Makeup of a vampire soul

In my experience, without giving too much away, my soul was transformed to that of a vampire’s by a higher being.

You don’t have to believe me.

But I am wondering how the soul changes, and in your experience and knowledge, how that manifests physically and any changes that one has to make in their life.

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If this happened, you may have broken your ability to draw energy from normal sources like food, sleep, sunlight and the cosmos, and can only get energy of humans. If you do not, you will get sick and die.

There are no special abilities or powers that come with such a thing. A human is already an incarnate higher being and you downgraded. You still have to do all the inner work to access your spiritual abilities, which are now reduced to those of an earthbound lesser entity.

If you are lucky, the way humans are so disconnected from their higher self the damage won’t manifest very quickly and you can offset it with Qigong energy cultivation.


No, that’s not so. I have not broken my ability to draw energy from normal sources. I still eat and drink regular food and non-alcoholic drinks, and definitely still need sleep.

I don’t believe I “downgraded.” Of this I am sure.
I know I still have to work on my spiritual abilities.

Thank you for your reply.

Then congratulations you are not a vampire.

As that’s exactly what a vampire is. It’s a lesser entity parasite unable to feel from normal sources. No higher being is dependent on other beings to exist.

Bear in mind, all humans can take energy from any source, this is not special or clever.

This is called “UPG”. You’re entitled to believe what you will, I have given you my opinion as a qigong practitioner for 30 years that understands roughly how human qi works in that model,and who worked with both real and poser vampires at vampire dedicated forums like vampirefreaks and DDD back in the day.

The current fad for vampirism is dumb and only going to hurt people imo. Time will tell. Fuck around and find out.