Magick directed for self-transformation?

So I understand that the purpose of alchemy is to break down and dissolve the self to afterwards be rebuilt and purified into something much better. As I continue my practice with pathworkings, invocations and evocations, I always figured that the alchemical process would coincide simultaneously while performing magick that could be unrelated to self transformation.

Plainly put, how do you go about self transformative magick? Such as ridding yourself of anxieties? Or overcoming passiveness? Or becoming more confident? Or becoming a better lover and more compassionate? I guess you could call it magick to change your own personality.

I am trying to build a strong relationship with Belial as I have felt strongly pulled by him. I feel that he is a very strong willed demon, very masculine and martial but also with the lawlessness and antinomian side. Essentially a strong Will all around. And this is what I currently seek.

What do you guys think?


This isn’t magic, but these helped me tremendously:

I didn’t get these things as a direct impact of magic, but as I experienced things with magic and met people from the path early on I gained confidence in my abilities in other areas.

I’m in the process of using some mastery candle magic to try and improve my career skills, which inevitably for me boosts confidence.

Probably TMI, but I have a bit of dysfunction from lack of desire (the act is a bit transactional), and I’ve been able to use hoodoo oils, foot washes, and candle magic to up my desire.

I found, too, that confidence and ability in the bedroom are related, though I guess that could depend on the person. This was at least the case for me.