Making A Pact

When making a pact can you make one pact with two different demons for the same thing?

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Sure, to help increase success or bolster results. Don’t forget, however, that some do not mix. Violently so.

Does Bune and Clauneck work together?

There should be no need to make the same pact with several entities. Every demon, angel, god , demigod is extraordinarily powerful; it would be a disservice and an insult imo to make several pacts with the several entities

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I didn’t mean to make the same pact to different demons. What I was talking about is making one pact and writing down two demons name’s in the same pact.

If you’re able to evoke, why not write the pact. Call upon the demons and simply ask them. Asking us isnt going to give you the best answer. Asking them directly is the best way in my opinion


And if you are not able to evoke, and communicate with the evoked, perhaps wait a bit on making the pact. I mean I would be pissed if some random person I never talked to, handed me a contract they made and expected me to sign it.