SO who here is affiliated with the FAM?

Uh, what’s the FAM?

Nevermind, I assume you’re referring to the Free and Accepted Masons.

No I’m not a Freemason but I am in the OTO which is a Masonic offshoot. I have alot of respect for Freemasonry and I’m intrigued with the esoteric aspects of it, but most of the lodges I’ve seen these days have very little to do with occult studies, and I just don’t see what it has to offer me personally that the OTO doesn’t already.

How do you find the OTO Armedmage?

I am not a freemason, but I am affiliated. A very close friend is a freemason and help out with some of the charity work and I attend their charity and Christmas functions. The vast majority of them are good men who just want to be apart of a brotherhood and help out their community.

My father and uncle are both Masons…

I’ve always been interested in them, the secret society/power aspect is what actually got me into magick. I kept reading about how all the worlds elite practice magick and thought if the most powerful people on the planet are doing this why would anyone not look into it? One thing led to another and here I am.

I’m not affiliated with the Masons, my fiancé’s father is one and if invited I will likely join due to my love of all things esoteric. I agree with the comment about the majority of Mason’s are just good guys looking for a brotherhood/enjoy the connections that come with said brotherhood. I believe many of the ones I’ve met don’t truly understand much of the symbolism involved in the order.

From what I understand, you don’t get asked to join because they’re not allowed to recruit members, you have to ask to join yourself. So if you want to join, just ask, they’ll welcome you to. I’m going to join because I enjoy making my community a better place and I too love all things esoteric. At least with an occult background we will excel in those esoteric fields.

I know people will bag me out here for wanting to join them because a lot of people here seem to dislike them so much, but I don’t care.

I’d always heard you had to be invited in. Hmmm, I don’t talk to my fiancé’s dad on that level so maybe I’ll just have to break down and talk with him about how it works.

I’ve been involved with them for about 3 years now and so far I have found it a very positive experience. Of course there are sometimes moments of drama and ego trips as there are in any group, but still I have learned alot from some very intelligent magicians in the order and my lodgemates are like my spiritual family. Despite being a secret society we’re actually a pretty diverse and grassroots bunch.

You will never be invited. You must voluntarily petition a lodge for membership. After that a committee will be assigned to interview you and they’ll do a criminal investigation. If that comes back clean, and you have friends that will vouch for your integrity, then its pretty much done.

2BE1ASK1, as the sticker says.

My Grandfather is very high up. I have an open invite. but I heard the organization is more corporate than occultist right now so I’m not that interested. If it I were part of my grandfathers generation I would definitely be in the FAM!

Well, I was always in the anti-mason aimed organisations…

…Fair enough. I think that’s what I enjoy about this forum, everyone has a different view and opinion. It helps one to look outside of their own bubble of perception.

There is a lodge that is strictly for working the craft. It is hard to find however.

What freemasons call the “craft”, is just your basic everyday freemasonry, no magick. I would look up the golden dawn or royal arch and go from there.

Hope this helps.

And we can still rationally discuss without flaming :slight_smile:
This forum is a very rare place

Lol, of course we can :slight_smile: Passion is a good thing, but it is important for a magician to be respectful, level headed and in control of their emotions. I know you hate freemasons, but I respect the level of maturity you have shown here and I thank you. You are right, anywhere else and this thread would have turned into a shit fight. I think that’s why I love this forum so much, I get to hear others experiences and views here that challenge my own (without the childish abuse), it helps me to develop and grow.

I am anti religious so we all have our own taste. But to Ryan thats not true per say Atlantis Lodge in the Grand Orient… they conduct ritual ie magick like we do based on Masonic Principals. I am a reg blue lodge guy never believed the stuff til I got in contact with them. I awaiting til my request is returned. As far as how Masonary ties into everything I am not sure. I know on there are alot of Masons. But I have to say I have never encountered anything that was well anything haha. Just pancake socials and reading to kids. My understanding is the Catholic church infiltrated it awhile back and made it more christian. I know this is contrary to what is said but I feel its the truth. The church trying to consolidate power getting rid of estoric traditions and the like. I have not heard any references to Lucifer either or anything like that… mostly just allegory to the bible… which has some virtues. But I need no Shepard for I am not a sheep nor a wolf nor a man so… Mostly I see it as charity and a networking thing perhaps my views will change once I get higher lol. The whole Templar thing is a good understanding for outsiders but the Templars didnt start Masonary its way older then that… IMO it stretches back to at least ancient Egypt prob before too. Maybe the system was high jacked sometime along the way. Women in Masonary is a good example of this. Amazon has a book about it but I have not read it.

True, true. Well being a freemason yourself you would know more than I. I believe they keep it relatively Christian until you get higher up and then it begins to get dark. I met a 33rd deg mason a month ago at a lodge meeting, the guy was so composed and in control of everything, he screamed of a master magician, I could really feel his dark energy, so… But as far as women in freemasonry, I was told that the grand lodge of whatever doesn’t recognise them as actual freemasons, just women pretending to be freemasons lol.