Magickal workings, Journal of the Warrior


Had a talk with Lucifer

He smiled at me to show me he was there

I asked him what should I do to properly evoke him, he showed me an image of a boxer boxing, basically telling me to keep fighting.

I asked him if it’s enough with the enn, he showed me the image of a sorcerer dressed with a hood and a black Cape, basically saying I need to envelop myself in dark energy through the enn.

I think I ended it here by thanking him and telling him I will always love him, I told him I’d wait for a response if he wishes to respond, if not it was ok.

He responded by showing me the image of a ice castle and a tiger, but the tiger is where I was sure, it was his way of telling me he’d be with me, defending me

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Thought about keeping this private, but I had to write it here to remember



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Spoke with Michael tonight

He showed up made out of fire from what I saw

But important is his messages

He showed me a long table where he and my other guides were seated, trying to tell me that they’re all here for me

I asked him how do I reach the Absolute Reality/Spirit

I got an image of many rays of light all reaching the same point, they formed a triangle or pyramid.
If that message is correct, it meant all my guides can lead me to the Absolute Reality, and maybe that they’re all part of the absolute Reality

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Asked Michael if he’ll protect me tonight, saw a sword raised upwards towards the sky, with clouds behind it, I took it as a message saying I need to protect myself, but I’m unsure if that was the message


How did the vision he give make you feel?


I was given the ok by Michael to write this.

I asked Archangel Michael if my ex friend will pay for the wrong he committed against me.

He showed me a vision of a black tar lake with things and souls in it drowning.

I then saw the hand of my ex friend, he was drowning inside, then fire, huge fire came and surrounded the souls in the lake, burning them.

I think this was the lake of fire. So yes, my ex friend will pay greatly.

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I’d be careful with them. I’ve had many dealings with Lilith, she can be very manipulative. If you’re really interested in a path with Jesus, they won’t hang around long. Good luck to you!