Magick & fitness journal

Lol. Yes I failed the military but why not just get big for the fun of it. I decided I’d make a separate journal where I’d talk about mixing fitness with magick. And I’d give my results (not shirtless photos don’t worry lol). Of trying different fitness routines as well as mixing it with different magick methods.

I thought doing I guess sort of like experiments would be fun. And cool cause I’d be getting big. Lol

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I been wanting to try this for quite a while.

Spiritual help:
Asmodeus for the gym and strength
Belial or someone else for motivation

Mundane help:

Whey protein
A good diet
D-bal max supplement (not a illegal steroid, but I’d say legally it’s pretty damn close)

I’ll work out 3 times a week and see what happens. Combining magick and fitness :rofl:

Decided to throw a reply cause it’s something I’ve been doing too. I got pretty insane progress in a short timeframe by mixing a solid workout schedule (5-6 days a week), good diet, whey, creatine and magick. For magick I worked with Leraje to increase physical strength and endurance, with Marbas to speed up recovery and maximise gains and I did some simple magick using my own forces for boosted results and motivation.

Also been working with Belial lately for different things and I think he might have helped with motivation too.


So this i feel is related to fitness since it’s in relations to muscles. While I was sleeping tonight I had a CHARLIE HORSE IN MY CALVE MUSCLE AND THAT CRAP WOKE ME UP SO FAST. perhaps I’m dehydrated. But anyway, my treatment was repeating the CIA code 11515 in my head over and over again and like not even a minute later it stops. It’s still sore now but at least I can get a proper sleep now lol.

You might need more potassium and magnesium.

Like sodium, you need these for your nerves work right and they get sweat and peed out as well.


Take pin pollen of Canada or Himalaya with Maca, it boost your libido
And pin pollen contains a few of testosteron in it

It the reverse of eating Soy everyday, and we know that soy contains a lot of oestrogen…
It need to be taken at least 2 or 3 month, and it’s not as cheap as Maca