Malevolent entities/astral parasites

Hi everyone,

I hope that somebody may be able to offer some advice.
I have been meditating for years, though it’s only in the last couple of months that I have been learning more ritual work, and have been wanting to put my visualisation and intent to use.
I was having visions and some clairaudience anyway, but in the last couple of weeks, it has been growing at quite a rate.

I had a terribly disconcerting night last night. I have seen various entities, both light beings and negative in the past, however it seems that I am attracting very malevolent demonic types, and imps at this time.
Yesterday, I did my usual personal cleansing/grounding ritual, and listened to some good ambient music. It felt great and uplifting… But then as I settled down for the evening later, I was bombarded with these harsh beings.
They were trying to harm me, and make me afraid. It was happening right throughout the night.
I saw a demon with a bulls head. At one point, somebody indicated to a small group of lesser imps, and informed me that I could control them if I wished. There was symbolism, grotesque things.
I have seen ‘hell’ type dimensions before, but seeing into them, and being attacked are two different things.

I was turning all night, and today I have woken up feeling rather drained. I can feel the ‘stickiness’ of malevolence on my aura right now. I will do all I can to cleanse it.
I am not usually a fearful/anxious type when having experience.

Please, does anybody have any advice? I have seen dark entities before, but it’s the fact that they are actively trying to hurt me that I find alarming.
The fact is, I was drawn to learning about them. I have time for all facets of the spiritual journey. I believe in the integration of the light and the dark. Is this happening because I have been learning more about the left hand path recently?
Has anybody else experienced this?

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@FractalMimi Oh my. Where do I even start.[quote=“FractalMimi, post:1, topic:17604”]
I have seen various entities, both light beings and negative in the past, however it seems that I am attracting very malevolent demonic types, and imps at this time.
First problem. You are associating “malevolent” with “demonic”, and drawing a weird dichotomy between “light” and “negative” Big mistake.[quote=“FractalMimi, post:1, topic:17604”]
I have seen ‘hell’ type dimensions before, but seeing into them, and being attacked are two different things.
Again, I hope you realise that a lot of these “hell” type dimensions are actually good places.[quote=“FractalMimi, post:1, topic:17604”]
I have seen dark entities before, but it’s the fact that they are actively trying to hurt me that I find alarming.
Enough! Dark entities are NOT evil. Do not draw that parallel.[quote=“FractalMimi, post:1, topic:17604”]
Is this happening because I have been learning more about the left hand path recently?
Well… It’s complicated. Power, spiritual power to be more exact, can attract parasitic entities. The only reason why working with the LHP per say (as opposed to magick in general) would increase the risk of attack though is if you are still clinging onto the light while working with beings that hate the light, or are approaching these entities in a prejudiced or disrespectful way. The latter seems to be a large problem for you given the content of your post. Get it through your head right now that darkness is in NO WAY related to evil.

If you continue to straddle both the light and the dark I cannot help. Their are plenty of other people on the forum who can though. If you are willing to turn entirely to darkness though I am more than willing to assist.

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No, I never mentioned ‘evil’. I don’t use that concept. I did not say that darkness equated evil.
I understand what you are saying, however I only used the words ‘light’ and ‘dark’ as they were the helpful descriptors to explain what I meant. I don’t see things as being polarised so easily at all.
I believe in experiencing spiritual truths as a whole. There is much to learn.

I have no problem with darker dimensions - Again, ‘hell’ was a description that I found to be helpful in this post. I am very intrigued by many beings and entities - My ONLY issue is when they are harming me unprovoked. I do not ‘cling’ to the light at all. I am adaptable as my spiritual journey develops, and I feel that this is important. I don’t believe that one size fits all.

I was only asking for advice, and wanting to hear of others experiences. Thanks for replying.

If it is something latching onto you, and they are not entities you worked with or called to you, a proper full banishing should work. If that fails, you could get some holy water (The Catholic is very powerful usually) and essentially burn them off by anointing yourself and spreading it around your home.

If you did work with them or call them to you, then you’re shit outta luck, because you’ll have to fulfill whatever deals you have with them or give them what they want.


I could try to send over some beings to help. They hate angels though. If you work with them, then I don’t think I want to get involved.

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Thankyou for your help and advice. I will definitely step up my psychic protection further. I take full responsibility now for what has been happening.
What you said is right - I did not work with them, and did not call them. They only wanted to cause me harm. That is the defining characteristic of this scenario.

To re-iterate here once more, I have respect for all beings. If I disliked demons, I would not be on BALG.

