Magickal Tattoos

Have you ever had experiences with magickal tattoos? Did you have one?
What’s the best method to create some personal protection/exaltation tattoos? And when/which part of the body is best suited to tattooing them? Should i follow intuition?
Any source for more in depth info/book?

While your waiting for new answers, a few people have talked about this here:

I know because I’m one of them :slight_smile: All my 3 tattoos are magical, all have symbolic meaning related to the intent of the magick.

Put them wherever you like. Consecrate them separately afterwards. :slight_smile:


To consacrate them is possible to use same methods for normal objects?

Yes, consecration, or enchanting is basically about magically setting the intention for use. Doesn’t matter if the design is on paper or your skin. It exists and so you can enchant it.

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I got one recently of Arachne.
I was told that the process of tattoo-ing itself is kind of like a blood offering (please correct me if I’m wrong- I heard so in a dream.)

I’d like something most personal as possible. Some personal sigil or runes combination.

You got those tattoos and then charged them with the accumulation of the elements? They serves as wards?

I followed intuition when I got Lady Lilith’s sigil tattooed, as well as from communicating with her about it.