Maergjiran and the Old Ones


like with ahriman, whos magic will kill you if you do it wrong,
and if you do it right then you will get sick for some time.


AFAIK! Though what makes the difference between energy and resonance is that the energy is what resonates; Resonance is a bridge that gets mistaken for a map or even the whole thing. It shows similarities but not specific details! :slight_smile:

Ahriman might be more of a cap thing, IME he’s a laid back sort of dude that’s more generally intense because he’s aligned with antimatter. If you have trouble processing him, try dipping his essence in hookahs, ash-water, and clockwise rotations; you’ll detach from a lot of his unhealthier auras by using those! :slight_smile:


is asked, because several balg users switched from Nyarlathotep to Ahriman,
after being asked to do so, in order to keep their brains from melting.


That makes sense! ‘Pathworking’ is bullshit (imposing order where there is none creates a lot of bad attention), so it’s understandable that people have had to shuffle around the same order of being to find what they really need. Nobody’s specific enough! :slight_smile:


back then i was asked to stay away from a (now) former member “the storm”,
as his "“energy felt off”

Idk, maybe they are just too honest with their priorities: apotheosis before anything else
-“as for the dross, well they may be purged” somnus dreadwoom -in the video about Zazazel

Also, the energy being how it is makes sense…
~reminds me to Ahriman: poison is for creations of light toxic, but for creatures of ahiriman sweet nectar

That fits with Markus story, on how doctors would never stop asking why they are still alive.
I guess they get sort off undead.


It’s bold wording for the dross to call themselves out! :slight_smile:


so …soul fracturing is a myth?

…i could call for lilith to help me get laid, while also summoning ancient ones to wreck the veil,
while also occaisonally ask mephistopheles to teach me shadowmancy or something …


IME soul fracturing is real, the illusion is imposing order when all the fragments just need to be back together. :slight_smile:


so you say its real, but not caused because of paths, but because of wanting more than ones mind is willing to allow?


Nope! Usually trauma and interference cause soul fracturing, otherwise, most sorts have their own ways of adapting to what they want.


Interesting… you could open a thread on it, if you like :slight_smile:


…so “the left hand” under my pillow, caused maybe me to have two disturbing dreams in one night?