Mark of the Worm

This mark, if embedded into the right hand via burning coal, signifies Antichrist Stigmata, the badge of won who engages in RhP belief systems as a mole so as to ascertain certain vantage points to twist religious dogma from thee inside out.

Or you could go so far as to say laying waste to the won true God of Awl by piercing into the very fabric of what is considered JUST, and in so doing, justly succeeding the structure through which you traverse.

Basically, I’m undermining the most influential belief system on the planet.

The kicker is, Jesus is helping me do so.

Sounds like it hurt…

Not getting into the details, but, you wouldn’t want to mark a mole to identify them as a mole, would you? I don’t get why you’d give the game away like that.

The innocence of one who completely gives way to the most base Christian belief is what shrouds me while still being able to release Intel for diplomatic purposes.

It’s a radical way to infiltrate a belief system. It requires one to have a solid grasp on the self.

What kind if intel are you looking for? And how are you going to get access to it? Are you joining the clergy?

It’s more like tuning into the current and putting your own spin on it, or as I like to say, tweaking the current mechanic.

@Mulberry it’s not necessarily Intel, more like an advantageous point of view. Although there is an infinite plethora of gnostic revelation to draw from.