Making contact

Hello everyone, I’m new to many aspects of magick and spirit communication and was hoping someone would be willing to answer a few questions. When it comes to getting to know a specific spirit/demon/god etc, what is the best way to go about introducing yourself and making future contact easier? Would calling one up to chat and get a feel for that energy be insulting or considered a waste of time? And lastly, should this be done in a circle with shields and wards? Or would sitting on the couch and meditating on their name or sigil be just as effective?


Try starting with this:

Hard to answer questions in general (which would need a whole shelf-full of books to even begin) without knowing what your actual goals are, by which I mean, not “contact spirits” but what material, tangible things you want to change using magick. :thinking:

If you didn’t read this thread already, please do! :thumbsup:


I will definitely check that out. I was interested in a guide/mentor to walk with me towards ascension. I don’t know if that helps to narrow down my question? Thank you for your help.


Yes, if you choose the right spirit, getting a mentor spirit was always the original “first initiation” in magick, I’ll send you a tutorial for a different method you may want to try as well. :thumbsup:


Thank you so much, this is all very much appreciated!