Magic currents

Which one is BALG, which one is GD, OTO, etc?
What exactly is a current, and how do we gain access to it?

A current is a path of magick a person is taking or the energy of an entity a person chooses to immerse themselves in.

By choosing what path you want to want for example Seidr is part of the Norse magick current or the current of the horned god/dress which is working with and immersing yourself in the energy of the Gods and Goddesses who were seen as horned Gods.


BALG is not a current.

BALG is a learning platform that touches many currents, including EAs Abrahamic-based Ceremonial Evocation magick, Vodoun, Lovecraftian, Norse, Draconian and many others.

A current, or tradition, is a school of thought following a consistent philosophy and practice.

To access one, learn about it. Read books about it, work through those books, try out the techniques and talk to the entities.