Make Your Voice Heard On E.A.'s Complete Works

I’ve had an absolutely overwhelming amount of people plead with us to release the books that constitute the Complete Works as a series of eBooks, so they can read E.A.'s collection, too.

That being said, we clearly stated that we’d never reprint his books ever again.

(Technically, this does leave open the loophole of releasing them as digital books, since it doesn’t involve reprinting physical tomes.)

The most important thing to E.A. and I, is to honor our commitments to YOU first. So this is why we want to know your thoughts.

Do we make them available and accessible for everyone to read in digital format, and satisfy their hunger for magick knowledge?

Or, do we restrict them to a scarce amount in physical form, and let those people starve?

Vote now. If you like the idea, maybe we’ll do it. If not, we definitely won’t.

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I don’t mind, I bought my copy for the knowledge inside and the convenience of an all in one copy in an attractive package. The aspect of it would be the last time ever printed didn’t play too heavily for me, the complete works was a bargain for the books received vs the price of individual books.

I’d rather E.A. get paid for his work rather than people just downloading them for free. As long as the Complete Works tome is not reproduced in the same style/layout as the one originally offered I’m cool with it. I would like to keep the one’s already printed as a rare edition if nothing else.

I’m sorry guys, I just don’t agree with them being released as eBooks. The reason is because those of us who paid for the Complete Works didn’t have the option of buying them as eBooks at the time. And I don’t really think its fair considering (I assume) that they will cost much less.

If they are sold for the same price as the physical copies, fair enough.

What concerns me about an eBook is that it will be heavily pirated, just like the Divination course is showing up on torrents. I suppose it’s unavoidable. If you were to go that route I would, like Seeker suggested, still keep the price high. Maybe not as much as the physical copy but not a drastic price change either.

I’m all for more people having access to those writings, but honestly it would be disheartening to see E.A.'s work spread across a ton of file sharing and P2P sites.

Perhaps by using a personal watermark on each PDF, it would at least deter most people from sharing their copy.

Can a curse be put on an eBook like S. Connolly has done on her physical books? :wink:

I’m going to say make the ebook because I’m tired of lugging that massive Grimore around everywhere lol

Even if they release ebooks of the Complete Works, they wont have bound spirits to it and power. But anyway, i dont agree with ebooks in this case for more than one reason.

But yes, the ebooks have their positive points.

In life, we all have to make sacrifices to get what we want. There was ample notice provided in regards to the closing date. So the question is and was…How bad do you/did you want this knowledge? Personally, I understand struggle and hardship 100%. I also like to be fair. I feel it would be fair to release the Complete Works as an ebook, as long as those of us who purchased the physical copy get it for free as it was never supposed to be an option. That is a very equitable offer from a business perspective. If people still have an issue with this regarding the money spent then they can sell their copy without consequence which was part of the terms of the original purchase. Also, just to keep those who are still a bit annoyed with the thought of an ebook release, keep the price the same as the physical copy of the Complete Works. It is still much less than anyone would pay to acquire the collection piece by piece…

I SAY YES! make the e-book!!! please and thank you <3 <3. Hi Timothy!!!

AAND i dont agree with you people telling Timothy or E.A. how to price the! stop being cock blockers and let them price it how they want to! a physical hard cover huge 900 page silver lined copy is so not the same as an ebook online. you all got what you paid for!!

Amy Madison, I apologize if I come across as rude, but I am having a horrid week and am in quite a vile, and homicidal mood at the moment. Cock blocking? Are you serious? I had to pawn my deceased father’s rings to free up money to get the physical copy of the book. Then pay that $$$ back plus interest to get them back. So, quite frankly I feel like saying FUCK everyone that has an excuse as to why they could not get it. People know how to hustle to get what they need in life, and if they can’t oh well…It is survival of the fittest…Eat or be eaten…I could have been a royal bitch and voted that way, yet, I did not due to understanding hard times, and my personal code of ethics…Also, when it comes to running a BUSINESS, you need to keep the customers satisfied…I know there are going to be a lot of people who actually made sacrifices to get the physical copy that could have been avoided had the other pending option been one…Therefore, it would pacify people who may not be as “open minded” as the rest of us, and not sever ties for their future business endeavors. Think about it, if you had a business, would you want to lose the customers who paid top dollar on a deadline, vs. those with excuses or just shit luck who may not be financially able to pay for future releases?

