Making a pact for Vampirism

I want to make a pact with either Tiamat or Lilith for vampiric knowledge and power. Who should I make a pact with?
Thank you

Tiamat has nothing to do with “vampirism.” She is a primal serpent of chaos.

Technically, Lilith has nothing to do with vampirism either, but thanks to her mythological connection to succubi (in her original Judaic lore, she was said to feed on the nocturnal emissions of men) some occultists have somehow made that leap, so I would go with her.


Do you know of any other deities that might be able to help me?

There are many different entities that various occultists have shoe horned into the role of “vampire” over the years, whether or not their original mythology actually fits it, so take your pick.

Some examples:

Vlad Dracula

The Greek Lamia

The Sumerian demon Lamashtu

Empusa, daughter of the goddess Hecate

The Irish Lhiannan Shee

The Hebrew Alukah (thought by some scholars to be associated with Lilith).

If you’re interested in this field, why not pick up a copy of BALG’s book on vampiric magick, Draugadrottinn?

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Ive seen Kali Ma associated with Vampires but im unsure if that is a correct association .

You know you can just learn energy working?

Taking energy from other humans is easy and a tiny subset of what you can with energy manipulation. An art like qigong or yoga can teach you how to fix problems with your energy that so called vampirism has no clue about and can’t give you the tools for, and frequency causes because it’s based in fiction with no foundation on the whys and wherefores. Why limit yourself? Go to the source not the derivative fantasy.

Tiamat, along with Absu and Kingu, are literally the creators of vampyrism. I would totally go to Tiamat for vampyric empowerment.

Here’s a ritual I wrote in order to ask Tiamat for vampiric empowerment with the aid of Kingu and Absu.

Itiorone akhkharuu ultimavee (6x)

Alatonaren Iportaka Rerhuna Rerhuna (vibrate these words)

Salve Tiamat, O Genetrix Wamphyri
Ave Apason, Regem et Draconis
Kingu Gloria– Aperiatur Khaos
Venire Tiamat– Veni Kingu et Absu
Germinet Azoth et Veneficium
Agios Absu Concennitor Khaos
Voco te Venefica– Invoco Kingu!

Feed me your prana!

Hail Tiamat!
Hail Kingu!
Hail Absu!




Not according to her actual mythology. :joy:

Tiamat, in her battle with the younger gods, created eleven monsters, Kusarriku, Kullulu, Umu dabrutu, Gurtablullu, Uridimmu, Ugalla, Lahmu, Mushussa, Musmahhu, Basmu, Usumgallu, all of which were described as serpent-beast hybrids.

The only reference to Tiamat having anything to do with vampirism that I can find through a Google search, that isn’t a role-playing game, is a line from the book Beginning Luciferian Magick, by Michael Ford, which calls her a “vampire goddess.”

The whole connection is a spurious one, created by modern occultists.

It’s fine, really. I have a dragon idol dedicated to her and she has bestowed a few vampyric rituals to me. If you’d like, summon her and have a chat about it. You might be surprised about her enormous vampyric powers

Energy Magick of the Vampyre: Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation: Webb, Don: 9781644111321: Books The Infernal Vampire Handbook: 9798655784536: Thorne, D.H.: Books

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