Thank you Storm, though I would not wish to offend the beings that you are familiar with, especially being that I do not have a relationship with them. Not that I am working with angels at present.

@FractalMimi If you ever need help just PM.


Thank you.

  • just wanted to add one thing to the thread clearly. When I mentioned the words ‘malevolent’ and ‘demon/darker beings’ in the same sentence, I did not mean that demons are malevolent.
    I simply meant that the beings/demons/imps of last night were wholly malevolent. Really need that to be understood.
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Yes, I know the type. Some beings are only out to harm you. They can be forced to serve though if one is capable enough.


Yes I wondered about that… I wondered why they said that I could control/use the imps, and yet they were being so damn horrid.
Thinking of it now, it seems almost comical. It wasn’t funny at the time though!

I have seen the imps before, I am not afraid of them. They seem to just like playing tricks and playing with fear tactics. Naughty scamps!

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There are means to control them. Essentially the idea is that some minor demons serve demon (or non demon) lords/ladies, and that these lesser demons can be controlled through invocations of the demon lords/ladies or by having these lords/ladies bestow you with their authority. It’s pretty straightforward I would say.


This is very intriguing. I got a sense of the hierarchy that you speak of. I look forward to learning more about it all, with responsibility.

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Same thing happened to me when I was meditating a lot. Started waking to see shadow people standing there, or worse, a malevolent presence in the top corner I couldn’t see. Hardcore meditation seems to attract attention.


Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve seen the shadow beings once or twice when coming out of meditation. Though they were eery, I actually felt no real malice.
I always generally go by how I feel with them y’know? You can feel the intent/vibrations.

Same, never felt any malice from them. More of a deer in the headlight vibe. I took a swing at one once, and it almost fell on it’s ass. They’re more afraid of me than I am of them. But those corner things, they just exude malevolence.


Its an after effect of raising energy, the basic way this was described to me was in the context of what happens with the LBRP. But it applys to almost anything that empowers the practitioner. When your do this work you “light up” the astral and things take notice. With parasites its like the dinner bell to mosquitoes.
But some basic cleansing and banishing rituals are ussally enough to get it through to these things to fuck off or you’ll be sorry.


Wow, that is a surprising image, that it would be possible to knock one over. I would never have imagined that to be possible. The corner being sounds like a creep.

Yes, I most certainly heed your warning. This is not a game.
I had started using the LBRP a few months back, and found it to be effective, however now that I am endeavouring to learn through more of a left hand path focus, I’m not sure it seems fitting any more.
For example, in the case of cleansing, if one is wishing to do shadow work or work/learn with demons/darker beings, it is not fitting to cleanse with white light. Fire seems to be a much more fitting tool.

Do you have any favourite cleansing and banishing techniques which you find effective as a left hand path practitioner?

It has been helpful of you all to share your thoughts and experience with me. It was helpful just for me to be able to share with like minds.
I am home now, and it’s past midnight here in the UK. Let it be known, I’m not letting it happen again!

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:thinking: hmm atm i cant think of anything specific since most of my current work has been with BmoA so the majority of the ritual and meditation work i do is in the contect of this current. Which involves a constant flow of energie that build up on the temple through ritual and the alter itself. So banishing in general isnt a normal thing for me at this time.

Now having said that i still do candle and sigil rituals to clear out the toxic crap in my life 2-4 times a year. As regular maintenance only now it is using the lamps of fate instead of the methods i did before. This way i dont end up scattering all the energies raised through me and my alter.

Clearing out all energy and specific energies is a matter of intent mostly. If you use incense and candles in the ritual having components that are aligned with just that goal and not going back to a blank slate energy wise is plenty manageable. If you have been doing the Lbrp you should be able to do a basic cleansing through intent alone.

The main purposes for that ritual from my understanding and experience is to raise your energetic vibration by calling the energies of your divine self (which as a result lights up the astral and attract attention like fireworks) and to build up a stronger energy flow in the aura which is what the circle of fire in the ritual represents. So your cleansing the area with YOUR energy, your protected by YOUR energy. this is part of what isnt included in alot of books that include the LBRP.

Now if your looking for a simple way to clean the slate completely, a mix sage and sandlewood throughout the dwelling with windows open is pretty good for getting rid of most energetic pests and clearing old energy out. But it HAS to have somewhere else to go hence the open windows. This uses air and fire into the mix.

You can also make your own “holy water” which is basically using the elements of water and earth through salt+water and charging it with energy having the intent of cleansing. Then throw a spritz in every corner. This cleanses the area with YOUR energies.

The combo of these 2 together results in all 4 elements being used and acts like a combo energy bug bomb and deep cleaning.