Maergjiran and the Old Ones


I dont know how much of a symbol that is,
but the cabal has their towers -and the old ones have the black tower in the wastelands of koth…
something i saw in some sort of vision btw, before i started digging into lovecraft

The cabal has Akreoth, and the old ones have Azathoth.
~What i catched during videos was, that both also have thrones to go to, at some point.
If im not mistaken.

And both sound similar in description, the blackness from which we formed.

And if im not mistaken, the black guy mentioned the old ones,
as being real but corrupted.


The point and my questions:

Do the old ones belong to their current?
Will working with the old ones/the initation, also enable me to work with cabal entities?
Could i work with the old ones, while also being outer or inner disciple?


No, the Cabal and the Lovercraft current are similar because they are both based on fiction, but they are not the same.

The Cabal stuff is taken from many different role-playing games, and those games in turn, dip their hands into many cultural mythologies for their creation, including those of fiction, like Lovecraft, which is why they may have similarities.

In my experience, the Lovecraft current feels nothing like the Cabal.

I do not see why you could not work with the Lovecraft current at the same time as using the Cabal stuff. In my opinion, you can safely ignore the rather grandiose claims that the entities they work with will destroy you if you work with any others.

The only thing to be wary of is that the Cabal is a cult, with their leader, Dreadwood, revered as an almost Christ-like figure, and their membership can be quite fanatical. I have also heard some say that the “beings” they work with are actually parasites that feed off of their members and funnel that energy to Dreadwood but I don’t know. You’ll have to make your own decision regarding that.


As stated above the entities of the lovecraftian current is unrelated to those of the cabal. What little i have heard of them and their practices is not connected.


Not sure about that.
~Markus brought up some things, which made me question my repulsion back then.

Now it feels like with the Pseudonomicon, which at first was mildly interesting, but later dropped because i felt like it lacked practical applications. 2-3 months ago i picked it up again, and now know that all that was missing, was the dedication, the actual doing of the work.

But reading about initiation, and understanding that those bounds that are made,
are for a pact which goes two ways, i think differently of the blood oath and so on.
~The stuff i wrote about in TMW1

Regardless of what i might think of it later, i feel that i must dedicate myself to the work,
in a strict way. -E.A. and Markus had been homeless, so i have no excuse for not doing the work.



One thing I’ll mention is the lovecraftian pantheon isn’t the same as the cabalistic spirits


Take it from the guy who worked with them for a year straight and still does.


i never assumed such oddity (°o° ’ )
~there isnt even a power structure necessary

Regarding what i read and heard so far, the m.c. doesnt seem to work through the qliphoth,
or what am i missing?


There’s a difference between cabalistic and kabala. Wrong spelling for the wrong group.


Interesting… i bet you all hardly listened to what Markus said,
and you all base your views on the group, upon the statements of a few people,
who seem to have been going into things which they should have thought about longer.

Its not like common society, with all sorts of hiding places and ways to screw over the system.

To me it seems, that people do neglect to draw any comparison to how apprenticeship or mentorship works. ~The deal goes both ways, rights and duties. A pact they agreed on.
Thats importend to note, since all you know about the cabal, is from books only a few read (~their interpretations), but mostly -if not entirely, on the accusations from a few people who got into trouble.

And as far as it looks to me, they messed up and were wondering why everyone else got so mad about it. -Even with the public statement of the terms they agreed on.

I dont know how much the accusation, from those claiming that the now outcasts went in there, more or less only for the purpose of stealing information -even though its forbidden.
Or they went in there, got out -with things they should not have spread.

Sigh, but i dont care much of what happened.
~Whatever was going on, it was bullshit!
And the puplic opinion about the cabal is based on this bullshit,


Shit, even V.K. Jehannum spoke publicly a few good things about the cabal.
~Just to point that out.


It sounds like your trying to convince yourself more than anyone else. From what i have seen the few people who did practice primarily from their systems and came here mostly tried to stir up shit storms for one reason or another and talk about the enitites of that current like fundamentalists talk about god regardless of what flavor of monotheism your talking about.

I don’t have any general opinion on them one way or another. I can only go based on what i have seen and heard so far. And very little of it points to healthy growth from what i have seen.


Hiya OP! I’ve been verbally and magically shitting on the steaming turd pile that’s called the Maergji Cabal for a while now. Here’s why! :slight_smile:

The important thing to know about how they teach is by taking stuff from you. Your money, your loyalty, your devotion, your time, your relationships- they’re people-suckers! The dramatizations are anchors for their vampiric and agenda-spewing programs; just like exoteric religions, they use fantastical interpretations to infect the participants with gateways that usurp inner self control. They subvert autonomy through fantasy!

You’re exactly right in that it depends on the people agreeing with the contract and binding themselves to it, but it’s not like they patterned just that- all of their stuff has a foundational pattern of self-suppression and the reproduction of dogmatic obedience. So magically it doesn’t matter if you become one of theirs or not, buying and reading and using their stuff entangles you anyway.

The worst part about this stuff is that it’s actually pretty weak! The magic itself is sick, the energy is bluish-gray tar that cracks and crumbles to the touch, like appearances is all they can manage. It’s flimsy and tries to intimidate its own insides, which is where their whole tone and scent comes from. What’s worse is that their spirits are made of piles of this stuff! They smell bad, and try to be intimidating, but are really easy to override and destroy.

I can list the weaknesses of each tower and how to take dominion of them, if you want! It’s a little safer to use when you’re an admin, but still unhealthy and not strong enough to match even the written word, much less spoken! :slight_smile:


sounds like the elder gods :thinking:


Elder gods smell wonky, like you left a cheese sandwich out and it grew horses and weird jelly tentacles, and give off a more isolationist vibe than these guys. :slight_smile:


oh if you have the time… :pleading_face:


Give me a while! I can help you out with this. :slight_smile:


XD are they at least powerful?

… “oh yogsothoth, open the gate for the spirit of all rotting tuna sandwhiches”


hm, just yesterday i thought i finally understood what they mean with “ego” or “self”
they talk about embracing shadow, instinct -dropping the mortal self-image

but im not even sure if thats correct, since i never heard or read anything that would explain it,
just to define what they are talking about


you are sure, its not all about resonance?


… like those fishman in innsmouth… a casual crowbar swing and OOOPS…how did that happen?

i love that game :cry: …its first half was so damn great