Agreed, anyone who felt jipped by buying the CW as a physical tome because individual e-books wern’t available should easily be able to get what they paid for it PLUS now have the e-books for free (or included in the price of the physical tome however you want to look at it). As long as your not trying to triple or more what you paid you can easily be reimbursed which is fair.

I do agree with Nancy that e-books are a far cry from a high quality talismanic grimoire. I think a fair price per e-book would be $30-$40 range. If you combine all the works in price it would still be cheaper than the physical tome which would compensate for the crafting, and spirit binding of the CW.

That being said, what about the OAA material? Should this be left to those who supported E.A. and bought the book without having a clue to the fit/finish of the book? Should it be made available under special conditions such as if one purchases all the e-books? Should it be made available to the masses as another e-book?

sweetheart i am sorry for your loss, but please dont tell me that story like if i am supposed to feel sorry that you pawned a ring for a book. that was your prerogative. and lucky you that u got the money from that ring alone to buy the book. i pawned a gold grill and got 40 dollars for it so what do u want me to tell you? you dont know my personal struggles or what i was going through in the fall that i couldnt afford to buy the book at the time. and im not going to discuss it here cuz nobody really cares if its not their own life. and keeping the customer satisfied? you all are satisfied with your books. you have your hard copies. and E.A. aint printing or publishing any more books ever again so his hands are clean. there are other customers out here waiting to be pleased who were not able to purchase the book. and if it really is a problem why dont you send the book back to E.A., get your montey…yes i said montey…and exchange it for the e book. shit it might be alot of people who would buy your copy if you did that! i know i would! and he wouldnt lose customers. its done! no more printed copies! now he has new customers for the e book to satisfy

I was speaking collectively, from multiple perspectives, primarily a business/marketing perspective…I am not selling my book, I am happy with the physical one, and not concerned with getting my money back…But, there will be a lot of people pissed off because of the fact that it was stated the works would not be released again…Also, paying the same price for the Complete Works as an ebook edition is more than fair in my opinion, due to the fact that there are no digital copies as a medium. Regardless of whether the knowledge is digital or on paper, there is a general price being paid for the knowledge…The medium is not relevant…As far as feeling sorry for me? No one asked anyone to…The point was I made a sacrifice, to get what I wanted…In the occult and life in general we have to do things, sometimes risky things, or painful things to get what we want…not knowing if the outcome will turn in our favor…As far as I am concerned EA is a grown man and can do whatever he wants…I did what I had to do to get what I wanted…His finances are really none of my concern, and regardless of my sentiments on whatever is decided, if there is knowledge I need, I will get it…Unlike some other people…I am a go with the flow type of person in many ways…So, if I was to feel jilted, which I wouldn’t, I would still buy future publications, etc…Not everyone is like that, so I stated what I thought was fair to all involved…

I am happy for people to have the ebooks, its not really going to affect my universe adversely and if the BALG project can turn a few dollars more then hopefully we will see faster materialisation of its forthcoming works.

I am happy to have the complete works in physical version, I am very pro-ebooks but when I sit in my circle surrounded by candles having a real book sitting next to me makes it complete. Trying to do the same with an ipad is balls

In terms of piracy… again, that’s going to happen. People pirated his books by scanning them, so even if you don’t make the ebook, it’s going to be perhaps another 6 months tops before they are looping around somewhere. And as for being a jilted customer… really? Get the fuck outta here with that, sounds like a petty mindset to have when trying to address this work. If it is so valuable to you, why the hell do you care how someone else get’s it?

As a producer, I wouldn’t care too much if folks felt jilted because the exclusivity is gone, because quite frankly, that’s a lame attitude. If we are looking to achieve our own Godhood, that mentality would have to go, at least it is a mentality I would throw away immediately. Millions of people know math, and yet math is as important regardless of who has it. Someone is going to ebook it, that much is for certain, so might as well be the first and make money of waiting for someone to pirate it and have to go around cleaning it up without making a dime

Just to clarify. Its not that I don’t want other people to have the knowledge of how Magick works. I want everyone to have this knowledge, which is why I am a part of the Become A Living God movement.

