Magick is real

Hello everyone. It has been long since I’ll posted. I’ve got something on mind to talk about.

I don’t know is this also happening in Europe and USA. A lot of crazy things are happening here in Africa and east Africa in specific. One month ago somebody stole pigs and they changed all his face to become a pig. Two weeks certain women had sex with someones husand they changed her starting from the wrist upto down with legs of a cow with even the a tail this happened in tz. Two days ago a certain neighbor of mind had sex with another man. Imagine even her husband has been warning her to stop doing that. She resisted that a lie. A man hired powerful witchcraft to cast a ritual the time they had sex again the got stuck together. Put them on the police van and taken to police straight up. Paid 5million ugx. 2m for the witchcraft man the 3m for himself.

Imagine with all this powers in Africa but we are still poorest instead of turning someone into pure gold. Where do this witcraft got this knowledge from?

Do such witchcraft exist there too? Waiting to hear from you.


Spirits, energies and magics are found in every corner of the world.
Every piece of land has its own native spirits ancestry and currents that run through it so to speak.
The trick is awakening to it, learning from it, and having the eyes to see it.
I’m sure you’ll find many people here from all over the world including Europe and America with a vast variety of experiences happenings.


Here this is what I was looking for

This will help you wonders :black_heart:

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Absolutely. But this secrets are hidden in plain slight not in my public in my guess. Or sometimes it’s magickians who becomes so powerful to makes things real to be effective.

I’ve been following Chris brown since my year 16. Is my favorite artist of all times. But he talks about “sold his soul to the devil” song yellow type . Another also fallen angels by Chris brown. All his videos is about worship demons.

All the big stars in hip hop industry sold there souls to devil because of there fame and riches. I know many might disagree here. But good thing those stars talk about it in there lyrics. The speak what they did

That doesn’t mean anything. There are also plenty of rap artists who sing about committing crimes, and “being gangsta” but who actually grew up in good homes and neighbourhoods, not the “ghetto.” They’re playing a role to sell records. It’s all part of showbiz.

Alice Cooper became infamous for biting the head of a chicken and drinking its blood, for example, but it never actually happened. It’s a myth cooked up by the media, that his managers told him to just go along with. It boosted his reputation as a shock rocker, but Alice Cooper is a Christian, and everything he does on stage is just part of the show. It’s theatricality, not reality.


Alot of pop stars KNOW they can get more publicity by doing so as well.
It comes with the energy.

To become a millionaire you have to think act talk and lie like one.

Aka they learned how to play the game, not by selling their souls but by getting views and publicity.

That’s true magic
They identified with their goal and thus began acting like it and embodying that vibration.


So, there’s no actually selling of souls? And practicing magick by those hip-hop stars? The just act? Is that what you mean?


Probably most. But think of the selling of the soul as less of a one time transaction and more of a everyday commitment to reach said goal.

I would say it is highly unlikely.

Well, many celebrities follow the Law of Attraction , which, when you break down its principles ,is basically watered down Hermeticism. They also follow other esoteric and metaphysical fads, like the New Age version of Kabbalah taught by Phillip Berg, that Madonna and other celebrities famously got into in the early 2000’s, that promised supernatural powers (they would wear red string on their wrist that was supposed to protect them from the evil eye, for example), and don’t forget that many movie stars were members of Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Many celebrities like to jump on the occult and spirituality bandwagon, but whether any of them actually practice seriously, is doubtful, To most, it is just another distraction , like buying a sports car or a yacht, but for others, it can be part of their search for meaning, like actress Fairuza Balk, of the movie The Craft , who has publicly stated that she is a practicing witch.


Well… look. I have never, ever, seen a transformation as you described above. (you’re talking about people transforming into pigs and cows, if I understand correctly)

But, I can assure you that the spirit world exists. I have felt this in my flesh. Their power is beyond this world! I even as baby, was able to communicate with someone and talk about things that were going to happen - but I lost this ability as growing up.

I don’t talk about magick with people from my family or even friends. I keep this a total secret. Most of them will think about mental illness when you talk about magick. So… :shushing_face:

I also saw that you’re talking about celebrities. How can someone really tell if the most famous ones, (eg Elon, Gates) have had a pact? How to know if someone is talking with the Goetia or Angels? You simply can’t. And that’s the power of Magick :slight_smile:

Also, as a former Christian I had a very very difficult time to unlearn all the BS they taught as for all our lives about demons. I say that a lot… in order to find the truth, you have to get through all of the lies!

And something to add regarding your question;

All of the spirits have long existed before humanity or even earth. Humans are not capable of understanding their power. We don’t know what universe is actually and how it formed, so how can we even answer on this?

“what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”


Wow. Exactly that’s my point. Much appreciated. Thanks for making it clear enoungh

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Wow. Exactly that’s my point. Much appreciated for making it clear enough. People keep this magick as diggest secret. So, it’s hard to know. But honestly what I know most people do practice magick and even sold there sold their souls to the devil. But you cant tell who’s that? Because it’s someone’s secret. Not advertising on radio

There is no thing as such selling a soul to the devil. Who is the devil after all?

They just manipulate energies and attract what the want. It’s like they’re hacking the matrix!


It doesn’t matter. Magick and how to do it is not secret, you don’t need to copy anyone else and it would work differently for you if you tried, because you are a different person.
I’m in the camp that “selling your soul” is bullshit. Anti ascension thinking like that just means you’ll most likely reincarnate again, as you didn’t get far enough into ascension to understand and take control of your memories.

Just keep learning… learn everything you can get your hands on.

THIS :point_up_2:

I would say, hold off on making too many hard and fast conclusions until you know more and you’re getting results because of the application of your knowledge… because, making your mind up, if it doesn’t lead to more questions, can put you in a comfort zone where you think you’re done and you stop learning and ascending.


People will scream at the irrationality of all of this and although I must confess I would need much “evidence” to fully accept it, just think about how fucking mental the “natural” world we take for granted is. Then, realise that all that you label “natural” is just a type of consciousness – where does that lead you? Of course, remember, consciousness is limitless and just as there are “absurd” miracles, there are absurd hoaxes – both. The critical thing is to realise that nothing is truly “solid” as we experience it and that it is an illusion of a habit of consciousness: authentically, and that can be incredibly hard at times (not impossible), change that habit and the condition (your experience of consciousness) must change.

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On top of that, a soul can’t be sold either.

However, the expression ‘to sell one’s soul’, despite being impossible if taken in a literal sense, probably refers to something real, such as a pact. You can’t sell your soul, but you can make pacts that can, in theory, be valid even after your physical death.

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The whole “selling your soul” thing came from the idea that some wealthy people became rich in exchange for their privacy, basically. Some celebrities can’t even go out for a walk without a bodyguard, unfortunately. So they effectively traded their life for money


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