Maergzjirah: Recovery And Search For Truth

Why don’t you try working with Lucifer. Initiate into the qlippoth. Adventure awaits.
Change your perception instead of viewing your past as something you loath think of it as stepping up. You’re becoming King breaking from the pack being god. Carving your own path

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im hesitant to post publicly every little change and report every little or grander action taken.

But i thank you. :slight_smile:
I got in touch with some entities, and wish to rebuild and establish myself.

funny to say for people who believe that mages shouldnt have servants …
But yeah. I guess im weird then. Long after a family, a domain, a circle of people.

“Einsam war der große Weltenmeister, darum schuf er Geister.”
=Lonely was the master of the worlds, so he made spirits.

More weird gnosis. I guess i know now how currents work, and the maergzjiran current
The syncronicities keep piling up.

Also, its interesting to see that current is bigger and more powerful than the cabal.
And that even those at a top, are taking big ass risks -the moment they doubt themselves or have a rough time, the current will replace AND feed on them.

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