Making your own runes

So I have heard it’s best to make your own runes rather than buy them. What is the best approach to doing this and have any of you done it before? Not looking for a step by step but more general advice.


It doesn’t matter at all, imo, but it depends what you’re trying to do and your end goal.

If you’re doing a rune pathworking, getting to know every rune by living each one in turn and using it to deep dive into yourself for understanding of your inner being through studying every nuance of meaning in the rune, then I’d say go whole hog and make your own as part of the full immersive experience.

If you’re just using the rune set for divination, there’s not that much to be gained from the effort, (unless you’re a crafter and would enjoy the crafting process), and in that case you might just as well enjoy a gorgeous set made with onyx or amethyst or bloodstones or something.

I don’t think connection you make to the runic symbology is going to be hampered in any way because you bought it. If this was the case there’s be no point buying tarot decks, and there are thousands of those. Consecrate it and do the inner work, that’s what matters. Then use your set, you will build a connection to the spirit of the set from an animistic perspective either way.


This is what I used. I made them from our Christmas tree.


They look beautiful and have a real rustic feel too them.

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Thanks. Norfolk Pine (the “Charlie Brown”, as they call them). Went through a lot of single-use lancets, so if you ever blood them like I did, don’t use the safety ones that can’t be used again. Better to get the reloadable ones and use them for, say, the next ten minutes or so before tossing it for a fresh one.


I made some from epoxy resin. It’s pretty easy to use- just combine the parts and pour into a mold (I got my rune mold on Amazon for not that much).
I also added herbs related to divination or improving psychic abilities- acacia, bay, elderberries, lavender, rose, some others but that part’s not necessary

The runes are easier to see with a little bit of dye, which is also optional


Right now I’m carving Crystals using Diamond tipped Drills on a Dremel and it seems to work pretty good for getting shapes into stone or shaping stones. I just made a tiny Quartz Pillar i shaped with a piece of quartz i found out of the river and have been considering adding Runes to it and wearing it as a Necklace for protection.


Totally awesome job those runes are so beautiful and with style. Excellent Work!!!

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Thank you so much!!:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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