Manipulating energy for more/greater physical strength

So my last post was about Belial and some of the things that he has been teaching me.
One thing I had failed to mention was what he had shown me in regards to “working out” I suppose you could say. Belial had me begin working out as a way to improve my body in order to “host higher power”.

He says that the body mind and spirit must be balanced. He had given me the image of a paper bag (the body) trying to hold water (higher amounts of energy). It dissolves and gets holes. Which I completely understood because as I was progressing spiritually, the higher amounts of energy i was manifesting and holding within myself started to give me mini anxiety attacks.

And one of the reasons I felt I had so much energy was 1.) Because this was around the time a lot of forum members suggested I condense my aura, which did produce amazing results btw.
And 2.) Because Belial has been teaching me a certain type of “breathing”? I guess you could say? It consists really of pulling in the energy of the air around you into your body as you breathe.
It feels sort of like having embers in your core, and when you breathe… it’s like fanning it into flame and its absolutely an incredible feeling.
From there he taught me how to manipulate that energy and move it to different places in my body with the use of hand motions. I’ve never looked up tai chi but I imagine it would be similar?

After practicing these hand motions and taking in energy from the air around me for a good while, he moved things up to the next level. Which was using these hand motions and energy manipulation for physical strength.

It first started when I was running. He instructed me to do a certain hand motion. In my head, I thought it looked sort of dumb and I felt dumb doing it. But Belial has been big on obedience so I obeyed.

As I began, I felt my heart rate begin to slow… and my lungs felt like they could hold more oxygen. That was the first time I was able to run a mile and a half. Up until that point I had only been running a mile. Which may be nothing for some of you, but coming from someone like me who couldn’t even walk up stairs without doubling over, that was absolutely huge.

I live on a ranch with my mother and in the summer months we do a lot of tree trimming and cutting down of all the dead ones and taking them all to a burn pile.

Belial had showed me a new hand motion which entailed pulling energy up from the ground and through my body to my arms, shoulders, and back. And you would not believe… I was able to carry a log, across my shoulders, UPHILL, for a quarter mile. And I cant help but be completely amazed and I’ll give you an image of why.
I worked as a hostess for a couple of years, and we had an outdoor patio where customers could sit if they wanted to. So I would take them through the restaurant and out the double doors to a patio table. But a lot of the time I couldn’t even get the doors open all the way. I could open it enough to barely fit myself through. And on a few occasions I would even get stuck in the doorway. It would close on me and the customers would laugh and have to open it back up.
I know…Completely Pathetic! So you can imagine my shock when I was able to pull off this log carrying thing.
I was thinking maybe one day if I rack up the nerve, I’d make a video showing you said hand motions.

Side Effect: I have gone almost 3 weeks without eating and I feel absolutely nothing. No lethargy, hunger, nauseausness, nothing. In fact I didn’t notice I wasnt eating until my mother and her cousin cornered me about it. I’m keeping a close eye on this to see where it sort of goes.
But I am almost 100% certain it has to do with what I am learning from King Belial. It’s almost as if the energy I have been taking in has been sustaining my body as well. Strangely enough, I haven’t noticed any changes to my weight… I’m not even sure how that’s possible.
It’s starting to make me think that maybe, just maybe, the whole “breatharianism” thing isnt complete bs after all? But we’ll see. I’ll check back in with ya’ll about this.


That breathing technique is very similar to what is taught in Hermetics. You can use it with different elements to get different effects. Very interesting stuff.

Interesting. I’ll have to look into that.

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Yay for energy working, I know exactly what you’re talking about. A qigong energy cultivation technique. :slight_smile: I think there’s a pranic breathing practice that parallels it too.

As a runner, I found you can also breathe the energy in while running direct it to your legs and you can run further, faster with less tiredness.

I have a feeling I lose less weight if I do a lot of qi cultivation when I fast, but I haven’t been rigorous with my experiments to be certain. I’m planning a longer fast soon that would lose me about 16lb if I don’t work out - I will do a lot of qi cultivation and see if I can reduce that to say, 10lb. I think that would satisfy me that it’s real. I saw one breatharian was in the news for dying of starvation, but my qigong teachers were quite certain it was theoretically possible. I imagine you might end up like a tortoise - being slow and spending 80% of your time ‘eating’ unless you get very fast and efficient at cultivating. On the flip side, it also means if you do a lot of cultivation, you probably want to eat less or work out more to maintain the same weight.

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I love finding parallels to things I’m taught it’s awesome. But at the same time not so much because everyone already knows about them :joy:

And about the weight loss thing, yea I really do not feel or look like I’ve lost much, which I find truly interesting considering going 2 weeks with nothing but an apple and some water. I’m sure if I was looking to lose weight i could but healthwise I’m pretty good for my height and age. Not over or under.
Let me know what you find in your experiment. I need to go get a lil scale to keep track and do some experimenting of my own as well.
When you do a lot of qi cultivation do you find it hard to eat? I tried eating just a little while ago when I went out with my mother. I was just really not hungry so I didn’t eat much of it, but took a few bites for the sake of socializing.

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Holy shit…
I just did a mini rite to increase my physical strength and then i see this :laughing:
The Syncronicity XD


Oh I forgot - silly of me, since I’d been think about it before this came up.

You can get taller too. I have a history of having my height checked because of medical issues that stunt height, so I knew how tall I was, and that I stopped growing at 18. I used qi intention combined with working with the White Brotherhood medical assistance program (a project that grew out of the work at Perelandra). I put a few nights of work into it over some months, felt like it was working but lost interest. Talk about a slow, boring process.
The next time (but that year) I told a nurse how tall I was, she eyed me up and down, looked quizzical and said, let’s just check shall we?, measured my height, and said, nope, you’re 3/4 inch taller than that. Then she actually laughed at me for not knowing how tall I was. If she hadn’t had such an eye for detail I wouldn’t have known. Gotta do that again sometime.