Marriage Pact With Lucifer?

Polyamory and Polygamy are completely different. I don’t stand behind the teachings of polygamy.


Polygamy works during times of war and when most males die in battle or battle related stuff. It is a way for the widow to be taken care of.

It is part of the reason why Solomon had so many wives and concubines he was financially responsible for but only had 1 legit bio kid.


Oh, Well I don’t remember typing that, I forget that I typed that so long ago.

Yes I did agree with this but in the Mormon faith there was also a call to stop it as well. What it turned into now especially with headlines type of stuff I don’t agree with.


A know a few polyamorous families and their dynamics are so unique and so beautiful.

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But polygamy does not specifiy gender.
Wikipedia says this:
Polygamy (from Late Greek πολυγαμία, polygamía , “state of marriage to many spouses”[1][2][3][4]) is the practice of marrying multiple spouses. When a man is married to more than one wife at the same time, sociologists call this polygyny. When a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.

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Yep the couples that I know are both sexes and may with both sexes. I was Mormon and for years people ask me how many CHILD wives and just wives my husband had. He wasn’t even in the picture and he wasn’t Mormon. It’s that what it is now in the dark areas of Religion I do not stand by. I also believe man and woman should both be able to have the same types of marriages. This teaching I speak over says on the man can and the women only belong to the man not each other too.

Yes, so long ago! Hard to keep track of all those wives you have but also want.

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America is not the whole planet.
Women still traditionally marry several husbands in some parts of Tibet, Nepal and China.

I agree.

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How are they different? , cause I didn’t know there were two different types. Also I thought I were getting the correct word, or meaning across. Because I desire a polymous relationship, or marriages, which is basely a harem

that’s not true

Firstly this is subjective gnosis and not just mine but many upstanding and knowledgeable/adept magicians agree. Secondly what isnt true, state it specifically and why it isn’t true and then i can rebuttal.

Even if we look at it objectively many many many witches and magicians have entered into spiritual marriages with the archetype and being known and referred to as Lucifer. Just like many more have had sexual encounters with that spirit, the fourth point is this.

Lucifer when looked at from the infernal aspect does have benevolent sides and malevolent sides, even lustful side’s as seen in luciferian, qliphothic and draconian systems. The occurence of genuine primal lust is more prevalent with these demonic beings, rather than actual genuine and pure love.

Arguing otherwise is a matter of your personal opinion and subjective gnosis, which is idiotic to argue with others subjective beliefs/UPG as every practitioner has their own subjective experience, with alternative multiple variables.


I don’t even know how to respond to this but okay … :sweat_smile:


In my personal experiences I feel that these beings do hold actual love. When I say love I mean a more protective, mine type love. But also it has its times when they legitimately comfort when the person is upset or have arguments. They do get jealous. They do get primal lust. But there is other sides to this as well. Depending on the individual, they may not take relationships like this seriously or they would to the point that they are your husband. To these beings that do take it seriously, just know they do very much take it seriously. However they do think differently then us. An example is, it’s common to have a one on one with your partner. Basically that it’s only you two. However to a good number they will take on multiple partners at a time. To them it’s normal. But no matter how many, if they are the serous type, just be ready to be in a contentment to that being.

This again is a personal experience and can be different from one person to another. While some may not see them as romantic or can “truly” love, others may experience the complete opposite. The real question is, to you, what is true love? If you go and ask 100 people you may just get as many different answers back.