Mandrake root charm experiment

Hey everyone, I am about to get my hands on some real mandrake root and root powder.

Here is my plan.

Blood/Moon blood plus amethyst plus crystals plus Saturn oil (i use patchouli oil) plus a black gem stone plus some of my nails in a small charm bottle with some mandrake root to make a cool Charm to wear around my disguised as a jewel.

The Mandrake root (its the real deal and its a male root) will go into a nice jar of Spirits with nice gemstones like amethysts and moonstones.

Will totally share my experiment results with everyone.I am thinking of using the seal of Azazel too on the bottle as it is a sign of Saturn (in a way) too!

p.s. I am open to any magical ideas x and tips


Great! I want to hear your experiences with this! I really really really want to work with one, in old world witchcraft they were used for protection.

you could work with the root itself and use it as a protection charm too, if you noticed the mandrake root (also called the mandragora) looks like a man, arms head leg and all and it’s said that it shrieks when you pull it from the ground (cue in the appropriate time and moon phase for harvest that has totally skipped my mind for now)

It can be used to house servitors or the plants deva itself can be worked with

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Yes, that’s what I wish to do exactly, I would like the large root to Act as my familiar in my workings.My great- grandmother used to say that the mandrake root can never be considered a dead or less intelligent being.She used to talk to her root and even feed it stuff.Something we never understood though :slight_smile:

It all makes sense now, she was always at the top of her witch game!

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Picatrix has loads of medieval concoctions for making charm’s.


Please send me some nice links for Mandrake root x

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The book was stolen, its on Amazon but I’m sure one could find a pdf online, its about using plants and animal body parts especially exotic, , its a famous alchemy spell book , in the uncut version it even tells you how to use human bodies stolen from graves, dark dangerous magic but an interesting study


Oh dear, ‘dead bodies’? You just got my full attention now.How can we get this awesome book!

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Mandrake roots were just about my first love as far as magick/craft/occult goes. When I read about the Mandragora plant as a kid I became entranced by the Alrune and its history.
In 1998 when I had to move I turned my Mandragora plant into a Alrune.

I grow several of the species at home and use the root in my work on a regular basis.

Adding photo of my good old mandragora root that I wear during rituals and craft work.
It still have a faint scent too. After all these years.