Magick skills "activation"?

Is it possible for an advanced practitioner “activate” magical powers in a beginner? At the moment, I am interested in astral projection and lucid dreams. I’m wondering if someone else could help speed up the process, maybe throughout the astral plane itself.

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In the yogic traditions it’s known that advanced gurus can activate the kundalini and help disciples learn insights via energy transfer.

In the Western Occult if that kind of person exists I do not know of any or who they are, but in theory if someone sufficiently advanced was around they would be able to do the same.

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Just remember, though, that “activation” does not imply you do not have to continue your own development. A guru may activate the kundalini, but the student is still required to learn how to control it and bring it up the spine properly.

In qi gong, a teacher can give chi to the student as a way for them to learn how to feel it for themselves. However, the student will still have to work to build up the strength their own chi.

So even if someone gave you a jumpstart, it will not replace the work required to develop the skill.