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We have a doodle thread, an object sensing thread, a power sensing thread… Many such threads, all of which are fantastic and I love them for sure, but I suddenly felt like we could use a post where we can gather in awe at wonderful works of wordsmithery from masters and dabblers alike! Where do I lie on this spectrum? Idk idc lol I just like to have fun with words from time to time, but I digress…
Post your magickally melodious manuscripts of musical metrics here and give your fellow forum-frequenter’s fiction a feel and comment what you sense, if you are so inclined!


Two acrostics I made for chaos


Callously Watching And Cursing,
Hating All Who Breathe,
Angrily Begrudging,
Others Whom You Are Jealous Of,
Silently Suffering Alone.


Cool thread idea! Here’s something I wrote ages ago… pretty unnecessarily bombastic, but I still like the general idea.

The Left Hand Path

how sweet, how pure, and how true it is to be human: a being of flesh, bone, and spirit
we are localized patterns of emergent complexity marveling in our own magnificence
autonomous agents of self-awareness that have bootstrapped themselves up from mechanistic determinism
and intentionally unfettered their cold atoms in a blinding maelstrom of love and hatred
this feeling exploded from panpsychic interaction between microcosmic summation and macrocosmic experience

we have cast off the chains of primal instinct in favor of meta-rationality
liberally unshackled from the slavery of blind reaction to desire in the next evolutionary step
the birth pangs of a new collective consciousness seen in the individual transcendence of a few
yet the incarnation of the divine and unchanging into mortal flesh permits experience only at the price of death
a hard bargain of both a blessing and a curse united in the paradox of life

united in beings somewhere halfway between sublime angel and ape still crawling out of the primordial muck
able to recognize that not only do we experience the beauty of pleasure and the agony of pain
but that others do so as well and we are given the choice to alleviate so much needless suffering
when one has purveyed this vast expanse of fledgling divinity still trapped in material raiments
a new pinch-hitter in the age-old game between metaphysical forces transcended long before homo sapiens sapiens

the question invariably begs itself as to which path we should walk amidst the forest of possibility
a helping hand of compassion and empathy for no other reason than we can is sweet
but oh, how much sweeter is seizing life in the palm of your hand
and crushing it just because we can


A song I started writing:

The maw of the beast opens wide to swallow all opposition in its way

I will not fall

Break me once, shame on me
Break me twice and I’ll cremate ye
I may lose the battle, but I’m yet to lose a war

Go ahead, kick me down, break my spine
I’ll be back, just for spite

Knife to a gun fight? I’ll crush fear with the Gods’ might
And with the fires of Hell I’ll burn you alive

Though I’ve fallen in the past, I’ve learned to run on all fours
Wolf god
I’m here to devour you and yours


I’m glad this exists :slight_smile: I was about to create a new thread for sharing writing. It’s cool to see you were on it already @anon27714670

From tonight… in the flow…:

I have the power,
And the power holds me.
Doors I’ve opened up already
Bless me with their key.
I am the summit of the mountain
And the bottom of the sea,
And as I climb, I plummet
Observing every moment
I am the freshly planted seed.
I am the dead and dried-up tree.
For the first time seeing
Everything I have already seen.

  • Blake S.


Lyrics to a song I recently created entitled “Tarot”

Decipher Sweetly
My Prophecy
The cards tell a story
about what I need
So discreetly
They speak to me
Sending their warnings
and epiphinies

Symbols dancing
so entrancing
they’re whispering secrets
about what they mean
They’re so enchanting
mind expanding
the cards come to life
doors to divinity

They’re opening up my mind
and open wide my eyes
A portal that leads to truth
and death of every lie
I leave behind my body
to become fractal mind
I witness my soul leaving
to dwell in the divine

-Blake S.



Summer Storm

like a summer storm
rain that’s born from eyes
hypnotize the moment,
freeze frame lightning
static lifts to skies
feeling the tremulous notes
delight every follicle,
like a Summer storm.

kja all rights reserved


Something I was working on inspired by Lucifer.

"Approaching you with an air and sense of urgency…
“Sir, and\or lady, or those more non-binary,
I humbly beseech thee to listen, please hear my plea.
For there is a gift and a message that all may reap”

A known thing flew, with some flair, suspense crackles around me.
The stir, planned yet shady, brought forth a flame, dwindling.
A rumbling forms deeply, ears smitten just by hearing
The blare of a rift open. His visage is seen clearly.

And from the old lantern, bright light, like a phantom
Shines forth with a luminous warmth!
The flame, small and dim, grew as he came in
His mere presence coaxed all to transform!

Illuminating radiance, momentous in it’s brilliance
Infinitely flowing with source!
Opens the hearts of every mind, allowing once dim lamps to shine
As brightly as the everlasting torch!

So, come one, come all!
He’ll lift you, should you fall,
And restore you
So that you stand tall!
And he’ll fight at your side
Like he has all your life,
For without you
His world has no light."

  • Blake Satter (FellowLightbearer)

This part got me man. Bravo. :black_heart:


all the copounds have i set all the needs have i now met all ingredients i filled and not one of them was spilled and so i sang and so i danced under my masterful contenance of beaming stars and shining moons, i lack nothing i am he who swoons all. My aroma is stardust my clothing the starlight i come from dusk till twilight know me when the stars are out and shining for i am a being of the stars- Lucifer-Amaymon


Harmonious… <3 Perfectly balanced.

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thank you. that he is.

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Yaayy!! I love this idea! I’ll dig something up from my journal real quick hold up!



Eaxactly the vision that was painted in my mind when I read your words… Beautiful.

yep exactly the foto i saw just after writing it

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The Love of Winter
Rose, your color fades from red to gray,
The sun no longer reflected from your face.
But I know you still live yet.
Your rosey cheeks, flowing rivers from where you lay.
Collects in pools, filling the empty space.
And to your last, you still sang the lovely quartet.
Of love and hate, sickness and grace.
That shrieking sound, that pierced the night.
In the morning the sun did freeze at the sight.

But you will will be remembered yet.
Painting the sky with the color of your lips, in the evening when the sun does set.

I stole into your bed and wrapped my hand around your neck.
You shivered and curved the small of your back.
So fragile and sweet,
You gave your life to me.
The warmth of youth in your skin, unsuspecting, innocence, of the dangers within.
You make me feel the warmth of day.
So pure, you made winter long for summer’s ray.
And with one quick cut of my steel blade, we’re frozen in time and with me, you will stay,
That your face may never know time’s decay.

And when comes the spring and we must depart,
The seeds of our love will rise from the dirt.
Twisted and gnarled, with their mother’s face.
The Earth will remember your sweet grace.


Don’t think demonic King shiver like that, nor are they ’ so fragile '. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Neither are there wishes
Nor desire to prove
Just trying to be still
With all memories removed.

Strange world I am in
With no word to say
Thought I was the Predator
In truth I am the prey.

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