Magick and finding love

How difficult would you say it is for some to find love if they do witchcraft. I mean it depends on the person I suppose cause I know plenty of people here who have husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends and even went as far as to having children of there own. But the point I’m driving to is would you agree since a lot of society looks at magick as evil or some mental health issue, would you agree that as a result that could make ones path to find love more difficult?

I suppose that’s where love and lust rituals come in but it’s always something that’s been on my mind. Because I noticed it’s been slightly more difficult for me then it is for the rest of my peers who are considered “normal”:joy:

I also suppose it depends how open you are about it and I don’t walk around saying I practice magick. But occasionally you may stumble across something questionable in my house like a sigil lol Like I’m sure some of EA or connor’s family and peers knows what they do considering they have entire chambers lol (unless they are hidden or something) . But I guess if you really love someone it doesn’t matter.

Would you also say that this is indeed the reason why some practitioners look to love magick as a start?

I find this to be interesting topic IMO


No I would say it’s more usually the opposite: they become practitioners because love magick exists and they want some.

I don’t think I agree with the premise, seems like a generalisation and you need to get out and meet more people. You’ll only get this if you insist on fishing in the wrong ponds. Society isn’t a monolithic borg minded thing, it contains many different subcultures and interest groups. Iit’s pretty easy to find open minded minded pagans and new age people. Try to avoid JCI oriented dating sites, picking up soccer moms or the ladies at the church cookie bakeoff, and you should be fine. Instead go to the goth clubs, art classes and Earth day fairs. These are all very different sets of people. Find out where your audience is and go there. Maybe meditation groups and poetry readings at the local rock shop: you have to get into where it’s at.

Nope. It’s not a factor really: I don’t actually identify as “a witch” like this anyway. I’m just me, and I’m no more interested in the kinds of people that would be weird about magick for my own sake than they are me, so it’s a moot situation. It’s about fundamental personality and outlook not paraphernalia.


Mulberry just constantly gives wise advice. I can’t quote this enough. Like attracts like. Iron sharpens iron. You have to be around the type of people you want to be with. You have to be vibrating on the same frequency as the person you want to meet. Mingle!


Nope, and you can thank the “New Age” whitelight crowd for that. Nowadays it is very common for mainstream suburban soccer moms to have crystals, pendulums, and tarot cards at home. They light candles and visualize their desires, meditate, talk about past lives, and practice manifestation like Law of Attraction.

Contrary to what LHP people like to think about themselves, there is actually zero difference between these things and what they themselves do, other than window dressing. It all falls under the same heading of “occult.” You show someone a pentagram or sigil these days, and unless they’re a fundamentalist Christian, they will likely show more interest, not less.


If you are physical attractive and have a desirable personality most people won’t care about your occult practices. What can hinder witches and magicians in finding love is if they are unattractive physically or have an undesirable personality. I have encountered many witches and magicians with unpleasant personality. Then there is the physical attractiveness. I find many occult practitioner unattractive in experience also. Many of them had a lot of tattoos and there are also many I have encountered who are obese. Many of them I have encountered are kinda like those in the Woke subculture that live in constant victimhood. Even in this forum I find people who have those kind of mentality. They look outside to the world and want it to change for them instead of looking inside to change themselves to become better people.

I have decided personally to never have any occult or satanic symbols on me. I look as a normal man who people would never believe are into the occult. I had in mind once to expose myself as a Satanist in interviews but I’m not yet sure.


Excellent comments so far.

I would add, depends on where you. Some places are VERY uptight, and I can understand your concerns.

However, quite a few churches in Europe have pentagrams on them. Elsewhere, as DK said, many of the tools of magick have now become common. Even interesting.

As long as you are highly interested in the other person, love isn’t that hard. Other people just need someone to listen to them. To take honest interest in them. To soothe them when they’re hurt. To physically and spiritually please them to help make this life more enjoyable and worth living.

You make someone else important, basically.

The appeal of being loved and cared for often goes above superficial differences.

In a sense, you just make your heart big enough to include the other person, too. That is all, but that is powerful.

In a way, I think witches or magick practioners — since they tend to be more energy aware — can actually be better at growing sustaining love than others. With the caveats @Kristian mentions of course.

Sometimes people get all tough and closed as a response to hurts in life… and obviously that makes love more complicated when your outer self is mostly armor.


I am an in closet witch and I plan to stay that way. One guy I liked find out I am a witch and he freaked the f out. He started bad mouthing me and at some point he tried to shame me for the extra junk in the trunk I had back then so I used a spoken cursed on him ( :grimacing:). I met a couple of male witches but we didn’t vibe at all.

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Snow it kind happen to me I bring a chick I was dating into my bedroom we have date for 3 months and as soon she see my bedroom run literally outside my door,my front door .a altar cornes whit symbol’s pictures of spirts she was terrified,I feel bad, anyway back to topic,it’s a advice someone post here.whit so many magick now it’s no way a magician be lonely, good advice,chants,spells rituals,angels demons stones, even you can star whit herbs or a very basic amount of money or candles,or use you cellphone to save a spirit picture as a offering.

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