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As someone who has practiced magick for 7 years I have overlooked the Topic of Magick Defense. How careless of me…!

Well I sometimes visualize it ball of light in my left hand to pour it on my head to dispel negativity, then with my right hand I visualize energy ball to pour it on myself with the intention to halt negative vibes from attacking me.

However I never thought about reflecting the negativity back to the sender, because I thought you had to know the sender in detail.

Now tell me if this is true or not. Also how do you reflect magickal attacks back to the sender?

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Look up “mirror shields” and shielding in general. So called because you visualise yourself in a bubble that is reflective on the outside like a mirror.

It’s a general defensive technique that is agnostic to the energy coming in or where it comes from.

There’s a popular tutorial for it in this post here:

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What do you mean by agnostic?

In this context, it means “not forming any conclusions as to effect of the subject in any direction”.

This is distinct from being indifferent. Scroll to the bottom for more examples of this usage of the word “agnostic”.

So, mirror shields do not need to be tailored to the type of energy that they are reflecting. They are not indifferent to them, they react equally well with all of them.


Hope that helps.

The spirit Asorega will reveal the identity of somebody who is working against you. Nogah and Hagrion will break the curse and neutralize the threat. You can look into an appropriate response after breaking the curse or neutralizing an attack. The path workings for these Spirits are in the book “Lucifer and the hidden Demons”

I’m not sure if these screen shots are permitted or if they will be legible, but will modify / clarify further if needed.

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I think small screenshots like this come under “fair use”, and you cited the book they came from as “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” so people can get the original if thy like, which is all we ask for. :slight_smile: :+1:

@DarkestAngel I believe the above answer was for you :smiley:

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