Magic during sex

I am looking for some resources on magic during sex.

I see a lot of stuff on attracting partners, getting better at sex, and more. What I am looking for is magic to do during sex with a partner who is not practicing, or even aware I am doing magic.

What would be the purpose and uses as well? Is it just to get energy to use for future rituals or to give to a spirit? I don’t know what else I can do with it, I’m looking for ideas.


So…sex magick? lol

Pick up a book, like Jason Miller’s Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit, or Jason Newcomb’s Sexual Sorcery, or Demons of the Flesh by Nicholas Shreck.


Oh ok lol thank you, I thought most of sex magic was referring only to attracting people. I will try these books out.

No, at its very basic level, sex magick uses sex to raise energy, and then directs that energy toward a goal using intention and visualization during orgasm. You can use it to manifest anything, money, a career, a new car, etc.

You can also use it for more mystical endeavours, like invoking a deity into yourself and your partner and having sex as gods.


Demons of the Flesh
By: Nikolas Schreck


A symbolic sexual act with a goddess in a sympathetic magic route


You can work with your partner’s chakras and energy during sex, you can connect with your partner completely and reach all levels of their being.


Michael Ford has a few decent rituals in his book Luciferian Witchcraft :slight_smile:

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Sargatanas hands down for sex magic, but not my cup of tea, His energy too dark atleast for me who prefer passionate sex.