Make her interested in me again

Any god or demon sigil to manipulate her again and never lose her interest ?

The short answer is no…

The long answer is noooooooooo.

According to my long and painful experience, Demons can’t overwrite a person’s will!

Actually,zepar and gremory made her fall in love with me over her will for a short time,now I want to make her interested on me like it was.I am sure there is a solution for that🙄

It’s easy to get someone to lust/love u if there’s no history… but once other things come into play and love turns to hate/resentment then the answer is a big fat no

No there was no problems between us :expressionless:

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Then try gremory/zepar once again!!

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I was just reading the E.A. section in the forum and on jul 10 there is a post titled “A love spell that inflames lust in anyone.” It is an article that explains how to do it and that it can also be used to get your partner interested in You again. Perhaps this will help you.

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The issue is once their true will reasserts itself if they had no interest or developed any on their own gears are gonna grind.

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For anyone who prefers a link…

Thanks for doing that! How do you post a link to a post? Do you copy and paste from the address bar like a regular link or is there a special button to post it in another conversation?

I am ethically neutral on these sort of things. I have seen many correspondences, that the moon hour is good for reconciliation, I would consider that first before always resorting to something forceful. But sometimes you need to do what you need to do and I make no judgements