Magick to change a extremely strong mindset

Is it even possible to change someones mindset with magick like for example if someones a huge racist like kkk level racist could you use magic to change that person’s beliefs entirely

Yes, but it’s a lot of work. There’s an anecdote in Lyn Buchannan’s boo the 7th Sense, about remote influencing, which he doesn’t describe how to do, but I expect is super similar to Keteriya’s influence tutorial here. He worked on converting a political figure’s views, and that persons view changed. He worked it every day for six months straight, but he did it.


Yes. But whether you can or not remains to be seen. The answer is yes, it’s possible. The answer is also, it’s possible for some people.

I almost thought you were going to ask about doing mindset work on yourself. There is a reason so many people could use mindset coaches (including magicians).