Magick Gallery: poetry, prose, and lyrics


After the first minute of intro the singers just sound surreal and lovely in this. The harmonics just blow me away in the building they record at. Wish it was all outdoors but, nevertheless beautiful choir.

One more…



the demons are my paint the incense is my brush i paint within the matrix of the mind i am dormant and yet i am man ever living but not fully. for my full potential is not realized i am the peace of art the artist. i am the whole as i rhyme i sing as i sing i move and dance all is energy movement in me from me. i am the cause of that movement and it. i am complete.


i am gatherered i am swaying i am unblinking i am unswaying come before me come to me fear me i am unblockable you cannot avoid me. i am he who brings forth the great ancient fiery dragon who brings forth the destruction of your worlds the Phoenix dragon who rips apart the drapes of egsistence space and of this world the paintings. all men cower before the gods and they are slaves to the gods by their cowering. all men all these all such cover before Zeus and it is his that is the final hour and it will come to all those who seek judgement for they feed it by their expectation. do not feed this oh children of women do not feed this o children of your mothers rather let them feed you and feed yourselves by their breast milk and love them and be grateful grow strong as the gods for you are the grapes the fruit of dio ny zus the bountiful.there is a secret in these letters of his name yet you do not see or know it. one his half is his father another is the human and these two twofold parts make up the hermaphrodite god which he is he is he is needed for you. this represents man becoming this also by virtue of the invocation of the gods this is a must but choose the gods wisely. you see and hear and know our voice is one is voices is voiceless it this is miusic and it is sweet that this such is that which poetry is the very sweet nonphysical song the voice voices as one which you hear now . that internal that power force music is the epitome of all prose poetry and music and since all spiritually came to be it is the begging of all such things.


In my head, this sounds awesome with a Mike Shinoda vibe


That ending was intense


I enjoy the intensity and the drive in the end :ok_hand:


Not one for sharing working titles but initially I was attempting to make contact with Lucifer through
songwriting. Who and why these names came to my mind :man_shrugging:

If you want; you can hate me, if you want; you can break me.
Let rivers run wild, create me. Use me and diffuse me.
consecrate, embrace me.

Muireall, come forth from burial. You and Anariel X4

If you want; you can love me. If you want; you can build me.
Let embers burn, destroy me. From ashes, I will create me.
Just don’t fuck with me innately.

Muireall, come forth from burial. You and Anariel X4


Im not looking for someone to save me from myself.
The I, I own, is just looking for some help
Crucify the fuck-ing-man. Show me who-I-am.
Kill this fa-lla-cy. Seal the Le-ga-cy.
In fire of in-ti-macy, sincerely burn one-with-me

Muireall, come forth from burial. You and Anariel
Muireall, come forth from burial. You and Anariel
Muireall, come forth from burial. You and Anariel
Its time to grow, these seeds I sow.

Muireall, Muireall, Muireall, Muireall