Magick Name

Recently I have been attempting to find my magickal name. This is something I deem worthy to know and to try to receive. I meditated and visualized my name coming to me. I received a few letters at a time. but the entire name was Arzthol. It sounds not native to english so i was wondering if there could be a cultural meaning behind the name.

Probably not. A name like that is a way to represent an energy signature using only longitudinal vibrations in the specific range that can be made and heard by a human. It might be in the daemonic language, but it’s more likely to be a caricature of the overall energy.

If you wanted something more past-lifey, I’d go at it the other way around - start with a past life regression and look for your name from that culture outwards.

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Thank you for the information. Nah i was just wondering because it sounded European. So with the name as a caricature of overall energy, what is these names worth to the mage. Or is it up to the mage to define the name? Still new to the names and stuff

A name is a label, a handle, a shortcut to evoke (no pun intended) into your mind the overall unmistakable quality and presence of the entity the name belongs to. You can define your own name and attach to it emotionally or get used to it over time if you want.

If you invoke your higher self it’s helpful to have a name to make the ritual more personal.

The flip side of names is they can be used as lenses that limit the being being labeled by them. By associating the name with certain attributes in your mind and then using that name, it can effectively bind the being into only those attributes. Which is handy when you want to work with those attributes, but can cause us to forget that things are not always what they seem.

An example is the being that is called via the names Lucifer vs Lucifuge, you will get two different entities by these name, yet they are of the same being, and yet again they are not.


Thank you so much for your knowledge!