Make someone gay

Hi I know a guy who is not tolerant to gay people he want them to die and treat them bad so I want to give him a lesson I need a spell to make him gay if someone can cast the spell that would be nice too
Sorry for my bad English

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You can call on Belial and ask for his assistance, but depending on the other person’s intolerance and how deep it goes it might not work or it might lessen his intolerance but not make him experience gay feelings.


Please use the search function. There are multiple threads available on changing someone’s sexuality.

However, you should be aware that making the target gay will NOT necessarily change his views on gay people. Self hatred is a real psychological condition, and there are many closeted homosexuals that hate other homosexuals.


Making someone gay, wouldn’t it be easier just to send an incubus?


Nice idea how can I do that

So you view homosexuality as a punishment? :thinking:


No of course but because he hate them and want to kill them it will be nice if see the world in their eyes so he know they are humans too

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Personally I wouldn’t go down the route of making them gay…
The problem with someones psychology is it runs deep and changing just one part of it doesn’t normally have the ripple affect that we want.

Try working on his hatred and his empathy towards others, unpick what lays at the root of all his hatred,

Send him on a journey of self-discovery, if you like you can make him to feel the pain he has caused others, if that’s more your thing.


Does anyone know how to send an incubus to him

And what will that achieve?

Maybe he changes his mind

How to make him feel the pain

Why do you care? Are you yourself gay?

No but some of my friends

Ah, that explains it.

Do you have an advice or do you know how to send him an incubus

I do, but I have chosen not to help you.

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Sharing is caring, Sinister.

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People care too much.


Why? You don’t want to help me