Magick and psychosis

Why does it seem like the more you manipulate the energy around you to channel into rituals and summon demons you seem to slowly fall down the psychosis rabbit hole?


If you do not cook, you cannot burn your hand cooking.
More opportunities mean also more environments.

I am a bit confused, I was asking about the obvious connection to high levels of spell workings and spirit communication and the influence it has on a practitioners psyche.

I wouldn’t really connect the two in that way personally. There’s many practitioners that do this and don’t fall down the rabbit hole where they have a disconnect from reality. However, I do see it a lot in those who seem to think magick is their whole lives and to take even a simple break is taboo, those people often end up disconnected from reality and fall prey to their imagination.


or could it be a natural response when one succeeds at spell work due to your mind realizing that you changed the world around you to your will?

Hm, personally doubtful. There’s many who has success in their working that doesn’t cause them to disconnect from reality.

A successful working should let you have a better understanding of your will onto your reality not disconnect you further from it. Atleast how I see it.

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Imagine what you felt the moment you could stand up and walk.
Imagine that time when you learned how to articulate your first words.

Just like it, it opens a whole new environment where you are going to be ecstatic to learn; especially when you have talent. Similarly, we are going to have the same reaction when we dwell in our own appendixes that move around the occult. You are a weightlifter in magic

Ok now THAT makes a lot of since, so those who practice daily and merge the practice with being grounded in this reality improve their ability quicker then one who studies but does nothing with it… interesting, can one truly obtain god like power then? As in making the world shift and merge with a mere thought?

I’m not too knowledgable about this but yeah, i kinda agree about the psychosis part.

If this occurs my first two thoughts are they ain’t banishing properly and they ain’t leading a balanced life.

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I am not sure.
But I do believe in infinity of all things including hierarchies.
At some point, I believe your spirit is able to mimic one of a God once the being is ready to give experience to other spirits rather than just receive it.

Again, i see magic as just an extension of you, like an arm you have not learned how to move. In my view, it is not a separate power. Just because you do not sense it, it does not mean it does not exist. Take X-rays as an example, we do not see it yet it exists.

Another point is colors, they are just frequencies of moving wiggly particles. Our minds interprets them into colors. You see on a very basic level, it is YOU who creates colors.

I think of magic the same thing, appendixes attached to you ready to gain muscle.

As for those who help us from the vasts oceans of dimensions, imagine trying to pinpoint a little cockroach among a sea of screaming cockroaches. From 10 kilometers.

I do believe making the cockroach require to use a pattern like symbols, chants, candles very useful to find the cockroach. Think about it.

Now I will say that once you make a connection with certain entities that you are truly connected to them, at least in my own experiences.

If a cockroach can sing, wouldn’t you nurture it?

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