However, I do stand by my previous post.

This isn’t to say that I think eBooks are a bad idea. On the contrary, eBooks could be released on a number of amazing subjects by you guys. But this as an eBook? It just doesn’t seem right to me.

As an aside, how many people who voted actually own the book?

I say ‘yes’. Definately. There are many who didn’t come to this site before after it was too late, and there will be many more to come to this site still who will have missed out on this book. And since BALG is also about changing the whole world, then it seems to me to work against that goal to make the information difficult or nearly impossible to get. So I vote ‘yes’! And it’s a good gesture to allow the costumers of The Complete Works to get the ebooks for free. I think that is very nice of you.

But what about the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis work? Will you publish that as ebook aswell?

Definitely release them digitally.

First of all, they already exist in digital format - it would be nice if there was an official, high-quality digital format out there. This could also be a revenue generator for EA, getting a few bucks back to offset all the illegitimate electronic copies out there.

I own the Complete Works, and I’d be super-stoked to own a digital copy as well. Especially if it were available in pdf and ereader friendly formats.

If any of you feel gypped that you bought a physical copy - SELL IT. The fact that there are digital copies out there doesn’t diminish the value of the physical grimmoire you own. And if you don’t want it, there are a number of people who were too poor or learned about it too late to get one, I’m sure they’ll be glad to take yours.

This is knowledge, and in the digital age, it is already out there in circulation. Wouldn’t you rather have official digital copies that are high-quality, that EA has actually made some money on? I know I would. I know it feels neat to think you’re in an exclusive club with exclusive knowledge - but that’s an illusion anyway. Death to the occult!


if i had it on ebook format, then i’d be reading it on my galaxy tab, while waiting in line… sitting somewhere in public… texting someone in the meanwhile…

but the day i got in in the mail, i opened it inside my temple. and it will leave that room only in a tight box. so i’m reading it only there, with candle light.

i’m happy that i got onto the board on time. and it’s a good feeling to own that tome.
and i’m sorry for the people who didn’t get it.

this is one of those questions like gay marriage children adoption

all options are equally non-statisfying

i just feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to release those books in ebook format.

and having CW “once in a lifetime” adds some punch to everything.

BUT we’re all lucky that EA’s young and inspired and fertile, so we can expect much more to gain from him as we all progress.

i’m down with Seeker on this. but if they go for releasing the eBook, i’d like some discount ^^

this tide we’re all experiencing cannot be stopped.


i just saw there’s a poll… man fuck this! redcircle god me hyped! hahahaha death to the occult!!

I didn’t vote, but here’s the thing. If we are going to be real, many of us, including myself, have copies of his books we did not pay for. In fact, I did not even hear about E.A. until close to the production of these books, so even if I had the bread for them, I couldn’t buy them. I want to pay for the books, because they are worth paying for, but at this moment I can’t do it even if I tried. And I want to pay E.A., the guy who actually produced it, rather than someone selling it on Ebay. I could honestly care less about having the physical copy, as that has no significance to me, and unless I invite a spirit to do work with me, I’d rather not have them floating around my property.

If there is to be no more books in print, this is the only way for folks who actually want to buy the stuff to actually buy it. It doesn’t prevent anyone from actually getting them, aside from OAA material and some of the special edition stuff. It may mean something for those who feel the physical copy is important, but like Attis said, what about those who didn’t even come around until the Complete Works came around? 10 years from now, what about those guys? “Sorry, you were born at the wrong time, no books for you?” Sounds at least a little goofy.

Limiting them can only really damage the purpose of release in the first place, and most certainly folks will wait until that eventual pirate release does come out (not including myself. This way you get the jump on it. It’s only once in a lifetime until someone pirates the work anyway, so what happens then? It’s gonna happen, that much is certain, so I’m not sure why anyone would care about something that will not exist (the exclusivity of it, that is). As soon as it is released, the exclusivity is compromised, so I mean… C’MON!!