did was hold the forth mudra while chanting the enn. No candle or incense. I’ll try to this with a few others from the goetia and see how it goes.

Paimon wants me to pour more effort into energy work. Might have been on hear listening in and confirming, may have orchestrated the meeting. Who knows.

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Chaos report

So far, I can only tell spirits apart on an individual level, and not by their taxonomy. Demonic energy doesn’t feel inherently different from angelic energy for example. So far how they’re catagoized feels arbitrary.

All the spirits I’ve worked with are respectful towards each other. They’re happy to share the same ritual space as long as it gets the work done.

I should also mention, my temple is filled with Qliphothic energy the majority of the time. This has not negatively impacted the other pantheons as far as I’m aware. Loki actually prefers the environment to be this way.

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"Demons" Across different Paradigms

So this one is a mix of lore and gnosis I got during and inbetween evocation sessions. I’ll get back to the more practical stuff once the solstice rituals are done.

I’ve established that the Archangels( or at least Michael and Raphael) are friendly with Lucifer. This may extended to all demons, but I haven’t confirmed yet. If you’re transitioning from LHP to RHP or vise versa, there’s your common thread to help get your feet wet.

If you work with the Greeks, Call Hecate, Hades, Cerberus, Hermes, or any being related to the underworld or who acted as a psychopomp. They can give you gnosis of the infernal kingdom, necromancy, or how to perform exorcisms.

In a ritual with Anubis, Azazel acted as if they knew each other fairly well. I haven’t looked too much farther into that one yet.

Buddhist and Hindu deities are the most interesting. There’s a concept called the “fierce deity”. This is like a split personality of the particular gods transform into when martial strength is required. The Buddhas or boddisatvas are depicted as turning into beasts with several arms and 3 eyes, adorned in skulls. These are not evil forms but rather darker aspects of the same thing.

In Hindu legends Shiva is said to travel with bands of demons. This has something to do with the idea that he’s becoming one with the all, so he’s inclusive of beings from all walks of life. Then there’s other associations like his third eye, the snake around his neck representing kundalini, and his title as “The destroyer”. His wife(or one of his wifes, its complicated) is Kali. In the occult she usually represents destruction to clear the way for creation. If you’re familiar with Tarot, I always compare her to the Tower card. In the hindu underworld, the demons who carry out punishments on mortal souls also punish themselves for the suffering they have to inflict. Even these guys are self aware and not entirely evil.

In following the pattern of Eastern religion being more nuanced, Taoism represents demons all over the moral alignment spectrum. Certain demons are represented as former deities that lost their status because of a shameful act(it’s a cool parallel with what Christians did with certain pagan gods). Some even make it their mission to hunt down evil humans, effectively making them vengeful angels.

The only place where I don’t have an understanding of the underworld is Norse, Celtic, and pretty much anything African. I’ll put a pin in that for later.


Solstice Evocations

Raphael: White candle and incense. Used a dagger to draw his sigil. It took longer than I expect to get him to show up because his energy is really subtle for some reason. Confirmed his presence with my pendulum. Have not heard his voice yet.

Bune: Finally got her to appear and heard her voice slightly. The trick was visualizing a fuck ton of green energy when I was casting the circle and charging her sigil. That one small detail made a world of difference.

Shiva: For this one, I just rubbed my prayer beads and chanted “om Namah Shivaya” I visualized a cobra staring at me inches away from my face.

The weird thing is, I could feel my chakras and meridians tingling and getting shocks. Either I did something special, or Shiva enhances the energy body of anyone who calls him. I haven’t found anyone I can trade notes with on him yet.

Chaos report

I’m getting close to the point of wrapping this experiment up. I have what I need and certain deities are calling me towards a pathworking that will apply what I’ve learned so far… I’ll make a few more posts to collect my thoughts and make some cohesive evocation guides for anyone that might need them.