First Meeting with an Archangel

I hadn’t tried to summon an angel because, IDK, I thought they’d be assholes for some reason. But I had Michael’s sigil laying around in case I wanted to give it a shot. Anyway, when I was summoning Lucifer, the flame of the candle kept moving to the left, even when there was no wind. After thinking about it, I realized it was pointing to the sigil on my bed. I moved the sigil to the other side of the room, now the flame keeps leaning right.

“I see where this is going. Ok”

Anyway, long story short, Michael was pretty chill. He taught me a training technique for seeing demons better which I thought was weird. But here’s a side note

My first name is Michael and I had a tattoo of my name in hebrew for unrelated reasons. He told me don’t bother with the sigil, just charge this and use it to call him if I need him.


Pretty sweet. The dude is super chill.

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Brilliant stuff! I’ve never used sigils for Archangels, always just called their name. Archangel Michael is a really awesome entity, who I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with!

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Michael is a really chill entity. Definitely would recommend.

Michael and Lucifer are very close. They often lead magicians to each other and to other angels and demons if they believe they’ll help you with improving your skills.

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