Marriage Pact With Lucifer?

Hello, everyone!

I introduced myself about a year ago and mentioned the 2 individuals with whom I have a spiritual marriage with. My name is Mirama. This is my story.

I was only 14/15 when this happened. I had a dream that I was fighting 2 great dragons, and managed to defeat one of them. I believe I was either tired or wounded, so I headed to this dilapidated cottage within the dream I was having. The other dragon was circling around, looking through the holes of the cottage. I tried my best to avoid it’s gaze.

All of a sudden, everything went quiet- and a man with grey skin like a natural armor appeared before me radiating great power. He took me, and we ended up in this vortex through time and space. I managed to see myself in a great hall of golden light- marrying someone else. All though I do not know if this was an alternate timeline of reality that I was seeing. In the end, he took me to this dark place where we performed a hand fasting ceremony.

In the Bible, although I’m not a Christian any longer- it portrays Lucifer as “The Great Dragon” and all I want to know is- does Lucifer perform marriage ceremonies with humans? And if so; why?

Also, I was in a hospital earlier last year and there was this girl who told me that she thinks that Lucifer wants me as his bride. I didn’t tell her about my experiences at all; she just told me. That was a synchronicity.


I’ve heard something about this being a thing.


@rin Really? Could you tell me more about this? You see, I am a little shaken because I didn’t expect such a powerful entity to want something like that from me. What the girl in the hospital said brought back memories; and it triggered me to learn more about the occult, so I could speak with him freely.

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In the sacred history of the Catholic Church there are many Saints, most of them female, but one male, who have undergone a mystic marriage with Jesus the Christ. Some of these Saints are St. Catherine of Siena, St. Theresa of Avila,and St. John of the Cross. There are also a small collection of male Saints who had undergone a mystic marriage with the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Alan de la Roche is one.

In Native American Shamanism, it’s expected that Shamans would have spirit spouses whom helped them in their workings.


@ashtkerr Wow! Thank you so much, that helps a lot. Do you also know whether these spirit spouses interrupt your “real-life” romantic relationships?


Lucifer is a lot like lilith he doesn’t bask in love or marriage he has many wives and sex and lust to him is more important than love, just like the connection of Samael and Lilith.


I know that in the case of all of the mystic marriages in the Catholic Church, that each and every Saint that had it done were either Religious Saints (that means that they were apart of a Religious Order, and that means that they all had to take a vow of celibacy), or Virgin Saints (a Virgin Saint is a purely feminine role in the Church, and it refers to a woman who consecrates her virginity to the Lord). So, in the Catholic Church, such marriages were monogamous.

I can’t speak to Native American Shamanism however on this point.

@C.Kendall Well… Thank you! Do you know if there is any discernment in who exactly he marries, though? Or is it just anyone?

@ashtkerr thank you, that helps a lot. I appreciate your assistance in helping me understand better.

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Many different lores say his wives are powerful demons like Naamah and Lilith, Hecate etc.


@C.Kendall Okay, that sounds interesting. Do you know anyone personally who has been a bride of Lucifer?

Yea I remember reading somewhere that Lucifer has many brides. In fact haha I also remember seeing some kind of “illuminati conspiracy” video that the guy was saying Rihanna is now married to Lucifer. I think it’s just the same as soul pledging or something.

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@rin That sounds interesting. Soul pledging? But this was in my dreams, not in a waking state so how could I willingly do that? Isn’t consent a big prerequisite in magic? (Not counting extraordinary circumstances.)

You know it brother


A few of us on here are in relationships with spirits, from transactional things through to marriage. :+1:


@Lady_Eva Thank you! I still remember how kind you were to me when I first joined, Lady Eva. Our messages got deleted somehow but I still remember. You’re an incredible person.


Me right now :point_right: :blush:


Aw! You deserve it honey, you really are amazing :two_hearts:


GUYS! I just realized something.

If Lucifer and Satan are two separate entities; then Lucifer would be the golden hall and Satan would be the darkness.

I think this dream served 2 purposes. One, a genuine marriage with Lucifer/Satan. Two, a glimpse into my own role as “lightbearer” and my descent into darkness. I used to be VERY rhp; but due to having been literally killed and brought back (I’ll save that story for next time)- I’m gravitating towards the dark gods and goddesses.

If anyone can chime in on their thoughts; that would be great!


I also think that the hall and darkness represent Lucifer’s/Satan’s dual nature… 2 beings in one; I would say. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?