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I am new to Magick I have been following this forums from time to time and following EA koetting also from time to time becaus I study IT in College and don’t have enough time to practice magick nor space and tools in order to that also however, I have seen recently lots of videos about Law of attraction and I know its fake because its just half of one law of the 7 hermetic principles and I have learned this from the book of kybalion and three initiates and talks about the 7 hermetic principles my question is I have see people talk about that they manifester 1 million dollar in 1 month from a Digital product that talks about how to manifest money and its get rich quick scheme I am not gonna mention the name here because admin would remove my post anyway is that true? can I manifest 1 million dollar in 1 month and if true how to do it or get started or what books do you recommend me to read and learn more about the subject? because I am about to graduate and start working for 20 years in a field of IT or something and it has good money to be honest but I want more I want a lifestyle of a millionaire and live my life to the fullest and make money while sleeping on autopilot not sitting 20 years as a programmer or web designer to make money that sound exhausting and very tiring and on the other hand I see others do simple marketing stuff and earn millions of dollars on autopilot while sleeping

Please consider breaking up your posts with whitespace in future? … that wall of text is very hard to read.

Logically, it doesn’t follow that because you feel something is incomplete - after only a cursory study - that it must be ‘fake’. There are people here it works just fine for, maybe you haven’t studied it completely enough? It’s generally best to avoid assumptive statements when it’s pretty clear you don’t ‘know’ anything about it.

Yes, this is a scam. Obviously. Why is that even a question?

Yes, putting libelous content on this forum that could get the owners in legal trouble would be a great way to get your post removed.

No, probably not. Magik works by changing the world around you, but it doesn’t create out of thin air, not at this level. So unless you have a source close to you already that can be activated - e.g. a parent about to die so you get the inheritance/life insurance, this isn’t likely.
Please see the Money category for more questions and answers like this.

Again, use the search bar and read the answers before - this is brought up all the time. Go to amazon and type Money Magik. Demons of Magick has something like this. Get something and just try, that’s how you learn.

You’re planning to retire in your mid-forties? Good on you.

Well, here’s the crux of your problem right here. You won’t get anything in life if you’re not motivated. not in career and not in magik - maybe you want to examine if you picked the right career and start using magik to find one that actually works. If IT is your chosen career, ideally you’d get good and be promoted out of junior development quite fast, but you need some experience to know where you want to go anyway.

Here’s a mantra for you:
“Success comes from the work I am driven to do” – EA Koetting

Shit doesn’t come for nothing, you have to put serious work in somewhere, so find where you CAN do that, asap.

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Thank you for your time to answer my questions and next time I will make sure to have space between texts. I will be doing some research about money magick and demon magick thanks again for the tip about the law of attraction I have tried before many techniques of manifestation some famous ones and didnt achieve results started doing some research and found out about subconscious mind and that the secret the movie talked about changing your mind thoughts but didn’t talk about which mind and also then I learned about the 7 hermetic principles and that the law of attraction only half of one of those principles which is law of vibration. thats why I said its fake but if you apply all 7 hermetic laws and understand them you will be able to create reality easily and start manifesting things thats what I learned also.