Magick spell on own corset/heels to create sexual obsession

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and new to magic. This question might be a bit unusual, but it’s a serious one. I am an overal kinky guy and a cross dresser. At home I always where high heels, a corset, collar and cuffs, etc.
Is it possible to cast a spell on these items to make me more obsessed over them, feel attracted to them, even become ‘imprisoned’ to them? Perhaps it’s even possible to create a tulpa, or spiritual parasites, attached to these objects and bring them alive?

I remember hearing a story on a podcast about an excorcist who dealt with a BDSM dominatrix, who’s corset seemed to have a life of its own and had poltergeist phenomena attached to it. It sort of sounds cool.

Please let me know if this topic should be moved to another forum.

Thank you in advance for answering my question and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018 to everyone!


Oh it’s do able. I wore a collar when I was Azazels submissive. And it definitely has an attachment to it.

I never did magick on it per se but it was centerpiece of our relationship alot like wedding ring would be. And I wasn’t really aloud to do magick without it on for alot of the relationship so it does have magickal links.

I can be done. Focusingredients and dI renting you intent is the key.


@Eye_of_Ra, thank you very much for your reply. Can you please elaborate a bit more on ‘Focusingredients and dI renting’? I actually don’t know what that means. Thank you.


Haha!!! Sorry auto correct strikes again!! :joy::joy:

Focusing and directing intent is key!


I tnk s. Rob ebook. How to chant items be good to try. Its a amazon ebook

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@Eye_of_Ra, ah, that makes a bit more sense. :smile: Do you have a suggestion on what I should focus on? I mean, what is the result I’m after? Attracting an attachment or entity to the objects? Thank you.

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@zorrito, thank you. I could not find the title on Amazon. Can you please provide the full name of the author?

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Oo la la :joy:


I’m wondering if there is something similar I could do to elicit a Pavlovian response to a piece of jewellery I wear to attract another person?

I seem to recall that @Halastjarna created a fetish of some description from an origami but I am not clear on what she did to activate it to drive the individual ga ga over her. Her input would be valuable and appreciated if she has time to share?

Attaching parasitic entities to things and giving them license to overcome your free will and control your thoughts and emotions is not really wise in my opinion.

What are you really seeking here? I ask because there may be other, safer, less destructive ways to acquire it - for example a spirit lover who can induce states in your mind on the condition they end when you need to function “normally” in the everyday world.

Spirits can create severe obsessions and if given consent, and if they’ve gained control of your sex drive and sense of identity, you could end up being consumed by this to the point of destruction.

If that’s what you wish, that’s your choice to make obviously, but I felt it best to point out that possibility, since you describe having personal ambitions in your intro post. :thinking:


@Lady_Eva, thank you for your reply. Of course, I would like to go about it in a safe and responsible way and not run the risk of being destroyed. Having said that, as a guy into BDSM (as a sub) I also find the of being controlled and pushed extremely appealing. I guess I see it as a fun challenge. But I’m sure the fantasy is something entirely different than the reality.

Regarding the scenario of a spiritlover, would you suggest following succupedia’s letter method in such a spirit, or would you suggest a different way? I appreciate any advice you can give me.

I’m still curious though if it’s actually possible to attach entities to objects. Do they always have to be negative? And how does one go about that?

You mention that spirits can create severe obsessions if given consent. So, is there no way to give consent but set some boundaries at the same time?

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There is, but you will need to be aware of this need and not - no offence - caught up in a fantasy of non-consensual control that may actually turn out to be horrific, I mean if you’re familiar with BDSM you will understand that boundary as it exists between people, and not only are spirits no different, they are even LESS likely to understand (or, frankly, care - IF you give out heavy vibes of being willing to give up all control) than a human.

If you lay out cards saying “eat me” deep in the jungle, speckled with your own tasty blood, and the tigers show up, it’s too late to change your mind - also, spirits can hack your mind in subtle ways once given root control of your sex drive and other aspects and make you THINK you are enjoying the steady encroachments, so as with doing a really heavy BDSM scene, set the boundaries in a sober and separate state, so that you’re not trying to make wise decisions when your mind is flooded with all kinds of chemical and emotional changes.

I can’t really give you much advice on specifics, but I will recommened you read this post, though note that @succupedia’s views may (as I understood this reply on here) differ, so as with everything, take what seems sensible to you and discard the rest:


I might would suggest finding a spirit dominant then one that people have worked with and I know for being trust worthy

Like I said I was Azazels submissive andoes I trusted him completely. Like Eva said you don’t want to invite just anything to stick around.

I would research different types of spirits, demons ect…
Find one I resonate withe and then move forward. Then use your fEtisalat items as links for you and that spirit.
Like my collar was great for me and Azazel. :slight_smile:


@arriana: ‘fEtisalat items’? Is that another autocorrect thing? :slight_smile:

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Go home @arianna your drunk :joy::joy:
Yes auto correct has it in for me !!!

Use your fetish items as a link! :smiling_imp:


:thinking: it or the new years moonshine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its has a way to invoqe, chant, enchante items to any object. Item just look in Amazon. And read it

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I’m trying to work out why you need to be more obsessed with the objects than you are already.

What possible benefit would it have to you personally? I could understand it if you had a partner (assuming this is a solo activity) and you wanted them to be drawn to you wearing this particular outfit and finding it stimulating but I would have thought you would find it exciting in its own right?

I’m not questioning anything about your likes or dislikes or your personal sexual predilections I’m just wondering why you need to be obsessed with these things?

The only other thing I could suggest is possibly do a binding spell on the objects to you as if were to bind a lover to you? You’ll need to look it up how to do it, but it would be symbolic I guess of your love for these objects?

Hopefully you attain your desires and wishes for 2018.

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[quote=“Max, post:11, topic:21805”]
Regarding the scenario of a spiritlover, would you suggest following succupedia’s letter method in such a spirit, or would you suggest a different way? I appreciate any advice you can give me.[/quote]

You can try the Letter Method and it could get you exactly what you asked for. But the term of a “spirit lover” isn’t a pre-destined title. It’s the “final destination” and something for you to strive for to get there together with the spirit you called for. It basically means you have to work for it. And if it works, the love and the loyalty you can get from these kind of spirits is bound forever.

There’s several ways to set boundaries, but I haven’t done that with my spirits. It’s more about giving focus and attention as often as possible, and switch it off when interacting with others.

Consent, for some spirits, isn’t made momentarily, but more by consistency. And if the spirit is physically dependent and express themselves physically and emotionally, it means that they will do it as often as possible since the consent isn’t momentarilly asked for. Once you’re used to that, you will eventually learn to switch it on and off by focusing on the spirit. That way, you don’t limit the spirits the same way as setting boundaries beforehand. It is also a statement of power of your own will, if you learn it that way.


@HermesHorse, thanks for your kind message, advice and New Year Wishes. Your question is valid. Indeed, I’m already pretty obsessed with these objects. If you have these kinds of fetishes and urges it’s hard to explain it to others. I just thought it would be an interesting experiment if these ‘objects of desire’ would start having a life of their own and call out to me, even haunt me. But although I’m a pervert, I’m not an idiot. From Lady_Eva’s advice it’s clear I need to find a safe way of doing this.

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