A Spell of Lovers Communication

Here is a simple spell for communication between you and a partner. This isn’t a love spell or one to bind anyone to you. It’s to open the path of communication and loosen the tongue. Because at times in relationships we hit blocks caused simply because it’s difficult to be open and talk, between both parties.


  • A pen or marker

  • tobacco

  • a small amount of hair from you and your partner

  • cigarette paper or something equally flammable

  • candle

The tobacco acts as an offering and the hair a link between the two of you.

What to do:

Light your candle and fold/roll up the tobacco and hair into the paper. Then write the name and/or the sigil of Astaroth on the paper.

Then a simple declaration of your desire as you burn the paper containing the hair and tobacco. Along the lines of…

"I call upon you, Astaroth. Known also as Astarte, Ishtar, and many other names. I ask you to loosen the tongues of myself and (partner’s name). Open the path between my lover and I so we may resolve what remains unspoken, so we may unite heart to heart. "

Leave the packet and the candle to burn as long as possible. And that is it. I came up with it on the fly and it worked wonders, so I hope it can help others too. Just remember, it’s not a love spell. So if you are having trouble that can’t be resolved you will be forced to face them, or it can shed light and enable you to sort them out.


what if you do not have or can not get hair or any link from your partner? would a picture work?

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In theory absolutely. Even just their full name. I created this spell because I had use for it, and being as I am married it was easy enough to pull hair from the hair brush to act as a strong sympathetic link. :slight_smile:

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