Manifesting techniques

This looks interesting. From a Quantum Physics perspective, this makes sense. Everything is energy. It reminds me Sigil magic where the intention is put into the energy symbol in this case it is put into the water. .Have you tried anything like this water trick for manifestation?


Water is a well known gate for manifestation. The other two are fire and blood.


Strange as it may seem I frequently use quartz crystals to assist me in speedy manifestation.

You really have to feel your way to the right piece of quartz. Some are manifesters, some assist with spirit communication, some heal and regenerate.

I’d recommend going to your local rock show. They usually have them once or twice a year in most areas.

You can find excellent deals on stones there. You’ll need to feel your way to the right stone. Trust your intuition.

Avoid smokey quartz if you are a beginner.

Thank you for that, how do you choose to use blood in manifestation