Mapacho and Ritual Tobacco Snuff

I ordered Kutukina Rapé from waking herbs in Europe recently and began taking it, very interesting and I actually have other blends to experiment with

Are any other members involved in plant medicine or have an interest in shamanism?


I have an interest in the poison path I’ve only just begun to investigate. My work with Samael highlighted that I was called to this path many years ago but it just didn’t register.

I have a ton to learn and I’m interested in it all right now. I’m making initial experiments with fairly tame things like wormwood and mugwort - common ingredients in witches flying ointments, also blue lotus, and next year I’ll be growing more entheogenic plants organically.

I’m working from the Pharmako Poeia/Gnosis/Dynamis and Veneficum primarily, and using shamanic techniques to journey to connect with the plant spirits and nature consciousnesses that I first used working with the Findhorn and Perelandra Project techniques for co-creative gardening a few years ago.


Ive worked with a lot of herbs (mainly for recreational and not magickal purposes). A lot of fun to be had there. Ill break down my whole list of herbs and plants and what I think can be done with them


Very cool!

I am also interested in those books!

I myself have to go in that direction, but at this moment I am only exploring from my own personal experience with Rapé and sun opener

Sun opener is great for visions

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Please list them!

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Generally ritual Tobacco snuff is made with Nicotina rustica. It is the most potent tobacco strain there is. As a heavy nicotine addict I can use it to just satisfy a craving, but your average person, or even a pack a day smoker, would need to careful sniffing this stuff. It will make the room spin. I have been ordering from these guys for years and they have a wonderful reputation in the snuff industry.


I use it and raise kundalini through chakras or simply sit for as long as I can with clearing my mind.

The hape snuff is made ritually by tribes and fused with sacred ash of different trees.

It is also painful and makes your nose run!

Re weed, I had several experience years ago when I hung out with smokers that nothing would happen for me, to the point that I just stopped partaking because it was just a waste.

I journeyed right there at a party one time to ask the Deva why, and he told me he “didn’t want to work with me that way”… I could do ritual work with him, but it wasn’t for me to be casual about it.

I didn’t know anyone using ritually and it was before I got into ceremonial magik so I just respected that and stopped smoking altogether since then.

That, I feel now, was basically my calling to follow the poison path. But I was oblivious.
Now I know what to do - evoke/invoke and see what he wants to talk about, and will get around to it at some point.

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