Magick to help transgender people

This thread is sort of a mix between me looking for advice as well as a general discussion that may help any trans people.

Okay, so I’m trans and I’ve always wondered how I’d go about using Magick to A: Find a safe environment where transition is possible B: Become financially secure to transition and C: Spirits or spells that will bring down that long waiting list for hormones of like 4-5 years.

I’m relatively good with Magick, but I suck in strategically employing it. How would you guys suggest to go about doing something like this? And any Feminine or Masculine spirits you would suggest for helping gender dysphoria on both sides?

In deep meditation states, you can theoretically transform your gender:

  1. You start on the spiritual level. You focus on the opposite sex, the way of thinking and feeling ascribed to it. It may be stereotyped, but it is important to awaken the energies of the sexes that you want to have. If harmony arises in these currents, you can move on to the energetic level.
  2. On the energetic level you do the same, with the main nadi of the desired gender being central to you. It has to stand out from the other, but you have to get both of them to spiral around Sushumna - the main central nadi. It takes a union to reach the state of harmony from which you allow vibrations to expand in all directions that suit your gender.
  3. At the union of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna you reach your genome. There is a synchronization between energy and genetics / body. Your vibrations have to reach all cells in order to re-code the genes in the cell nucleus. Instead of shifting the vibrations to the foreground, you can also expand a field or a vat from the center, which floods all cells.
  4. Then the transformation occurs, but it takes a lot of practice.

Humans have their own morphogenetic fields in their L-fields.

The L fields are linked to our genes.

The morphogenetic fields are a connection of the L-fields to the karma and also the genes - the Akasha Chakra lies directly above the Sahasrara Chakra, it contains our karma, among other things - which is important for our transformation. It is said that the skin reflects the soul. The fact is that our genes determine how we are structured. What we are is written in karma. We take karma with us from our previous lives, but what we do in life changes karma. That means the genes have to be rewritten. This is called epigenetics. That is why one begins with a physical transformation on the spiritual level. You need codes that fit the new shape. They go through the subtle energy fields to the genes and make modifications in Akasha.

There are sharmans who can change their form. But that means years and years of training. It is part of their training. As far as I know, most of them are not driven by a compulsion - like the urge to be something else. You can act in peace.

That briefly pasted together.

If you are looking for the help of a demon, Androalphus might be able to help you. In terms of his character and his skills, he is a master of transformation. He can give you advice or help you transform. Because of its skills and rank, its price is high. In no case should you try to force him to do anything. Contacting us to explore it does not cost anything yet. Do it respectfully and he will make himself felt. Don’t be insecure, tell him what you want, whether in words or thoughts. Probably more in your mind. An evocation only takes place if you provide him with the necessary energy to awaken into our dimension. You can also travel to the astral plane and look for him. If you focus your mind, you will find it. Don’t be alarmed, he might be surrounded by other entities. Keep calm, you can feel who he is. He likes to transform, whereby you must be aware that you are dealing with patterns on the astral plane, not with objects like us. In short: you need practice in astral travel to find it on the astral plane. You need strength for an evocation and at least the ability to concentrate for an invocation. And important: you have to be ready to pay the price. Then he disappears quickly.

The price is energy.


Interesting and valuable information, thank you. As for the price in energy, regular blood offerings should be sufficient?


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agrat bat mahlat is so wonderful . Hecate too . both of them helped me come to terms with a few things that had become skeletons in my closet


Here’s the thread I created a few months back, ive essentially been living in ritual with President Marbas for months now, daily ritual, and its been going very well.