Magick and Psychosis

So I’m coming off of meth…again…but this time something happened on a whole different scale than any other time before. I’m really not sure if this is a whole new legitimate spiritual perception or if it’s a mental illness triggered by the drugs. I am also aware that there’s a plethora of different things that could have happened while under the influence to shape my experience of reality due to how open I was. So with that being said…is it safe to engage in spiritual practices or should I focus on therapy and meds and mundane activities until I am stable again?


Yes, you should.


We generally recommend laying off the magick until you’re on solid ground.

Otherwise it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not, which is hard enough when you’re only worried it’s your imagination and not chemical imbalances, and some magick can inadvertently trigger episodes that really mess up your life.
We had a guy on here this year who reported doing magick gave him not one but 3 psychotic episodes, and we had to ban him, as that’s a line crossed this forum not only can’t help with, just his being here was risky for him.

My general rule of thumb is, if you can keep the rest of your life in order, the boring bits like your laundry is done, your place is clean, the kids are fed and in school on time (pets, yourself, whatever), your bills are paid and you’re taking care of your physical needs well, then I call that “high functioning” and you’ve got room to let yourself experiment without risking loss of that control. If you wobble a bit you’ll be able to see it, dial it back and get back on track.

Bottom line: don’t do it, get on an even keel first and then experiment cautiously. But by all means continue healthful practices like yoga, qigong and build your skills that way, but don’t let any entities play silly buggers with you.


What @Mulberry said I 100% agree with. Something I can add extra, is that the demon Buer is very good to work with when dealing with addictions. Perhaps He can help you through this, so you can eventually focus more clearly on your spiritual practices. This said however, I don’t really know much about Him, so you will have to do some reading and research. Maybe start with setting up an alter just for Him, together with offerings of food, drinks, flowers & crystals he would like (read up what He enjoys). And then I would also suggest printing/drawing His sigil and tracing it in your blood (it connects you closer to any Demon, but it’s not necessary or compulsory. At the end of the day you should do what feels right to you). If you do the sigil, place that on the alter too, together with a mantra/prayer and give these offerings everyday, as well as asking and thanking Buer everyday. Also, ALWAYS remember to treat any and all Demons with respect, and don’t just expect Them to just help you or do all the work for you, you need to do your part too.

Lastly, you can maybe consider some self love “rituals”, as you need to now focus more on yourself and your overall health and wellbeing. Cleanse yourself and your space regularly, take salt and herbal baths (or showers if you don’t have a bath or prefer showering. You can simply put the salt and herbs in small organza drawstring bags and hang it underneath the shower head). Remember to first take a regular bath/shower, rinse all the soap, and then take the salt and herbal bath/shower. The purpose is to cleanse your auras, energies ect. and not do your daily bathing during all of this. As you take these cleansing baths/showers focus all your energy on healing your mind, body & soul. You can also light a candle before-hand and even anoint it if you’d like, and then put your intentions into the candle before the bath/shower. Keep it lit while you do the ritual.

Good luck on your road to recovery and spiritual practices.
Dark blessings.


Thank you all for taking time to give me your insights and advice :pray: I’m hesitant to work with any spirits especially demons right now…the psychosis kinda steered me in a different direction from the LHP. I just wanted to post inquiries here because this community tends to have a more scientific friendly outlook than some others. I will focus on physical exercise, mindfulness meditation, binaural beats, and basic aura cleansing exercises. I’ve recently gotten into contact with an old mentor I trust and I contacted an old therapist as well as set up appointments to see a nurse and a psychiatrist I know and respect. I’m sure my psychosis adventures won’t be over with so easily so I look forward to gaining more insights from you all in the future. I cannot emphasize how grateful I am to be able to share my experiences here and get some sound suggestions


Most of my pshycotic episodes came from working with judeo Christian Godnames, but besides that I feel like there is deep spiritual insanity in human DNA anyway that is purged, however in my case I become the doctor for my own episodes, I’ve learned to become the observer of what’s going on, instead of becoming the episode itself, which requires a magician to operate beyond the mental body and seeing things more from the spiritual body…

I see it all as frequency, if you observe it and nurture it instead of becoming it, you will set it free and no longer hold it hostage through addictions and material bondages or other forms of bypassing shadow work

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My one and only episode came from not having proper boundaries with Astaroth. It was a “get your insane ex back and cure him of his insanity” love spell, that was ill-conceived.

This isn’t to say that you better have this ring specifically, or if you “step outside the circle”: she will bite your head off, but in principle the danger is there.

In retrospect, I should have taken the warnings in the lesser key more seriously. Astaroth tries to get you to go outside of your normal limits. She is very good at talking people into things they should not do, because that is one of her skills that she will be more than happy to demonstrate on you.

She is a goddess of love and war and all of that, but don’t trust anyone who says shit like “perfect love and perfect trust” because it is a perfect way to get your ass handed to you.

People have this idea of love being a good thing, but sometimes (as in the case of addiction) it is not.


I’ve never experienced this… mainly because I summon archangels and Shem before I summon the demon… I don’t care if the demon doesn’t like it, trust is earned and built, it shouldn’t be given without a relationship, that’s just naive

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I can attest to this. I consider myself low functioning, simply because I cannot be around people, although I could easily do remote work, but there are a lot of scams and network marketers trying to post job ads for that. Its really for me, poverty as the cause. That and being hated by people in my state younger than 40 years old.

Anyway, what Mulberry said. I have to back off until I get my crap together and become high functioning again. Joy oh joy. No reason for magic to me if everything has to be mundane.

I could go all out on every grimoire to see what works, and would probably find disassociation.

Or, I could venture down the tunnels of set and evoke forth the spirits, and probably go insane before even reaching Samael.

I agree, unless you’re sound in the head, magic may not be the thing to toy with. Even though I don’t follow advice generally.

Though, what about the Treee of Life path working with people with psychosis? Wouldn’t they get healed upon meeting Michael or Raphael on the spheres?

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Do not discount or discredit your experiences. With that being said, taking the time necessary, and putting the work in, to get sober is important. If that is what you desire. As far as what you went through…we can not tell you if it was drug induced psychosis, mental illness made worse by drug use, or legitimate spiritual experiences. I do know meth wakes you up and opens doors otherwise shut. In my opinion “spiritual sensory overload” is a good way to describe it. Only you can work through what you went through to get the answers you are looking for. Sobriety is hard work, but well worth the work and process it takes to get to the other side. A little over 2 1/2 years on the other side for me. I hope you find the answers you are looking for my friend. I am available if you would like to know about recovery the way I have experienced it. Only here to help.


Please, try some alternative therapies as ancillary ways (complements) to the regular meds, like homeopathy, florals and magneto therapy on the meridian points (or acupuncture if you prefer it). Chromotherapy and music therapy also help and certainly, above all, meditation techniques. I advise the Taoist and Bön ones but of course you should try the ones your heart feels more comfortable with.

Much light and love from the Cosmic Mother and Mother Earth Herself and that the Sky deities guide and protect you dear brother in the Path.


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