Married people problems

This may or may not be the rigt place for this, so if it isn’t, I have no problem being redirected. :smile:
There are a lot of posts about winning back or getting revenge on an ex, trying to get over an ex or getting someone to lust/love you. I am looking for something different. I recently had a disagreement with my husband. Taking stock of some things in our relationship, I realize there are things that I have told myself were not that big of a deal, but really are to me. I am absolutely tired of being the one to smooth things over, take the high road and lead by example. I feel starved for affection, attention and understanding. I want compliments, hugs, kisses, my hand to be held and an arm around me - none of which have to lead to sex. So, what’s something simple, quick and effective that will get me an apology and the physical affection I need?
Thanks everyone!

Try this: New and desperate as fuck - (Evoking Sallos)

It’s the least aggressively-manipulative and most respectful way to influence a person that I’m aware of.

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I hope this helps.

Mimi…maybe you need to just be who you want to be. None of us can exist in a relationship that’s completely lopsided! Don’t try to make him do things. Be who YOU want to be in the context YOU want. Don’t let any of his behavior distract you. Things will come together for you or simply fade away so you can get to the place you want.

If none of that happens, you’re in the wrong place, with the wrong person at the wrong time. I’m going to tell you that you’ll survive it and thrive as if it never happened.

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Real-world efforts should back up your magick whenever possible.

By all means, call Sallos, etc., but ask your husband to go to marriage counseling with you, too. He may not realize he’s not meeting your needs.

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